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hi this is episode 7 of 30% my Indian life from the BBC World Service this is the video version you can also find the audio version you just need to download an audio streaming app or ASAP and find us on my Indian life presenter of this podcast what you think I hope you’ve been enjoying it please send us messages and send emails on social media also please spread the word if you like the podcast tell everyone about it and let’s listen to episode 7 can an ancient social system dictate how we live in the 21st century the system is a kind of disease rickshaw-puller speaks from experience I would wash cars in a protest households and when me and my friends drinking water and tap water which fuse to use for the car washing come back to my Indian life from the BBC World Service the podcast about what it means to be young an Indian in the 21st century I’m Coca-Cola I’m telling you stories about some incredible people who are willing to go to Great Lengths to pursue their dreams is episode 7 a question of cost of a huge thanks to all those who have heard about cats and been in touch I’ll include some of responses at the end of this episode so keep listening and you too can get in touch here’s how you can reach me at BBC World Service on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag my Indian life or email me at my Indian life at today’s episode is about conflict between traditional beliefs and modernity it’s the story of a young man placed at the bottom of the caste system who refuses to fit into the mold that cast hierarchies have assigned him that was something place a Dallas activist he’s 30 and is fighting for what he believes is a more just and equal Society we travel to the slum in nagpur in central India but he was born and grew up the city where book as a child we hear his mother describe the whole she had for him dream that has sun will become a big man and take her name forward and his elder brother who helped to make it come true had a spot so they put their energies into supporting him and believes he could do something thousand of years cast has dictated almost ever aspect of Hindu religious and social life in large part of India it still decides where you live who you socialize with what you eat or who you married the reforming cast groupings at the top of the brahmins followed by the the righteous and the show dress the group that Rahul belongs to is dalit and historically it’s been the most disadvantaged they were called at roots or Untouchables they lived on the fringes of society in ghettos doing menial jobs that no other costs would do not surprising them that they remain among the poorest nearly two and three of the more than 200 and $1000000 in India live in poverty Pandora District to escape poverty miss you are not a human being give me another name they will call you in like Stone no feelings nothing they started working some Factory some other jobs in August he says he was deeply influenced by his father like the ballot icon Bob America he had embraced by the Sim and like telling stories to his son especially those with a strong moral core suffering and happiness I’ll be apart of light struggle to work hard then you can come out of it when he was 13 after a long illness the money his mother into Elder brothers made was not enough for the family. Who do had to work during the school vacation to help support him and his two younger brothers his first job was in a small hotel and its first salary 7 rupees a day and a Samosa and an earful of Golly’s orb uses Lake and serving the summer snacks and other things bringing water from the boardwalk how you doing but I got tired you want to see it like you know did anybody ask you a good man because I like it but not working was not an option and rahul’s next holiday job was on a construction site people walking the glass window the glass door so then I started as a helper gardentree 30 and 35 and when I started learning stuff then I started getting 78 his older brothers out of school at a very young age to work full-time Yahoo had to walk 5 km to school and back Daly and few people in the slam could understand why he bothered people who lost friends from the slam your friends and the make-or-break for anyone his father who had given him lessons in Morality was dead his mother was hard at work trying to ensure that there was food on their plates with his older brother’s at work Rahul was off and left his own devices they were dark days you feel the pressure to just leave all this overtime anytime you know why the hell I’m also going to school because when I was working I was working with this sometime I still like their life because you’re so cool go to go get money just be someone like dynapower is a crime under Indian constitution it remains a rude reality police statistics show that crimes against Elite 7 increase over the years in 2016 nearly $800 for killed and police received more than 40,000 complaints of atrocities against them appeal to the people to help and cost repair we need to build a new India which is free from the Venom of custom he told a rally in Gujarat Rahul quotes to say that cost is a disease and that other gods carry it wherever they go heater about locusts who converted to other faiths like Islam or Christianity of Sikhism but who still face bigger three children he says are introduced to cost at a time when they are too young to understand these differences that’s why I went up across children his neighborhood wanted to play with him it was the mothers who would turn up their noses did you lose like lunch in the move because you’re more adventurous we don’t have much fear of what will happen in July in all these things pancita splitters because I am dark skin and not good clothes taken but something will happen to her children Islamorada group is called cognitive nagar it’s home to 1500 families most of them toilets and Muslims on a hot day East Wall play Warriors then what is my house right now and Haitian flag also choose a blue as a color for his movement which he says he’s all of the sky is blue and it doesn’t have a limit call Nick representations Leggett pansexual flag or the statue of photos and pictures in the houses in the walls of rahul’s one-room house his mother Hero by Poonam Sunbeam play is in her early 50s dressed in a bright red and blue sorry she talks about how hard her own life was married at 15 giving birth to 5 boys looking after a sick husband coping with widowhood back-breaking work to ensure her children were fed and clothed she speaking in Hindi so I will translate Lakewood MultiCare people would pass lewd remarks at her she was young then she didn’t have proper clothes and couldn’t even afford a blouse she washed and were the same sorry everyday and all his father had passed away so there was no man to speak up for her some cultures and is very vicious don’t tremendous eyes lumps in poverty he wants you. Bye says Rahul was in school from the time he was 6 years old she says he was very bright he did well in his studies and faster every year but she says she used concerned about him because he was a danger child who hung out with the bad kids got into fights she used to wonder how he would turn out she says she used to council him she told him if you’re good it’ll be good for a family he understood by the time which class 8:09 work day and night to provide books and clothes for him they were little victories to he remembers the one time he won a trophy in a debate she was so proud of him in class 10 exams he scored 56% marks the highest in his school Yahoo says he could have done better but he had no math teacher for half a year he couldn’t afford tuition and besides he had to work 2 years later he had his lowest point like I used to think that I will not I understand because most of my friends Infinity what about leading studies and working instead he was sitting outside and began to cry told me that you know no matter what happens he dropped out of school when he was 12 jobs to contribute to the family income and especially to keep a hole in school study much their father was ill, and the environment at home was not conducive for education so he dropped out they were living in extreme poverty but Raul always came first to second in his class he had a spot so they put their energies into supporting him and believes he could do something when you pass class 12 his mother told him that she didn’t have money to pay for medical cost so she told him to become a Yahoo would tell her that yes he would become a barrister well it didn’t quite work out that way I was just want a scholarship to study Dallas and tribal social work at this the data two dudes of social sciences in Mumbai it was for the first time that he experienced what student life is Ezra who talks I think about all the things many of us take for granted classes you having friends now in your meal just Java Halal Niro University in Delhi why he’s now pursuing a PhD in sociology not a barrister but his mom remains very proud of him Marabella she’s saying that it’s a dream that her son will become a big man and take her name forward her son mirabello means my one when she felt sick he sends her money he takes good care of her he calls her everyday and takes her too good hospitals she says everyone recognizes her son he comes on television in the papers she says her son is a big man now in the past few years Yahoo has established himself as a dalit student leader as a junior research fellow a GNU his vocal about caspase discrimination including on University campuses he’s a prominent member of boxer a student organization camping for impulsivity and education and opposes the caste system last month he was invited to speak at a conference in Bangalore where he addressed a gathering of about $2,000 boy under Mike representing unspoken fruit representing unspoken truth unspoken truth yet but his friend and fellow active assume it’s almost took to the stage to rap about the Lord rights let’s learn to fight he sings naked butts Rahul talks about some recent atrocities against the community and what the government is or isn’t doing to address them in 1950 India introduced quotas in educational institutions and government jobs for the lowest in the cost hierarchy in recent years 7 Devon from several upper class communities to include them in the quota system was crap it in tirely some of the protests have turned violent Rahul argues that quotas are necessary because Additionally the system bestowed many privileges on the upper castes while allowing repression of the lower castes is an ugly reality in India he says pointing out the news reports of daily conflicts between past groups read history of Carson discrimination would come to know the daily stupid texts you know until it’s the one to keep a mustache wants to list example you often get to know get on the horse get killed just become very normal in Indian Society issues in this country away with the caste system he says the lower-cost the tribals and the Muslim what facing frequent discrimination and violence I still asking for government protection and equal treatment but he believes things are not really changing it’s commendable he says that the lower-cost a largely making that case peacefully in a non-violent following America’s but his biggest fear is that if the poorest and the socially disadvantaged lose hope and decide to take matters into their own hands this country would be changed forever so that was rahu story I’m also Keen to hear and share some of your own stories like this one that comes from a teenager who identifies as transgender being forced to wear girly clothes you are a girl don’t behave like a boy forced to keep hair long being called names is an everyday chore anyway I told you because I needed to blow this out chest dysphoria a constant nagging feeling that Misfit I just felt like sharing it with someone thank you for doing that for sharing your story with us here are a few messages we’ve received after I last episode on inside that Avella who was abused as and now helps other children in India said it was so imperative that a dialogue be started around this issue with a child molestation use almost every day and these are those which I reported goodness knows what number is being reported it broke my heart when a close friend told me about the abuse they suffered as a child and it also makes it so much more difficult when I see that person struggling in life because of the abuse and I I am now aware of this diabolical silent epidemic that lingers in a society with a magnitude that has blown my mind and the thought that possibly any child can be a victim to this barbaric accents chills on my spine I’m a father to a two-year-old daughter and even the thought of her perhaps falling prey to the silent epidemic cause it’s unimaginable pain please do keep sending in your thoughts and stories you can reach us at BBC World Service on social media or hashtags my Indian life and you can email us at my engine life at in the next episode will hear about Jen identity and what happens when you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin I hope you’re enjoying listening to my entire life if you haven’t already do listen to the first six episodes and do keep telling everyone you know about this podcast thank you for listening
The man refusing to fit in with an ancient class hierarchy. From the bottom of the caste system to fighting for a more equal society – Kalki meets Dalit activist Rahul Sonpimple. #MyIndianLife

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