Musician Pat Thomas: ‘The hip guys know, highlife is the original ‘thing”

Musician Pat Thomas: ‘The hip guys know, highlife is the original ‘thing”
Musician Pat Thomas: ‘The hip guys know, highlife is the original ‘thing”
And welcome to France. 24 gets released. His new album OVI with the Fantastic, a question boo Area band, to welcome on the show the golden voice of Africa himself at Pat Summers. To thank you so much for joining us. Can you transfer up to thank you La Serie play at New Morning very impressive man. Newborn has always been like that they know us and we enjoy them would be happy all the time with her Cebu area, the song from the buses and the hotels were especially with Kwame that it needs the leader of the group. Take it from there and that’s. Why I ended up doing the album yeah this week on the shed images, language time, slows things down and being patient solid substance has kind of taken over just got off that? Didn’T you, let me know. Alright, I read and relax. Alright. Music 20 is what part of the traditional music with jazz and explode in the 1960s that took over the whole of West Africa. How how do you feel it’s evolved? That, wouldn’t you measure, is it coming to its everything. Developments today started lights from one music, with the acoustic guitar by somebody who use a coin, make it cup. Guitar by music. We don’t use no holes and then develops to music, and that’s where I belong. I, like I like to use more hormones in my music and then then get the best guitars, but I use small holes. That’S right! That’S right! It’S coming, Ghana! I did something with sarkodie. I don’t know if you know you know his name is going to be out for some yeah skip Tyson. I think I’ve noticed over the last 10 years now in the western world, like North America and Europe, people used to go well, music and everything that was from Asia or the African continent was kind of plugs into it, but nowadays I feel that the internet has Made that people are more aware of the variety sounds are coming from the African continent. You feel as an artist yourself when you promote a to come in from at yourself over the last few decades that Speedway like World music, the whole thing music is progressing more and more and more. They have lives and how about we check out some of the new releases they’re out this week at here, Grunge music in the 1980s is this week when he seen a fine experimental Rock album. No home record is her first solo. Album was recorded in Los Angeles, where she’s been living for the past by Justin. Raisen is known for its work at the album likes of Angel Olsen, John kale and Charli XCX. That was Kim. Gordon. He draws inspiration from horror film Play. I, Like It record restaurant heavy metal guitarist meets Mayhem. That was some very serious news here on front check it out baby mama
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Ghana’s Pat Thomas aka the Golden Voice of Africa joins us this week to discuss his new album “Obiaa!” and the evolution of highlife, a musical genre born nearly 100 years ago under colonial rule that initially mixed traditional Akan melodies and jazz. We also check out album releases including founding Sonic Youth member Kim Gordon’s first solo offering, and third albums from French rapper Vald and Japan’s Babymetal.

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