My Indian Life: Singing to a different tune – BBC News

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My Indian Life: Singing to a different tune – BBC News
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hi I’m about to kick you out and I have three words for you my Indian life and this is episode 3 in life is brought you by the BBC World Service up next to the moment we will have him and talk about what it means to find his voice when he sings please tell us what you think about podcast on social media you can find us on Facebook or ADD on Twitter and now let’s listen to episode 3 and want to be a stop but when you open your mouth you struggle to get the words out producer you know what you want to say, my voice is like it’s it’s not that Superman the masculine voice in any case something different very different happen from the the podcast about what it means to be young and Indian in the 21st century I’m going to see Caitlin and this is the podcast that deals with some of the issues many of us face day-in-and-day-out in our lives as young people in India episode 3 singing to a different tune hi guys do let me know what you think about us if wherever you listen allows you to please call me and leave messages ratings and witches SeaWorld service or go to the BBC World Service Facebook page use the hashtag my Indian life we really do want to hear your thoughts controversial or not and his suggestion and do help us spread the word tell everyone you know about my engine life and how to find us let’s keep this conversation going oh and by the way there is a podcast related twist or story today so hang on until the end to find out not that were blackmailing you or anything but listen to us we all sound different when we open our mouths some of us have High voices some low alot of us sometimes hesitate or repeat ourselves I know definitely do especially when I haven’t learn my lines and especially when I’m speaking in Hindi but that is quite different to having a stammer here in India we tend to call it stammering and in some other parts of the world it’s called stuttering and that it’s rude neurological basically caused by the wiring in the brain it’s been described as a 10 struggle to get words out some estimate that there are at least 10 million adults in India who scammer and one of those is a young man called at the NRA budget OK Google thing I can hear that his voice is so full and it’s singing Flawless and now you’re going to hear him speak in as my artist name goes and I’m a single composer producer and I work in the film industry in Mumbai this does not help and sometimes you just need to be a good listener has got a fascinating story to listen to what he’s working in a family Teen Mom and he’s known as at the end if you’re wondering why that name he just doesn’t want to be confused with the other other than the son of famous Bollywood singer he’s really tall and as you gather like many will the scammer he stammers a bit but not all the time cuz my voice is going to be like it’s not that Superman type in the masculine voice in any case 262 stammering actually why shouldn’t you expect the massive six-foot-two guy as he puts it to stammer he’s like Millions around the world of all shapes and sizes who do stammering is considered a disability and some countries in India is classed as a disability only the speeches in comprehensible has had the stamina for as long as he can remember and people are often surprised by the mismatch between his singing and is stalking I want to take you back to a day in the summer of 2010 dhruvesh for not meet for the very first time they’re both in their first year of college in Delhi and the trying to join a club the college music Society from the first moment I met you know I think I’ll just have to put this bluntly as I can you know he had a massive massive massive stomach and the only thing I could think of was that you know I don’t know if he’s going to be able to sing or you don’t do anything like that because you know he told me he performed with other acts before and all that but I wasn’t sure whether I should have believed him or not in that instance and it wasn’t until like maybe 10 minutes later when did ask him to sing that I was blown away in fact dhruva so massively massively massively blown away Mary agree to join the Coble Street a band that added their headphones while still in school and they often perform together College fast and in crowded Deli pops when did you decide you wanted to earn a living as a musician it wasn’t until he was in 12th grade because before that he had other Ambitions as you hear his stammering got in the way of those but not a sin what did you want to be before that did you have some idea that made my he used to use an engineer made Mike lights yeah that’s gliders and stuff and then what was it what was it that happened so are stuck on me yes and you can see the imaginary scene is in the pilot seat as a problem with the plane and by the time he reaches the end of the phrase Mayday it’s too late we can have a lot of dog chokes on his other test more than prepared to laugh at his own expense he decided that not to be a pilot but he still had dreams going to be a pilot for good to be a musician and a singer the way you sing sing on beat somebody who can actually get that right it’s not that hard but if somebody comes and interrupts you or if you have a conversation that’s what I thought started Ace and you know that that you’re trying to complete a thought right and you for the song you know that your next beat is your thought is your thought and other is right by saying because he’s in very good company with other people musicians especially Elvis Presley had a stutter so did Mark Anthony Noel Gallagher closer Home Bollywood Stars Hrithik Roshan and Rani Mukherjee have talked about their struggles with Dahmer there is no one definition for white people stammer some say it’s because their brain is wired differently other states because people use a smooth voice when they sing compared to when they speak his mother said that is because he has too many thoughts that happen all at once and he doesn’t trying to say first whatever the reason most generous face stereotyping stigma and in the worst case is social Prejudice singing was unplanned and happen by chance in 2006 wanted to join the artist unlimited and independent use for him for the musically inclined when I was 16 the same thing that same that same damn feeling of that’s going to try what’s the worst yeah yeah yeah I also feel that all the time where I’m like okay let’s try this out I mean I’m auditioning for random International Netflix stuff and it’s probably a million girls doing it and I think that’s what’s that said you have nothing to lose you know that gives you Freedom so I think just having those open Windows everywhere like learning from new things for me is really essential and the thing is especially in this industry we tend to be blocked know as soon as someone says okay he knows how to do this she knows how to do this let’s make them do it again and again and again okay I’m going to have to make these choices which I’m giving you all of him with John Legend’s All of me coming up and live it up this was the turning point in the Disney Korea it came in October 2015 when he participated in the stage India’s only English language singing talent show in the show that was telecast on the colors Infinity Channel he wow the judges with his performance started from Husky and then he went a little louder Julia fan of each one and if you didn’t win the contest he got voted out after few rounds but for as long as he was in the competition his stuttering Remain the high until his success in that show he been composing and producing phones for advert sometime singing in them but he found his chances of getting jobs often came to an end before he could even get to the end of his initial phone calls then I realized through the course of the times I pitch when when I call them lots of them would not wait they got very frustrated and they cut my callers just keep saying hello hello your voices and and like the times I do not seem like it’s enough but back then I couldn’t say it like that and they also cut calls or did not take my calls and actually went on the stage I I I had in front of me some of the finest new musicians of the industrial and I’m singing and I’m talking and they’re waiting and they didn’t seem to care about it that’s that’s the first time I thought if they don’t seem to care about it and if they if they feel like it’s fine and and they make you comfortable enough and I realized it very far like quite so I don’t have to care cuz they don’t care connect and if they don’t go out of your way to make other people comfortable I don’t have one haha that’s funny and here he is jamming with Ruth and ruin another music buddy from his college days and his current music partner and friend nayanthara particle also join it they all agreed that his jokes are bad they also agree that he is usually talented his friends for his legs they say he’s controlling and meddling he himself prefers the term micromanaging they crib that he never text but insist on calling them he bemoaned the fact that the world has become so impersonal gradually the conversation via is two words at the DS timer we put the microphone in the middle of the room until people had almost forgotten it with their and then Rubin reminds him of the diamond College Wenham Professor couldn’t believe that other day I could sing what I do Adidas Petty’s is that people often taken for the other at a DNR and actually listening I want to make a confession when I was researching you my manager by mistake send me all the links to the other day and I ended up reading a lot about him and the only time I figured out that it was the wrong I did that was when I got in the list with you and you were way taller and very different-looking then the other thing I had prepared for this podcast and then I kind of excuse myself and went to the bathroom and screamed at my manager and try to Google you all this happened in the space of two minutes before I came calmly to the studio and introduced myself and we had such a lovely Converse and I’m glad that I could get this off my chest thank you and please forgive me I love you anyway getting back to the point that they insist that he is an outsider in the industry and his father is a corporate man but music does run in his family to his mom Newton Rin is a hindustani classical singer so what do other things family make of his choice of career when we visited his home and Elli they were celebrating his parents wedding anniversary as they sit around the dining table drinking tea and eating blueberry cheesecake that prakash Narayan says he wanted his son to follow in his footsteps but then he changed his mind after watching that he’s a mean bird 2007 Bollywood film about a dyslexic child look to the corporate sector of something like that but then I think of the movie that is a mean person actually that’s why when I saw that movie The thought that you know every person is unique that’s what I get for it’s none of us have what year was it that was passionate about music and that’s when I thought that he was very much supportive fully now talk about how they are astounded by the phenomenal progress he’s made a highly competitive industry where they had no Godfather’s they talk about his initial months of struggle about how you used to knock on doors asking for work and then sit in the house waiting for calls that never came but all that was in the past now they happy that he knows so many big shots and celebrities and how proud they are of him and I have good reason to be he just finished composing music feature-length documentary American Productions is an established music producer and this year will also see the release of his first song as a singer that song is still under wraps but here’s one he can sing now so is that song that my friend wrote his name is his name is also Danny shows me the song I was blown away like you he wrote this drastic song about longing made the tune right there in front of him and I got him to going to approve the infamy 5 years ago how did they move to Mumbai because he was told that no music band would take him because it was, but now he says that his strength lies in his adversity that he’s doing what he’s doing because of the way is the scammer is a blessing in disguise it’s what sets them apart from the others when other newcomers called to pitch work they have to explain who they are his tablet makes him immediately identifiable the story to be moving in the right direction the boy was made fun of his Dahmer has found his voice and it’s a beautiful voice by the way remember the twist we told you about in the beginning it’s time to reveal that other theater has actually composed the music for our podcast when I love that music it was great meeting other Thea I’m actually recording the last section 4 of this episode in front of an audience of students here in Delhi thank you so much guys I’m here at the Stevens College and I’ve been doing a live recording of my in your life which you’ll be able to hear later in the series when you launch a new podcast you never know quite what the response was be so I’m really delighted to read that you’ve been staying on social media and your emails fight wonderful things thank you so much to everybody for downloading and for listening I asked for your own reactions as well and this is some of what you have been saying hi cookie thank you for bringing the story to the front instances of harassment of women really get spoken about I’ve had conversations with my colleagues and friends but even they are either shy or feel uncomfortable talking about it Inwood matches and even holds them when Monica talked about how it became a part of life simply because one can deal with it all the time it broke my heart I hope this message travels far and wide so that we the men can look at ourselves in the mirror and at least to do the right thing in the next time that we see such an instant that’s from us and Saudi riyal to go to judge saying Malachi story can make a drastic change in the thoughts of the young India I have been listening to the show from the very first and there is change in my thought process Melissa is really a strong woman and it’s the time for Indian women to be like her Gothic also emailed us saying thank you for bringing out this podcast do I’m not a first-time podcast this is the first time I’m listening to a podcast that’s remotely connected to something Indian I’ve asked the students here to tell everyone they know about the podcast and how to find it I you going to I’d be so great tell if all of you were listening can also do that in the next episode of helke presents fight in july from the BBC World Service will be looking at social media trolling and the peace activist at the center of a bitter and polarizing debate nationalism and distant please continue to send me your own stories and experiences remember a hashtag is my engine life our email address is my engine life at thank you so much for listening
He can struggle to speak but has found his voice. The story of a Bollywood singer, composer and a music producer. Kalki meets Aditya N.
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