Music show: Dodie, 6ix9ine and Kery James

Music show: Dodie, 6ix9ine and Kery James
Best friend, so that was the song Human from British songwriter and YouTube sensation. Human is coming out on January 18th, so much for being on the show. Now human is your third EP after intertwined in 2016 and you and 2017 both very successful. What inspired you for this new EP humid? They just my life – I don’t know. I just hit songs like along the way and like I think I get ready caught up on like what the theme is. The next one will be home like what am I going to say what am I trying to do and then somehow I just collected these songs and I was just like a theme threat of just feeling by human and luckily one of the songs. I know I just think there’s a lot of feeling in this EP. This is like a lot of gloves, love a lot of loss of confusion and, ultimately like happiness and growth, and I think that’s what that means about your background. Cuz you’re just 23 years old, but you’ve been writing songs for quite some time now. How did you get started? I, like my school kind of gifted me, a keyboard that I never gave back and then I just kind of like playing around on that and then I was such a dramatic kids. I just saw a fighting songs as well. I desperately wanted to be in like the musical on stage on TV, so I kind of like giving you my own well in like 5 seconds then sing along and then I had a music like assignment to write a song, and then I just like put it Online so that wow and it took you, really Master the pop Papa, any pop Focus clarinet and like I’m, studying cereal inside as well and then also like taking it in school cuz. I just loved it and so yeah that really helped me with more technical side of things. I lost a track from your upcoming EP. This is, if I’m being honest, a beautifully filmed live session. Take a look, the stuttering. How did I get here? It’S all so quick and I feel sick you’re, a massive Star on YouTube. You have nearly 2 million followers. How instrumental has YouTube been to your musical career, because it’s not the conventional way of like finding an audience and creating a community. But for me it’s been perfect, it’s been honestly great and I feel like it’s kind of like my home. It’S where I grew up like shed my music and yeah. It was the best place for me to put it on the YouTube and streaming websites for really changed the industry, the music making industry. Do you think it’s harder or easier to be a success today? Oh that’s a very good question. I think in some ways it’s it’s easier because desmal access to a music, that’s more of an audience like online like the confined you, but I think there is still kind of like a stick when it comes to being online. I, like maybe people, don’t take you seriously quite yet, but I do think that’s changing because I mean the proof is that, like there are so many talented people online and you are a very prolific online, the YouTube channel, so. Auto and you have over a hundred Videos so songs that you’ve written but also covers and y’all, can play with other musicians, often in your bedroom, to making a good video. Oh wow, like yeah, definitely like a want and a need and a vision to make it good and make it fun. I think if you just having fun enjoying it, then people can see that and you can see it as well, so it just makes something good. It definitely looks like you’re having a lot of fun. I love the one where you’re in a bus I just have to like it out I’m having such a good time. We’Ve also been very outspoken about political and social issues. The LGBT issues you came out as bisexual couple years ago. You’Ve also talked a lot about politics. You voiced your support for a people’s vote. The brexit deal it’s important for an artist, especially one with a lot of visibility to speak out about issues. Social or political, like apples has broken a lot about mental health and that’s kind of told me we’re like my principles and also my like South cat and a blank collided. They have to look after yourself. If you have a voice like you, might as well use it, if you can, it seems like you’re reaching out to a lot of people. That would interest seems like you really do bring people into your own world into your intimacy. It seems like you’re really accessible. Is the real use of Dorothy Clark different from the Dodie that we see? I definitely I wouldn’t say that dirty like online. Isn’T me she’s very much his, but that’s so much more that I have learned to keep to myself and I just feel so conscious because nice just to Fastenal in like it’s my private life as well. But I try and also talked about that. So I guess in a way I’m kind of sharing I’m like. I do have a section of me that you are know about book, it’s mine. No, this is your 30p human. Do you plan on recording a full length album, that’s kind of the conventional thing to do so? I don’t know, definitely wasn’t so yeah, so we can expect that in the next couple of months making a headline for the 22 year old, rapper tekashi69, his new album dummy Boy featuring Kanye, West and Nicki Minaj was supposed to come out in November. But that release has been delayed following his arrest over allegations of tearing the rainbow colored hair artist, whose real name is Daniel, Hernandez made a big career out of controversy and now he’s facing life in prison. That’S Where It’s Album. It’S been leaked on the internet and other rap news, veteran French rapper carry James, has released his seventh studio, album, I’m still wrapping the 41 year old says he wants to steer French rap away from narcissistic consumerism towards responsible poetry, his socially conscious album featured songs, tackling Racism and islamophobia it’s a voice for all those left behind by the system will be performing at paris’s zini’s concert hall on December, 8th. Here’S a song off his album amount go to Facebook will have to leave you with that. But before we go on to think our guest Dodie, thank you so much for being on the show your EP human is coming out on January, 8th and if you’re in Paris on February 11th, you can catch a dirty she’ll, be performing at the trabendo music hall. Now you’re going to play this out with a song from your album well for me: EP human human can’t wait to listen to that for More arts culture, news head to her website and you can also stay in touch on social media, stay tuned to France. 24! More news coming up right after this and pick you up from school, you L, I want the secrets, your secrets haven’t found best friend called me. This night just called, and let me have seen interest best friend homemade this night – just call him and he’ll fit so nicely. You’Ll. Keep me in touch, I mean trust. Your best friend Disney just called and
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British singer songwriter and Youtube sensation Dodie (aka Dorothy Clark) has mastered the art of making indie pop folk songs with two successful EPs “Intertwined” and “You”. She’s releasing her third EP “Human” in January. She talks to FRANCE 24’s Florence Villeminot about how Youtube and social media have influenced her career and what effect this has had on the music industry in general.
We also listen to an extract from veteran French rapper Kery James’ 7th studio album “J’rap encore” (I’m still rapping).

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