My Indian Life: Rocket Woman, From India to Mars – BBC News

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My Indian Life: Rocket Woman, From India to Mars – BBC News
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hi there I’m going to kick on and this is the podcast LT presents my engine life for the BBC World Service after this episode episode number 5 we will be at the halfway mark it has been an incredible few weeks for me I have learned so much from all of these for if you find a way of downloading the audio version you’ll be able to take my Indian life everywhere with you all you have to do is find a podcast or audio streaming app and put it on your phone or tablet and then you look for my Indian life please and now it’s time to begin episode number 5 I’ve always wanted to do this then 9876 0 + 1 2 history has been created today we have to reach out into the unknown an unknown is Mars yes the red planet imagine being one of the scientist who made that happen will actually did that reaching out the scientist who instructed the satellite how to actually get there I’m thinking about we have so many stars so many different planet systems from the BBC World Service welcome back to my Indian life the podcast about what it means to be young and Indian in the 21st century ankle Kiki clown there are many people I look up Daniel Day-Lewis Meryl Streep Marina Abramovic the list can go on their people who inspire me and I’m hoping some of the stories we tell you in my Indian life will inspire you this is episode 5 rocket woman it’s about someone achieved amazing things literally out of this world most of all just a quick reminder about telling me what you thinkin about spreading the word about my Indian life if you can tell say three people about a podcast hearing the stories that we’re telling every week so please do it let everyone know this story is about ambition about a brilliant success story that demonstrates what you can achieve it’s a real aliens Byron story and it true that if you are young and Indian in 2018 maybe there’s nothing wrong with having your head in the Stars this is a story of a woman who took a big leap of faith that helped her country land in space it’s also the story of India Cecil homegrown Space Program which is breaking new ground everyday we look at the growing number of women in a male-dominated space program and asked if that particular glass ceiling has been broken no gender bias here and we hear from them noticing that one of our most famous space scientists responsibilities BP duck shiny is head of flight Dynamics and space navigation group at the Indian space research organisation ISRO the Indian government space agency she has worked on several Big Tigger space programs including the prestigious Mars mission wearing a green and red saree and a bindi on her forehead her ID card has been to the top left of her sorry she’s in her late 50s and welcomes me office at the intro Center in Bangalore pointing out different buildings and Facilities because you’re not allowed inside our main campus where are you still can come and get the process Nautica hose was a regular middle-class family her mother was a homemaker and her father an accountant with impressive math skills I was influenced by my father is he even less monster something not feeling bad you should fill the stepping stone for Success used to tell in school and from the beginning was very fond of math and science as a teenager she remembers taking part in a school debate on whether science is useful to mankind or is it harmful she of course argued that it was useful in scientific C lot of advancement has happened if I want to go from one place to another place the Saints only helps and the Sciences which will make her brain to think and you know new things and we are comfortable in our life also now to this extent because of science the radio is because of the size what studied engineering and how whenever she would boss her home the China would run out to see her today there are many more women going for higher studies in India but when the tranny was growing up she said it was pretty unusual for girls to go to your but it was her love for physics and math that spurred her on as a college proper in BSE and after that my father the darkness engineering Lara Messi they’re not fargas mathematics MSN. So but the Chinese first job was as a college teacher she says the local dailies with sometimes scary short new stories about it’s true and satellite launches and that she would read them with interest and that’s how she became interested in space so when she saw a job opening day applied and was hired right at the start she was put to work on orbital Dynamics and before you ask I asked her to explain the branch of science in which you will study the motion of the satellites the forces that are acting on that even though she specializes in the subject now at the time she knew little about it and had to work hard to understand the fundamentals that shiny was also assigned to do computer programming but that slight problem here she had never actually seen a computer before but if you think about it that was not really unusual in the eighties we didn’t all have computers there no smartphones or tablets all we had in those days were books so everyday I work she would go home and read books on computer programming to get up to speed that shiny hasn’t looked back since she has achieved many milestones in her career developing software for the day-to-day functioning of satellites include how to power them through an eclipse when they can’t access sunlight but the highlight of her career was the key role she played in the Mars mission stop normal fault on 5th November 2013 India launched Mongolian which means mathcraft in Hindi the country first interplanetary mission it is a satellite designed to orbit Mass to help Advance our understanding of the planet it took off from the Satish Dhawan Space Center on the east coast in the afternoon levels of the vehicle going with high speed is coming like the whole mission control center it takes a while to travel to Mars in fact more than a wild Mongolian had 10 months to travel hundreds of millions of kilometers from Earth to reach its destination the orbit of the red planet for 324 days the shiny and her team had to chop the satellites long journey using propulsion to tell it where to go it was not an easy task the tranny explains the complexity of the mission drawing the planetary system in the air with her hands this is some matches here at this year from the let me do that manual to change from that I need to know where I’m going near to delete the information based on my data makes where will be the next 300 days you know what speed you know it’s acceleration and you know where it is starting from then feel good at physics and math you can calculate where it will be after say 1 hour similarly instead of the car that shiny has her satellite she knows it’s velocity acceleration and starting point so she can amazingly calculate where it’s going to be after 300 days and whether it’s going to be near Mars or not but of course it’s rocket science so it can be as simple as that to predict the satellites position that shiny had to consider anything that could cause it to change its speed or Direction she had to factor in all the speed Breakers and 12 some highways in this case all of the cosmic nature because each planet has a different gravitational pull but depending on the distance undersized they’re causing what we do use we plan to do your Mars mission based on the geometry of Earth Sun and mass because you cannot launch a satellite to Mars whenever you want small window in which you have to yeah when it comes to wanting to yesterday 300 days where I’ll be but I’m near Tomas but that I’m inside the master of influence all that and it doesn’t once the satellite has finally reached must fear of influence it would just stay there and orbit Mars forever but it’s never as simple as that Mars is a bit lonely all alone in the cosmos and gets excited on seeing a new friend the approaching satellite and pulls it a bit too hard in the velocity velocity adjust to that yeah the shiny manage to do all this just right speeding it up and slowing it down when it needed so that the satellite could be inserted into the orbit on course and that moment came on 24th September 2014 prime minister Narendra Modi was in the control room as the nation watched it live on the television screens waiting hoping and praying the BBC Sunjoy majumdar was at the scene celebrating a historic Prime at Mission Control reaching the red planet on the very first attempt and joining an elite club of Space Explorers proud moment for the scientist and India’s prime minister which cloning especially for the moment has been created today to reach out into the unknown and have at you the near-impossible all is so scientists all my fellow Indians studies of Cajun people celebrated all over the country there’s a real sense of Pride India had succeeded in sending a mission to Mars and its first attempt something that had never been done before also a Mongolian cost less than what it would cost to make Hollywood Blockbuster gravity at the istro office scientist including the shiny which earring applauding celebrating the success of years of effort actually it was a photograph women dressed in bright silk sarees with flowers in their hair celebrating and hugging each other at least throw that went viral and made the world suddenly realize that rocket scientist but not always men dressed in Dowdy suits space scientist who was honored with a bad mother bhushan the second highest civilian award in India for his exceptional contribution to Aerospace technology in 2013 he has been involved with right from the start in the 1960’s and say the organisation has always been welcoming of women and that about 15% of the scientist all women responsibilities and quite a few of the Professor medicinewise 84 and teaches at the general neural center for advanced scientific research in Bangalore campus for the greenery and Open Spaces he sits in his office on the campus surrounded by books and papers at least throw he says there’s no difference between men and women and everyone is as good as the work they do and the China trees in a purely technical organization she says it’s not possible to discriminate on the basis of gender and that men and women are treated equally professor narasimha says that it’s Roman A good rule who effortlessly Blain tradition with modern science and technology Lavalife which is not abandoned Traditional Values but at the same time Mongolia High School dies it would appear Professor SMS talking about the Chinese at the office she did incredibly complex calculations and programming at home she looked at her large family that included her orthopedic surgeon husband do not bother telling her to children and her in-laws when she described her typical day it sounded something like only Superwoman could manage and you said doesn’t know definitely small modifications and hayat new items smart changing the cord chapati TV make so I used to make for everybody and then come to office I don’t know that stuff I’ll tell you some of my job but I’m not that my father that easily technical things also I read many times if I don’t understand sometimes I sleep at 2 and get up at 4 and she says it’s no longer so busy how do children have good jobs in the US and moved out one evening she invited us into her home in a quiet Bangalore neighborhood he’s coming he’s my husband and her husband is a big man with an easy Smile as she brings out delicious snacks and D we’ll talk about the decades they spent together and about how they have supported each other in tough times and how their relationship and respect for each other has grown over the years and dr. bunch of that says he’s incredibly proud of his wife hardwork especially the Mars mission receive mail today science and also to the society Shadow trees she’s not working on General on to the successor to the groundbreaking Luna Mission launched in 2008 by the chandrian orbited the moon she says it’s accessible land on the moon and have her over to the tiny list the differences and the tremendous similarities between Mars and the Earth and says that someday in the future she would like to live on Mars would that make her the woman from us but I’m thinking about the living on Mars what is the best way I can think of two living life on Mars have oxygen don’t even match is not easy and hopefully she will inspire a whole new generation of female scientist in India to explore and follow in her footsteps today I’m coming to from Mumbai this is the city of called home for the past 10 years now a huge thanks to all those who’ve been in touch I really enjoyed reading your stories and messages on email and social media here’s some of the messages we’ve received about our last episode on gurmehar the student back to me. You said I truly feel for the last government went through it’s terrible and difficult irrespective to my opinion on WhatsApp I do not think anyone deserves the response she received for her protest I do not wish the same for my enemies as well and wrinkled said there’s nothing wrong and supporting peace and still having as a valid option the world was created as one and it was us who divided it by creating boundaries never wrote I really admire the courage of missed call to take a stand for she believes besides the issues raised in the podcast perhaps it would be worth reflecting on the politicization and polarization of the student body on campuses in India besides this solving the Kashmir issue does require politicians owned decides to take bold and new positions failing to think outside of the box and take calculated risks with simply mean more Bloodshed on both sides indefinitely heading to us and let us know what you think tell us your stories inspired by the Chinese Ambitions tell me what you plan to achieve that’s out of this world don’t forget we’re on the BBC World Service page on Facebook where at BBC World Service Twitter the hashtag is my Indian life or you can email us at my Indian life at I’ll talk about some of these stories in the next episode where we will hear about a woman’s Journey from Survivor to thriver then lots of ways of listening to my engine life if you found us on an app with a subscribe button do you press it don’t panic it won’t cost you anything it just means you’ll get every episode automatically don’t forget as podcast we rely on you to recommend us and to tell people how to find us and if you’ve enjoyed the story we’ve just told you on my engine life why not try another podcast from the BBC World Service every week people fixing the world brings you stories about brilliant ideas aimed at making the world a better place to find some people trying to solve The World’s problems and then investigates whether the projects actually would search for the people fixing the world podcast do you like it let me know thanks for listening
From India to Mars, how a leap of faith became a journey into space. Kalki meets rocket scientist BP Dakshayani, from the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), who programmed a satellite on its mission to the red planet. #MyIndianLife

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