My Indian Life: Live in Mumbai – BBC News

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My Indian Life: Live in Mumbai – BBC News
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My Indian Life: Live in Mumbai – BBC News
Just before we begin, I just want you to know that liking. One of our previous episodes will be discussing the difficult issue of child sexual abuse, as well as other difficult topics. The session, the VDC on my angel eyes, part of something like this is life hello. I’M about to take chlorella and welcome to my Indian life. This is the 12th and final episode of the first season from the BBC World Service and it’s being recorded in front of an audience here at things they College in Mumbai, which is celebrating its hundred and 50th year. Are you wow? That was a great and I’m really really glad to finally be same here and it’s a beautiful college and it’s great to have so many of your hair today. Thank you so much so I guess, for today are three people on the panel there’s a disk it over here who is the professional hockey player from the doc there’s NCI, who works with child sexual abuse and as Rahul who works with electrolytes. Please give all three of them a great Round of Applause after I’ve spoken to each one of them. I’M also going to open up questions to the students and I’m looking forward to your questions. Our first guest inside someone who’s working with child sexual abuse, and I has herself suffered from child sexual abuse and it was one of the most difficult stories we had to do on this podcast, very, very personal and very moving inside and everything and the podcast was About to release that was a lot of nervousness because I had said a few things on there, which I never really opened up about, and I was nervous because we live in a society. That’S very judgmental. That was my first fear that I might now going to be judged even more than what I’ve been judged before and I was going on the street. It was a morning walk that I was taking and I was listening to the broadcast and I found myself crying and I didn’t know why I was crying because I was listening to me and that it was my story. But I just didn’t want to stop, and I had people looking at me like. Is she mad and there’s something wrong with that? I was headphones on and was just crying and I like myself cry because I thought that was important and a breakthrough that I had was that I was crying. But I was not sad. You know I was just wondering and that’s okay I’ll tell you, we all cried during the recording of the got. All of us in the room had quite a lot of stories to tell, and I cried again listening to the forecast, but it is. It is an issue that isn’t talked about enough. Why do you think it’s so important to speak out on the matter? Because if we don’t, we stand a chance to not give others to come out like I am very clear today and maybe that’s the reason why I’m so open about it, because when I opened up many of those open with me and if it became you know, My story actually housed a community within me which came out and then had many more survivors joining and in the sense I was going for a conference and the next day it was like headlines, headlines. Headlines called. He has been child abuse and I was terrified – and I I kind of went into a shell for bit, but I also realized you know which time that a lot of people add stories to tell and shared, was stories of more and more people coming out about It there’s also another issue, which is that we don’t talk about boys with sexual abuse, as often as we do about girls being sexually abused, so we’re going to just hear an excerpt from the podcast abused. It’S not looked at as abuse. We Are One Voice, cry and boys only cry till the age of 4. Can you believe it that’s the study that is out there and you look at it around you and you’ll see why, when I will boys cry the first thing that you’re you’re, the mother, anybody saying why you crying like a girl when a girl comes out with A story there’s a lot of Pretty Boy comes out. The repercussions are really bad, so I mean, apart from speaking out about it. What else do you think needs to happen in Sia? I think more people need to speak up about it. More people need to come out and Shay the stories, and I also think that it has to do. It goes hand-in-hand with gender, sensitization and education right, I mean you’re, not just educating children, but you need to reach out to parents and teachers. So when I go into schools, it’s only children that IDK. I also call the parents, and I call the staff, the teacher to collectively. Thank you so much, I’m moving on to biscuit who is a professional ice hockey player from the.. Thank you in extremely hot Spider-Man. Right now – and everyone is finding themselves with that pamphlets and whatever pieces of paper, that they have this kid. Please tell us so that we can dream a little. What is the weather like in Lee? It’S like heaven, events you’ll be there or inventors a drop-down. 2. 20 degrees sometimes – and it’s freezing here, which is where she describes the winters in La that we had this Winter’s like harsh Winters, so be hard months of breaking School times. So my father was the one who you know like pushed us to go to the skating. Like headed early morning at 6, send an email to Google Play, Never My Cry my eyes out like I have tears in my eyes laughing about it now, but it was really tough to go out in that weather and I think father had a great influence on You he has passed away for years back. I mean it’s sad whatever time today, it’s because of him, and now I think that stories of Howard that time you had no equipment of your own, bring the boys equipment and also I want to tell that ice hockey. Most of you have never ever heard about this fort. So it’s it’s okay. I mean it’s, not your fault, it’s it’s! A lack of awareness like that, but yeah we were talking a lot and then we used to borrow our achievements from the men’s team generally and then we used to wear an improper equipment and then it was hard. Then somehow we managed – and we played we’re, going to hear a second clip which is really for me very special. So listen up for this one be elected the water. In times you know from water tankers and obese elected a small place. We used to put water like several times at around, like 3 in the morning, and so that ice would be Frozen at that time and then after few hours, so that it will we used to sit in cars like in or just hang out like chilling. You know olympic sized drinks drinks at all and they would have to make their own ice rinks. Now you could only use this ice rink once after you’ve made it yeah just once for a day and the next day we have to do the same stay up. All night, making the eyes and play in the morning is a burden or something we just do it for fun, and you know just For the Love of the Game. We just keep continuing it. No matter what also you were saying, ignorance on ice hockey, I mean you probably didn’t even know that we had an international ice hockey team in India. You said it was so difficult just to get a team of 20 women for the Internationals, because you didn’t have enough people. You were begging people to come on the TV I exactly like it is limited and there is no support. So it’s like girls are also very introvert. You know like the girls will be like. I don’t want to do it. It’S some guys game and stuff like that, but then first Wendy’s started. We literally have to back to you because we were not making up a team to go to an international level, so we’ll literally used to go any hotel that look if you’re not playing, but just you’re traveling the world. You know just to drive them. You know you’re traveling somewhere so that you know Loop. You are representing your country, you know it’s proud and distant, and and how far do you think the Indian ice hockey team women’s team can go only definitely going to get Winter Olympics soon? Yeah, that’s fantastic! Thank you so much and third on our forecast is, of course, Rahul. Please give him a round of applause. Not all yours is a story that cuts through our entire culture cost that something that you divide the country. It’S also something that’s been talked about a lot in 2 days all it takes, but I also want to talk about your own personal Journey. The fact that you come from a slum and now it for and how now you are in Jan you doing a PhD. So all of this has been an incredible journey for someone like you. Can you just tell me about that? So I born and brought up in Islam, where most Muslims from high cast so now, because I’m GPS system works how class work. Actually, this is the Clippers going to play. So, let’s listen to the clip. Children are introduced to cost at a time when they are too young to understand these differences. That’S why I went up across children from his neighborhood wanted to play with him. It was their mothers who would turn up their noses good clothes. Do you know something will happen to her children? You would discrimination today when it happens to you or to people. You know Lake Anna from childhood to walking to the people locator talking to people who are working in the Atticus movement. So I really appreciate the history of Gas. Energy commission would come to know the daily stupid taxes until 8. If you want to keep a mustache example., does the medal ceremony invisible like people are saying there is no more gas system when actually it’s very, very much present, so I do think that India can overcome its Prejudice. Overcast from the system did themselves stand from the northern Army because you called hope everything from the opposite of what you intend to do after your PhD. This is not good in my house. Is this in Islam? So I’m really hard for me and my brother and my family, that’s my dream! Deprivation! All right! Thank you all for listening to all of these stories and now it’s time for you to think of your questions. Please raise your hand, come to you with a mic and please don’t be shy of media when it comes to creating an image of what an abuser looks like, so that there is a change in The Stereotype and Prejudice that exist. I think the question is for entail Decades of stereotypes that have been planted in our society and we always see headline saying that you know a three-year-old was raped right or a five-year-old 50 year old was raped, but we never see headlines saying a 70 year old, Raped a three-year-old, I think that narrative has to change now because the focus has to ship from the victim to the perpetrator. So I think media can play very big role, that my name is Norma and my question is for the hood: what is the exact action plan that you proposed to take when to do your PhD wants to join the political cam and the values which kind of Systems, basically, I want to do after my PSD sexual abusement caused by husband and India. I think we start with the men when they are boys. That’S the only way we can actually address this problem because from childhood I feel if there is no gender discrimination and believe it or not. Women are responsible also for watering those seeds of patriarchy in the society so at Birth when a child is born. You know when we decide to put the boy in the bracket of blue clouds and the girl in the pink bed itself we have discriminated so I think, as a child is growing as a boy is going, if you teach him to respect a woman’s bodily rights, Her privacy consent consent his wedding. If you don’t know, the concept of consent in the society believed that all the boys who are growing up with this kind of teaching will probably not you not see abusive husbands as much and yes, I do agree that matter is not considered as a problem in India hockey player specifically to disc it. How is it that the government support your team and did you get more views from the government because, after you win before the oven is Michael as well? Of course, you know you get only a chocolate after you prove, even though we couldn’t win against the tournament. We don’t feel bad about it, but we still keep on motivating of assets to get better. You know and to show up and win some sort, like the government knows about us, like, hopefully coming through years, they’ll work on it. I just want to apologize for all the noise coming from outside. I think there’s a break happening with something, so there’s been a ball flying in and lots of noise. So it’s just part of the atmosphere of a healthy college life and the next question please over there in the back hi my name is sonali. My question is for The Who, so we see that in villages and Islam, the Discrimination is huge made because of the lack of education. But we see number of people at highest Post in organization, so educated and yet discriminating people on the basis of the cast and read. So what is the solution for that or just about anything on the problem. Balochistan of my question is to this kid mom in India, like Cricket hockey and football, a given maximum important. You think that that is because the Indian people are not interested in the sport, not really because most of you wouldn’t have heard about ice hockey. You know it’s lack of awareness. You know I, like people have heard about ice hockey. You know just saying like foreign, because it’s very famous for I took it because it’s the national sport, so few people some few Elite – people don’t be knowing about ice hockey. But then I cannot totally blame on the government for not supporting us and if it’s like lack of awareness, what I can see, but now we are growing and is doing a lot of work on that awareness. She she talks to a lot of young people about her sport, a post on a social media’s, and also we do like lots of workshops back and lay and during Winters specially for women’s. We do it a lot. It’S been observed that when the mainstream media portrays specially-abled persons or educated individuals, victimization I’ll buy the same time, you’ve done cerebral palsy, but victimized be more optimistic picture. Actually, I think, when Independence Cinema, which is not your commercial Cinema, starts to grow and starts to become accepted as smoking. Then, this again a new wave of more extreme stuff. You do need that extremely Dock Cinema in order to push the barriers of commercial and what is acceptable. I am constantly shifting between a commercial and and an independent film, but I try to find the authenticity of not to stereotype the character that I’m playing too just to be like okay, this character really exist in today and how would they react in the situation just To forward the plot, but to like make the characters, believable and human, I think that’s very, very essential. On the basis of the surname that are born with PlayStation, the people were getting Villa farotto, Cosby Miracast. My name is my head, so my question is in context with child abuse. What kind of Institutions do we need to help or make a child be able to speak up and get over the irrational fear? I believe institution that drives change is within the home and we have to start from there if, in the home, you are empowering a child to be open about. Whatever should not happen. First of all, how to create that infrastructure in that environment, for a child to open up a child may not know that this is you know a good Touch Bad Touch, but we also are good instinctively to know that I’m feeling portable or I’m not feeling comfortable And so when that feeling of discomfort comes, a child should feel free enough and confident enough to go and speak to the other than the home, and once that environment is created inside the home external environment also paves way for change. Because, generally, what is noticed is that there are government laws in place. There are police stations that have sensitize please to handle these cases, but reporting’s and the reporting’s are not happening because there is a stigma attached. Child sexual abuse and the stigma is within the society and who’s the society. This complex issue of child empowerment, the question of how to actually empowered a child whose not even grown into a full adult as yet. So we need to change our perception of Children First and the empowerment has to happen with the adults, because children are born Fearless. Just as Raul has a dream of Orchestra Nation, I have a dream of having a country and better than I do not need to be taught about good touch and Bad Touch. Alright, we must stop there. That’S the end of season 1. We hope to have some good news about a second season, so more than ever do keep sending your stories of being young and Indian in the 21st century. You can do this by emailing us at my Indian life at Holston audience here at st. Xavier’s in Mumbai to our contributors in Seattle, this kid and Rahul and, of course, to everyone who was taken part today and in my Indian life produces. I get up and admit Javier aura, please editor Jasper, Corvette and the BBC World Service. Podcast edyta is John Manuel and I Live. Events have been edited by Jim Frank if you’ve not caught up with the series. All 12 episodes are available from podcast and audio streaming. Apps beat about the podcast hashtag, bye and in life, and please tell your friends, colleagues, enemies, everyone you know about buying the life, see you very soon and thank you again. I just attended the recording of the podcast, my life and it’s great to actually experience all of these to learn from them and then to be able to give our own opinions about it. So I think it was great the opportunity to actually understand what other people are going through and I believe it’s it’s a Podium at the stage where people bring out this to stories and and give an opportunity to understand. What’S going on in India,
A special episode recorded with university students in Delhi. Singing, dancing and a whole bunch of questions with guests Eshan Hilal, Mallika Taneja and Aditya N at St Stephen’s College. #MyIndianLife

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