Mum’s agony at nine-year-old son’s suicide – BBC News

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Mum’s agony at nine-year-old son’s suicide – BBC News
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do you want to know what it’s like to be dead while you’re still alive who’s a child paying the heart breaks every second you don’t know what to do anymore because the one that you’re used to having around his neck around them life isn’t fair anymore that’s what it’s like how are you coping search for my daughter’s mom I don’t honestly don’t know what I would do tell us about your little boy what was he like he was magic little boy to walk into any room and make any person feel so loved and so special he had spazazz about him he was just he’s just magic you feel bad he would do anything to take your pain away just to make happy and is the toy that you’re holding is that significant Slayer he cried for this toy I didn’t want to get it for him cuz I’m like I’m going to spend $10 on a little Beanie Baby but he looks beautiful brown eyes he’s like please sounds like fine and he sleeps with every night he took shower so I got to make sure I keep I keep that by me when did he tell you that he wanted to come out at school he just said he was proud of who he was and he didn’t mind telling people and I’m pretty sure he told someone who got that whole percent of all that’s not okay and decided to pick on him I’ve sat here and seen kids pick on Kids for Less so I’m pretty sure he just told one person and just bread and it became aware situation as far as you know what he went back to school 10 days ago when he was coming home each night did you did you pick off on anything still my he would take my laptop go hiding his little fort that he made and he was just playing on his games he was building a little game after he was done he coming Aroma lay with me and hug my TV and Yet full days off to going back to school you found his body it’s unimaginable 4 most people watching you having to go through that and it hurts because I never see my baby like that I don’t want anyone else to see they baby like that it’s not right I think it was you still with you 14 year old who told you that Jamel was being bullied because of being gay what was she able to tell you my son came home and told her kids at school you can come to me and it hurts because I would understand him but him and his older sister were they were just so close he would tell her ever what has the school said to you actually just called me today and they said they’re going to work on suicide prevention and I told him before we work on suicide prevention we need to stop bullying cuz the bullying is what’s leading to the suicide so instead of skipping over the bullying and just go straight to the suicide we need to stop at the bowling and correct it and do you know if the school where was that your little boy was being bullied for being gay I know they were aware he was being bullied I know they were very aware he was being bullied who do you hold responsible for the loss of your son I do I feel responsible because as a mother I should have felt his pain Usher knew he was and I didn’t and I feel responsible because I can see the pain in my baby’s eyes but if you didn’t say anything to you how how would you suspect that because I’m his mama and I should just know and I didn’t I didn’t know what is message to younger children gay teenagers who may be what she now I will tell them they’re beautiful and special and there’s nothing different dad that about then that should be pointed out and made them feel any type of way other than love we are all different and our differences are what makes us equal cuz it’s the one thing we all have in common we’re supposed to embrace each other so regardless if they’re gay or not they should all feel loved they all feel beautiful and they all should feel special welcomed in warm this should feel like wherever they go people will treat them special equal and no difference in another what would you say to parents who are watching you now teach your kids love differences because we’re all different nobody’s the same and if we were all the same this world would be so boring our uniqueness is our differences in our differences are what make us equal teacher kiss mark Tisha more respect him to be more accepting of each other she said it’s okay if you don’t like something or someone is okay to be quiet and just walk away and keep it to yourself you don’t always have to say mean things or bad things to people it’s okay to walk up to someone and just look at them and tell them hey you’re special or hey your beautiful everybody needs words of encouragement and it doesn’t matter how you feel it doesn’t matter you’re the bully or if if you’re not the bully there’s painting everybody and until we correct the pain and hurt that’s in everyone and turn it into love nothing will change so we have to check with ourselves for children that’s very very powerful message I don’t want no one else to feel this pain tomorrow and it’s not fair and I feel so bad for any other parent who experiences that I never ever want anyone experiences I never wanted child to feel alone I never wanted but parents feel broken what everyone’s feel loved my son said he wanted to make a change in this world and he wanted to show people love and he can’t speak right now but I’m speaking words he spoke to for everyone to hear because everyone because I’m so just left this world because of something so cruel and I’m on my son to know that he made a change for the better because of his Jenny person laugh thank you very much for giving us your time today and we all really really sorry for your loss I’m sorry to this world doesn’t get to see what a true true treasure he is and what he could have been he was greatness in the making thank you and thank you for telling us
The mother of a US nine-year-old, who she says killed himself after enduring homophobic bullying, says she “should have seen the pain in his eyes”. Leia Rochelle Pierce from Denver, Colorado, said her son, Jamel Myles, had been proud to tell people he was gay when he returned to school. She told Victoria Derbyshire some fellow pupils told him to kill himself.

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