Music show: British rock band Temples on their new album ‘Hot Motion’

Music show: British rock band Temples on their new album ‘Hot Motion’
Music show: British rock band Temples on their new album ‘Hot Motion’
Hello and welcome to 24th weekly music sharing. That was a shelter song that dream which British band temples goodnight in 2012. I think then, there’s two of the world extensively. I know this week releasing the album. The Heart motion join me today to talk about the new record, the temples of themselves at Tom James, like you very much for coming on the show today tonight, you in Paris for a few days this week, the new record that, with everybody, proud of distance, have A did a lot of exploring with various keyboards and this one’s comparison to Sperry strip down. I’Ve got that yourself. She said that was site to put in one for the guitar and was very sick of keyboard, Los Alamos, which two sentence., I think, there’s an actual thing of having a relationship with different instruments in the city or nothing. On this record, it was very much stringed instruments that inspired us not sound as big as possible temples. It’S a Glam Rock beads found in Prague and some psychedelic sounds listen to a lot over the weekend. I thought there’s something with the songs that was really and funny and tongue-in-cheek. He kind of, like maybe Beatle songs, where I think of what about 12 horses horses and then there’s other ones which feel like a rotten crowd. So I cry like how maybe subconsciously Sitting on the Dock of slide, especially in that I think every song has this line message whether it’s reality serialism apply the lines between the two and I you recorded your albumin catching, which is your hometown recording boxing catch. You now, but it’s about 50 miles away, so we’ve kept everything so of Within Urban Decay. Everyone room not having to like move a safe route, the way cuz it was in the living room. Before and now I’m worried about annoying parents – and I have kissed on the first record – is done my parents house just working like an inspiring space, the house with history to it. 300 year old living room railing. So it’s a very experience like no distractions in math lovely acoustic policies, which is what they want lyrics, I’m going back to your roots or what is just how I think it’s worth worrying thing to do for us to go into a professional Street yard, because you Are aware of having food Define what you do within the hours that you’re this? Why it’s weird to get to take out 21 things that we need to take so I’m on, I know sorry, there’s no limitations of like and like whether the studios are you. It’S just one of those one of those things you can record whenever you want and you guys being a full-time band for just over six years now and you to add world as there any advice you give your younger self. Now, with all the experience you I think it’s very similar to, I was likely want to put music out. Ultimately, we like we weren’t, listening to necessarily walk. You know I record label, says with management, say about what tracks by they think of good or dinner. Like we know what we think is good. I think I miss Greco is very much money to record. That was songs that essentially we wanted to listen to, and we didn’t really think about anybody else. Listening to them. No longer you just yours, another question: I can’t help us cuz, you guys being together, it’s banging, but it’s a bit of a change in the lineup at tap into your fetus Donald Trump laughs, and now you got a new contact info. We told him to leave within the last year, so it would have to be made. Wrenches, like with with Hispanic pow, send thank play: hey hey, this is joined and it’s been really fun working on getting a new tracks ready for live with him sitting in a room for the champagne and hippopotas Kanye West, who now regularly host a Sunday service in His Queen crunch in the US state of Wyoming is expected. Jesus is King in Chicago Wyoming and Uganda, amongst others, and to better to pee on him and his wife Kim Kardashian. Well, if that’s his music are back this week, the teenage years in the late 19th, when they first start the band The Sisters peak times, writing the parents. Now the girls also came across the old demo. Tapes insulted some of the music. I was pretty decent to and worthy of reworking. He is one of the new tracks play. Yes, I got to stop speaking the answers. New album – hey, I’m just like you to me, sounds very late night he’s well, but that’s no surprise games free what you recorded when you were like 15 to 18 and releasing that kind of like they did good morrow the shade today. I remember it. Temp is fabulous, album Hop, Nation is osmolality record stores and online and you’ll be playing the past. I’Ve been due on the 20th of November new start here to redo the u.s. Vermont. For then it’s cold outside is the latest news is coming up in just a few minutes. Frosty Melodies, as well as keeping in Caribbean tints P38 year olds, will also be showcasing. His new offering this week in Paris is Olympia. Whole. Let’S go check out the teaser for the album
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If you like your vintage rock and are nostalgic for the 1960s and 1970s, British band Temples are straight up your street with their delightful mixture of psych, glam and prog rock that could have been around back in the days when the Kinks, T. Rex and Pink Floyd dominated the charts. After touring around the world, the boys once again settled near their hometown of Kettering to record their third album, “Hot Motion”.

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