My Indian Life: India on ice – BBC News

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My Indian Life: India on ice – BBC News
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My Indian Life: India on ice – BBC News
Hi everyone I’m Coca-Cola, and I can’t believe it. We have reached the 10th episode of how to keep resents. My Indian life brought you by the BBC World Service. Thank you to those of you who spent the last 10 weeks listening to us. Thank you so much. I hope you have enjoyed it. I have had an amazing time as a presenter. Now, what did you like about us, then? What didn’t you like about us tell us but don’t roll us. Let us know send us your messages on social media and email, and I know I keep saying this again and again, but I’m going to say it one more time. Please do share this podcast with everyone else. I know it’s coming to an end for you, but for some people they’re hearing the stories for the first time. So please do spread the word, and this is the video version, but you can also find the audio version by downloading an audio streaming app or a podcast app and looking for my Indian life, let’s listen to episode 10. Not many people know that an emotional tropical country like us there exist a sport like ice hockey. It’S really an irony that you are representing a country where people don’t know about you, but if this gets angle has her way, it’s not going to remain like that. For long I didn’t want the whole country to know: ask Cricket is known as I took it should be also known, so I really want to be that you’re, the one who wants to impeach this is my Indian life from the BBC World Service, the podcast about Being young and Indian in the 21st century, I’m call Kiki Clan and I’m bringing you some really incredible stories from all over the country. This is episode. 10. Thank you so much for being with us, through all the episodes. So far, we’ve got two more to go in this first season of my Indian life. I’Ve really enjoyed reading your messages on social media, find us on the BBC World Service page on Facebook and add BBC World Service on Twitter. The hashtag is my Indian life. Our email for your own ways of being an Indian in the 21st century is my Indian life at We may use your stories in future episodes. Let me think about our climate, most of us think hot and he midsummer’s the annual Heatwave monsoons in mild Winters. For someone like me, living in Mumbai, the icy region of ladakh in Northern India feels like a whole other world. The dog is an arid desert with Jagged Himalayan Peaks, bone-chilling winds and spectacular lakes in winter temperatures dropped to -20 degrees C. The Lakes freeze and the children in the dark pic biscuits and sticks and play Ice Hockey. This episode is about adrenaline teamwork and a fight for recognition for sport. Not many in India even know exists. It’S about the thrill of playing and winning even in the harshest conditions. How do you make an excuse when we are not, even if it snows we do Play, We Don’t Give A twenty-two-year-old this Catan more place for India’s national women hockey team. She was born in Lee the capital of the dark when this kid was growing up her father, a police officer, used to encourage her and her brother to get out of the house and play outside even when it was freezing. We had this Windows like harsh windows, so be had three months of breaking School times, so my father was one of the members of the dog went to sports club play. He was the one who you know like pushed us to go to the skating like early morning at 6 me and my brother. I literally used to cry I cry and then you know still used to like do at my place and then he didn’t go. Go. Go play it like. I have tears in my eyes this kid would reluctantly step outside, but once she started playing, she was a natural on the ice. She dabbled in figure skating and speed skating using borrowed skates and practicing on frozen lakes. During that time, some of the boys and started playing ice hockey and soon enough, the girls wanted to play to this kid. Who was 15 years old, then said she didn’t imagine, a girl could play Ice Hockey to, but she was determined to try. The girls didn’t have any equipment of Their Own, so they came up with a plan. We used to borrow the every like humans from the men’s team. You know, especially the Juniors. You know who I like equal to us and everything big. But then you used to live will use to manage everything, should Lakewood belonging or even the hell. We got that you know. The lack of proper equipment was just one of them any problems. They also had to figure out where to practice the only olympic sized ice rink in India is in dehradun, 900 kilometers away from Lee, and it had been closed since 2012. So the girls worked out a way around this too. They made their own drink by pouring thousands of liters of water. On a frozen lake, we collected the war in X, yuno from the water tankers and Obi selected, a small place of used to put water like several times at around, like 3 in the morning, and so that ice would be Frozen at that time and then we’ll Again for the water at the same headache after few hours, so that it will be used to sit in cars like you know, just hang out like chilling. You know all this trouble, but the natural drink was only good for one use, so the whole process had to be repeated. Each time sounds exhausting, doesn’t it ice hockey is a fast-paced and intense game and the women players faced many challenges. It’S really hard and sometimes you were on. And you know you are like really moody and then you know sometimes you get injuries at small things. Like you know, if you are just walking you get cramps, you know it’s very difficult, the harshness of it sometime. You don’t have an indoor rink, you don’t have only that. Of time, so we can make an excuse when we are on the ice, but it happens if it snows and I never miss a John. So that’s how the women played ice hockey to chilling winds and snow, using borrowed equipment and on a frozen lake in reality, got around 40 days in which to practice in any one year. But when they had more players, they entered local tournaments. Playing in a team was fun and this kid found it easier to motivate herself to train and play two years ago. This kid got a chance play her first International Tournament. The challenge cup of Asia 2016 intake play The Ice Hockey Association in India raised money through crowdfunding and the team got new equipment for the first time in her life, she had her own shiny new skate, even though the tournament in Taipei was a big opportunity. The selection process wasn’t competitive at all. They weren’t many women playing ice hockey in the Ice Hockey Association struggle to put together a national team of 20 women. Some players didn’t have passports, yet some had exams at school and others said that parents weren’t willing to send them, as Pepe was too far. This could beg them to come and they eventually managed to put a team together. It was the first time any of them stepped on an olympic size ice hockey. Rink tell you the past, actually doing that. You know when we were. We went to for the first practice in Oaks. I mean it was like tiles. You know if you’re playing on tires, then you know we would like how to manage it. This kit usually comes across is quite calm and composed, but when she’s on the rink she’s a different person how competitive it comes out at the tournament in Taipei, she decided to play rough. The second match, with Singapore – I guess I’m a Defender, so I was at the park, they were talking on us and I what my intention was like really bad. I was like I’m going to throw that girl, I’m going to bash her to the boat and then she won’t be able to get it and what happened with that. She just need them and then I slipped and then my shoes, it’s good time with the boots get off. But then I couldn’t get up this like something is wrong with his leg and then I’m like okay, okay and then, when I started like literally I stood up, I couldn’t stand it, I just fall off and then and then they just the hospital and then the Doctor was like you can play Ice Hockey. You told me that I was like you couldn’t say that she was crushed. She can play the rest of the matches in Taipei. The team didn’t manage to secure once back in India. This gets so. Doctors underwent Physiotherapy and took some time off to recover to her mint relief. The doctors told her she could play again, but her mother was still worried. My mom was like okay, I know you stop. This is too much and I don’t do anything and then I’m like Mom, you just beautiful, not being ice hockey for you at the gate, ninja break, okay, fine! You can play on next year. In 2017, the team again enter the challenge cup of Asia, which was being held in Bangkok. The team was determined to prove themselves this time with the help of some crowdfunding. They took a trip to Kyrgyzstan before the Tournament 2 train at an olympic size rink there for a few weeks. That was all the training they had in Bangkok. They managed to win two matches won against Philippines and the other again Malaysia. It was at First International win and they were ecstatic in the moments before that. First win agenda. Genndy the Secretary of India’s Ice Hockey Association gave them a pep talk. Remember Shahrukh, Khan’s locker room speech. Did the national women’s field hockey team in the movie chak de India, this gets said it reminded her of that. The last words that Shahrukh Khan say so you know during the interview, and so it was exactly the same. You know the score and the general secretary, the sergeant urgently. We all were in the restroom and we were like really focused and then he just came in and then he was like. You know what do or die and that everyone was like nah. We have to do it so and then we went back and then we just called it, and this was the first International message was to delete. She couldn’t share it with her father. He had died suddenly of a heart attack when she was 18. She said she didn’t let his death affect her passion for the game. His memory continues to inspire her. What they would I do, but they were steps I take in my life. I always think that you know I have. I have to do it for him in or not for me, but also for him whatever I’m today, it’s all because of my father. You know I really thinking about him and imagining him. They like pushing me like this. Kid now lives in Delhi. What temperature is regularly hit the mid-forties in the summer? I used to call my mom and then I can stay here. You know I want to come back, even though in summer I can’t handle it, and I go back to lie. It’S the monsoons. Temperatures have dropped a bit in this. Kid is back in Delhi from her escape to ladakh. The team’s first win helped raise awareness about the sport, but not enough skip meets new people. Many of them are clueless about ice hockey and confuse it with skiing, and it still isn’t enough funding for an olympic size drink to practice on so sometimes they practice at a smaller ice rink and go down there Deli during one of these sessions. This getting her teammates so normal and seems as though I sitting on the benches putting the gear on getting ready to step on the rink. This is my first ice skate that I’ve gotten. So it’s been 3 years that I have gotten this new shoes and it’s amazing. I really like it, and this is the only one which is which broke my leg for the first time and then no time to go up to the heavens. After putting on their helmets, they grab the sticks and hockey pucks and step on the ice. Their jerseys are emblazoned with their names at the back. After doing some warm-up passes, they set up a goal post on one can take turns to skate fast instead of bright orange training, cones and shoot fast into it. He describes the difficulty faced by the players. That’S for winning matches. You need to be practicing on the full size ring, that’s a lot of money and there are additional cost for the ring. You need to funding to recruit and train the youngsters onesie you talked in the next. It uses to groom them to become the best place in. Obviously, you have coaching staff. We are. We have a very limited number of coaches in India. You think they can win an International Tournament and that could play a big role in securing more funding. He talks about that first International win in Bangkok last year, weird feeling at that point the women step off the rink and take their helmets off. They chat about what’s changed in the past five or six years that they have been playing ice hockey. Swingos used to play ladakhi songs, they sing back home. So basically this song is about as they wrap up. They say they are pleased with that practice session. Grilling right now. It’S amazing, I’m so happy when this kid is on the ice. She forgets all her troubles. Italki gives her good trip. She says she is focusing on using her passion for the sport to raise awareness about it when she goes back to the doc and winter. She travels to remote Villages and joins training camps for girls as young as 12 or 13 interested in the sport. Her friends called her. The Vera coly of ice hockey and she won’t stop playing until the sport becomes begging in their ice hockey is ask she says, and if we leave it it will melt away discs. It is determined not to keep the guy frozen butt to make it a cool sport. In India, episode of my Indian life from the BBC World Service, I can’t believe it we’re already 10 down, but do not fret it is not the end of the first season. Yet, like I mentioned previously, I’ve got something really special and exciting. Coming up in the next 2 episode that we’ve recorded in front of live audiences of students, he is a flavor of what’s to come, call not anybody in this world. What does it feel like for a flea to listen to yourself on a podcast using the word fabulous? We would love you to sing a song. I hope that you don’t pass out. That was a taste of my Indian life live without to the full episodes. Also, if you haven’t already heard all 10 episodes so far, please do go back, listen to them and sending you comments in stories. I really want to share your own stories of being young and Indian. Who knows our email addresses my engine life at or find us at BBC World Service social media? Our hashtag is my Indian life and, thanks to all of you have already written to us, I’d like to share one of the stories we received. I am a gay male which no one knows until now, and I don’t think I have the cards to come out, especially to my family, but I think it’s a very good start to open up to someone whom we don’t know or meet. So here I go. I am gay and I’m not ashamed of anything about myself – need to gather some more strength to open up to the people around me and hear the message received after I last episode on dr. WhatsApp, the legendary 94 year olds expert can General it’s so crucial to Talk about sex education. I think sex education should be at least discussed, but guess what teachers don’t even teach it. I studied biology in class 12, but I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t quite understand how it all works until that was no and in grad school thanks to all of you for sharing your stories with us. Please do keep writing to us and if your friends, family or colleagues haven’t heard about that yet please do tell thanks for listening.
In a mostly tropical country, an ice hockey player has Olympic dreams. She converts frozen lakes into rinks, endures broken bones and apathy in a nation obsessed with cricket. How far would she go to fulfil her sporting ambition? Kalki meets Diskit Angmo. #MyIndianLife

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