My Indian Life: Live in Delhi – BBC News

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My Indian Life: Live in Delhi – BBC News
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My Indian Life: Live in Delhi – BBC News
Hi guys I’m poke cake. Indian life live it’s a special live version of our podcast from the BBC World Service and what it means to be a young adult and to be Indian in the 21st century, Stephens College in Delhi, Vince right now. Here I always smiling up with me: it’s yes, it’s very, very hot. Everyone is also finding themselves. I understand. I hope that you don’t pass out in the next hour. I hope you can survive. We will be taking questions from all of you, but right before that we have something else, some of my contribution of the series and Sean Melissa. It is very hot in this very hot. He has a very beautiful and difficult Journey when she talks about in the podcast. I think he’s reached a point of success now, where he’s getting a lot of rain definition for his work, but back home with his parents, it’s still a struggle to make them understand what he does not do. No, the professional thing to do, and I want other people to understand it’s not shameful to accept anything different. But in my head I’m not different at all, I’m as normal on head, I’m all fine. So what does it feel like to listen to yourself on the podcast say that thing you don’t realize a lot of people will be listening to I like normal confrontational. I had a very difficult time with he said that his son is very self-centered and has no respect for him. What position does is not more important than what his community thinks of him. No, my dad he’s not ready to listen when he’s staying in the answer. That is more important to me than the community understand except your own individual. You cannot love your comment that you cannot love your Society via the community. If you cannot improve yourself, you cannot go to the Future parents and kids in India. You know and the family expectations. So do you think that is changing today in Indiana we have that bar in ourselves that we can actually change mindset. You know if I was saying that I’m so scared of a father. He can kill me, but right now, I’m sitting in the same house I’m coming. If he’s not accepting it same time, he’s not even shouting at you what you wearing and what were you doing out? Trust me if this can happen that I can come out of the stupid I’m going to move on to our next contributor, which is Aditya, and he needs to be in one of the most competitive in Bollywood being being a musician. A big part of my job is not speaking and it took a while and the second I got the chance to do that. I hope I hope thank you, I’m doing fine in front of you, but I have a confession to make now adityanath the only time I figured out that it was the wrong way getting in the list with you and then I kind of excuse myself and went To the bathroom and screamed at my manager and tried to Google you and introduce myself and we had such a lovely conversation, I’m glad that I could get this off my chest. Thank you. Forgive me. I love you play my manager stories which I love to lecture. You openly, but I might get the might not get work change my stage name of the first name to my name, but just dropped, how to say my name, which is the worst part or all the best, because people really really have to kind of weight. The song it’s called Elsa and means bunny cage. Okay, so now we’re going to sing the spot, I’m going to start tomorrow and I’ll tell you guys. I don’t think so. I think I should leave her. Let’S go hey name headaches of a human. Thank you. So much guys she has done quite an incredible performance, which I had the lack of thing cuz. It’S not easy to get to see that performance and I’d like to ask at the place where the body initially used to be dressed only in underwear and then would go on to pile on lots and lots and lots and lots of clothes. While talking about all the things that you hear careful how we need to get home by a certain time, what all we need to do, the precautions we need to take actually sounded so serious, but I really like to laugh even if I don’t look like that, But I do like to laugh, and I like to make people laugh, send the best reactions to defeat the worst. I guess is when people drama controversy around it and most people drama controversy around the people who haven’t actually watched it that from audiences that I can only say that we underestimate our own audiences. You know, I think that we are far more advanced than opening our thinking and this one time when I was in Kerala and I performed at the International Date Festival the only theater Festival in India, in which I have performed this piece. Where one boy much later wrote to me on Facebook, so lot of lot of guys that live on Facebook, so this guy rode hello sister. First time I saw you naked lady, don’t because he didn’t know how to adjust me any other way, but called me sister. So sister and it’ll cool honest, you know, that’s all you had to say no, yet what is the difference between safety for women and safety for men? On that? One which I like to call it? The Wallet vs, the vagina debate Chief T is also for men. Please I wanted to say yes, because I want to say that that is a lot of discussion. Now that’s happening, especially the standing of what it is to mean say that especially consent. I think things like ensenda getting questioned rapidly, and you know it is happening. At least it’s happening, you know, like you, do whether it is okay now to say this to this touch like this, so I think attitudes are shifting, but I also have to stay in the same breath. Unfortunately, that largely the attitude is, do destructive women and women safety, I’m in this more and more and more and more with every understand. That is how deep the problem problem runs. That is how much work has to be done. Thank you so much and all of you and asking questions and the platform to all of you. I would really like Asian to do a little warm up by demonstrating some of the can. We have a couple of volunteers. Please so stop. Can you see me all right and she me thank you so much you really you guys. I think he went what’s your name? Okay, what do you get? Can we please you’re wonderful questions, and so the question is, do you know down the ages? Women and nudity has been this concept of trying to identify all you don’t be mean, and you no time to object to find the body, especially you bringing food nudity in this situation. Now I would like to ask you because of these past Endeavors or showing women and objective Community, do you think that is a negative context to why it has been? You know I did to you to do women like this. Now I mean could use this thing. I mean you know, I can’t deny the fact that when people looked look at me that the body is also a sexual object, the body as a sexual object give me the body, of course, a lot more because it is objectified by the market. Mostly right, it is also objectified for viewing pleasure of the other is not what you should be so concerned. You should be concerned about your attitude you should be concerned about. That is what I’m not entirely sure answer your question event dinner dinner spirals. How do we do with these intricacies and like these wedding, what are the things that come with? It mostly feel anything wrong. Whatever you love from the bottom of your heart, that’s what you should do and what you should not Tuality community and you know stuff like being open about bellydancing despite being from Orthodox Community. But my question is: how do you express all of this to someone from a village in India? How do you tell them about this? We know about all of this and we have access to the internet. We know English language, but how do you tell them? Does not does not impact what you know at all you. You speak a language which is used across the world. That does not mean that you that you know what’s going on. That’S that’s the first point II point is somebody in a village, possibly correct me. If I’m wrong, but I fight, I feel that for them to get to the point of this guy, don’t know if they’d want to get your they might or might not. But we don’t know that so we don’t we don’t. We don’t need to go and teach them is what I feel we just need, let go and just be. We don’t need to be the ones who preached we just we need to do what we can. That’S it. Knowledge is disseminated many languages. I understand that there is a hierarchy in our minds about English, because English is the language of the colonizer, not just the language of the colonizers, the language in which we, the language in which in which most things are made, which we think are high-class. But, let’s not forget the local and Regional languages how to change somebody mindset in the village, I’m not entirely sure. I think I kind of agree with what other tail saying. Maybe it’s not my job to do it and I think at least me as an artist in the citizen. I think my only job first and foremost is depressed myself and to speak to those whose language I speak. Such differences between someone living in Delhi and someone will be living in a village to certain extent, we can only play a small part. There isn’t going to be one magic, one magic message: that’s going to relate to everybody, but in each case it reaches out a little further and that then gets transferred by somebody else. So you know somebody who lives in Delhi but goes back to the village and finds a way to connect back to that. So if each and everything is is impacting a certain a certain, it’s like ripples, Drive, ripples continue and get wider and wider and explicit giving a shock element, giving the audien something that’s unexpected. So, anyway, experience what approach works better to achieve the purpose of whatever peace you’re making. I don’t think that is anyone. I think you was a Mako or performer need to understand what your approach is, what how is it that you communicate best with an audience need not necessarily talk seriously about serious things. This is something that I try to keep in mind. I don’t always succeed so I like to I like naughty things: let’s just leave it at night. That’S tough, but I think it’s very important to not take things too seriously to find another way to tell the same story. I know so that things are usually from the first I’m going to talk about. No, it’s like something within something that made you angry that day, so frustrated and helpless, and from there you build into something which might have a bigger political meaning, but really it. It starts with a personal expressions in this country, for example, or conceptions of femininity and masculinity kind of inverted compartments, intermingle, with example of your blue and gold through the color pink. Similarly, a boy or girl not getting very much. You are not beautiful going to Moon. You know and Mendel the beginning mr. world and Universal Stephens College tuition. Is it and everybody who’s been listening in this extreme heat, and I did it again, please. Thank you. So much for listening turn up the series weather going to be in Mumbai, St Xavier’s College. Do tweet about the podcast hashtag might Indian life and don’t forget we want to hear your stories. So please email us at my Indian life at until next time.
A special episode recorded with university students in Delhi. Singing, dancing and a whole bunch of questions with guests Eshan Hilal, Mallika Taneja and Aditya N at St Stephen’s College. #MyIndianLife

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