My Indian Life: The Goddess of Big Things- BBC News

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My Indian Life: The Goddess of Big Things- BBC News
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Hi I’m Coca-Cola and you’re listening to kalki present, my Indian life is brought to you by the BBC World Service. You’Ve already reached episode 8 and in case you’ve missed any of the other episodes bringing you real stories of grit and determination from all over India. Please do share this podcast with as many people as you can, and you can also comment and give us what your stories are at hashtag, my in life on social media. You can also find us on an audio phone by downloading an audio streaming app or podcast app, and just look for my Indian life. Alright, let’s get started but were born in a boy’s body once upon a time. I was a boy now, I’m a sexy, voluptuous women feel trapped in the wrong buddy. How far would she go to change it from the BBC World Service? This my Indian life, the podcast about what it means to be young, an Indian in the 21st century. I’M glad he can clear this podcast tell stories of young people in India who overcome obstacles, big and small. With that grit and determination. This is episode 8, goddess of big things. I’Ve been enjoying presenting this podcast and I hope you’ve been enjoying listening to it. As I please, let me know what you think leave comment greatest: we just at BBC World Service, use the hashtag my Indian life or go to the BBC World Service. Facebook page sorry, is about the complicated relationship we have with our body’s. Most of us aren’t completely satisfied with the way we look. Something is either too big or too small, too long or Too Short a bit crooked or oddly-shaped, and it can really have self-confidence and the way we perceive ourselves before a transgender person. The struggle is an entirely different experience, it’s about being out of place in your own skin and about being born in the wrong body. Mona Veronica Campbell is transgender when I was born in a boy’s body and named Mahon, but even as a child, Mohan wasn’t really boyish. Everyone know I’m very feminine and very girly people saw me growing up like a small girl. A transgender person is born with a certain assigned biological sex, but identifies with a different gender psychiatrist called this gender dysphoria sigil say India has about half a million people who identify as belonging to the third gender. This is an umbrella term that includes transexuals, as well as transvestites non-binary categories like intersex and others too. However, I report by India’s Human Rights Commission quotes experts who say that the actual figures could be 10 times higher after five or six million. This is because many transgender people keep their gender identity Under Wraps. After all, it not an easy life. Transgender people are often misunderstood and pushed away even by their own friends and family are also vulnerable to discrimination, sexual harassment and assault. According to a girl study of 900 transgender people, only 2 % lived with their families and more than 90 % face discrimination in employment 29 and as a professional plus size model based, she is told voluptuous with long wavy brown hair when she walks into a room. She radiates confidence and you can’t help but take notice and is about to walk the ramp for a plus-size lingerie brand she’s, dressed in a black corset, red stilettos and is getting her makeup done and I don’t know I don’t know why. Sometimes I can wear swimwear. I can meet you in thongs and stand in front of my parents so easy, so I’m quite positive about lifestyle, but things weren’t always so easy when I grow up and small town in Andhra Pradesh, initially known as family, wasn’t bothered by the fact that the sun Was acting like a girl, they thought it was just Childsplay. Can you remember any memories, a very early on of what you felt about you know your gender? Oh! Well, it’s a! Maybe you can see I like, like five six years and we’re young. So I stupid all my sister’s clothes, everyone know I’m very feminine and regularly people saw me growing up like a small girl. Adapala neelima remembers one scotch instance list and trust me. She will. She danced with almost like 10:11 girls. Head must have got more and more worried. I love him when I would dress up like a girl use her sister’s makeup, hang out with girls or act feminine in any way he would scold her. He wanted his boy to be boyish. Luna’S childhood and teenagers would difficult because her family wasn’t able to accept her femininity. She refuses to share photos from that., But is willing to talk about it. She remembers the time her exasperated father Center to stay at a boys hostel when she was about 14, hoping that that would make her more masculine Moana felt like a fish out of water. The boys would tease her call her names and maybe even simple tasks like taking a shower difficult. Are there more comfortable and I could not move the situations like we have? There is no bathing option fight. We have it scan open space like 10-15 people to take the time Generations. Like you know, I could not the ticket Charles, like 1 to 3 days, I’m very High Venus, just like crazy at the time. I I’m that’s very hard for me. Definitely, but I tried telling to my father all this instance so when I was able to laugh about it now, but it was very tough the time she didn’t stay in that boys hostel for too long. Meanwhile, her father’s worries was starting to peek. My dad told me see: I’m really worried about you, because the society makes you a tag that you had a man and if you behave like if women, how would the take you you, you make a depression, you may undergo. You know little difficult. He was worried about it. He said he never sent a pic level 30. I’M going to take you. Take you out, just I’m going to get you some injection and telling you as a boy, and then my sister told me that it is not a right. We had to speak to her mind and we hardly when he said this: oh my God, waiting for her father never carried out the threat by that age. Mona had heard from a friend’s that there were hormonal treatments available. That would help her change physically, develop the feminine characteristics that she wanted, but she was a teenager from a small town with no means she decided to focus on her education and part-time jobs to become more independent. When I was a good student and her father dreamt of her to become a doctor, he pushed her to go to medical school, but could not be herself there according to the college and its admit, it’s not using as good hot car dies when seniors. You know you know how difficult to be feminine hand, have a Nails after you do whatever you want sweetheart it’s a medical, open College. I can’t even go from one class, so I told me that I don’t want to do my medicine. Do whatever you want one that battle and was accepted to prestige, just fashion school, that she met many others who didn’t conform to traditional ideas of gender. She finally felt free to be herself when she was about 18. She took the decision to start home therapy to make a body look more feminine. She can tell the doctors received counseling and psychiatrists certified that she had indeed been suffering from gender dysphoria and was ready for treatment. Her father wasn’t convinced, but her mother supported her same. Should never looked at Mona as a son anyway, when I took home loans for your and had to face the side effects lot of headache, and you don’t get to sleep in the night, you get depression. Emotionally you get soft skin you going to lose your hair on your body and see I wasn’t wanting to that. Are so many beautiful trans goes even really don’t want to go for surgery, they want to be themselves and they want to look feminine and I’m seeing some doctor. He told me to do force yourself to do think. It’S really important for you to go to all these things. Mona had her doubts about the surgery and for good reason, gender reassignment surgery is the process by which a transgender person can surgically transform their body to match the, but not every transgender person wants this. The process consists of multiple smaller procedures for male-to-female. The first step is breast enhancement process. Then general surgery to create the vagina final step is an operation to make the features on the face. Look more feminine counseling and hormonal treatments go together with the surgeries. The operations are expensive and complex because of this dumb transgender people Express their gender without surgery. Moon, explain some of the fears she had about it. Perfect vagina. Few doctors do Sensations partner enjoy even in the sexual encounters with your partner. That’S important as well, especially the construction is not that easy doctor and just go through all these things and see how to talk with Google on society be with them talk to them, eat your doctor, like 6 x, 10 x. Don’T think that, oh, my God, I got a vagina and a woman know who said that, in spite of all the worries and concerns, she still itching have a female body and become a model. A few years later, she made up her mind to get the surgery. She moved from India to the UK where she began the process. It was stuff that was pain and discomfort and she was being counseled by psychiatrist. Horace you put on weight because of the hormones she was regularly taking. Plus-Size people often struggle with lack of confidence judgment and with body-shaming Mona worried. Her modeling Ambitions were in Jeopardy, but she tried to accept and embrace hanu everybody and started working as a plus-size model. After a few years she moved back to India. So the big question: how would her family react? Here’S her father speaking in Telugu I’ll, explain what he say jumbo. Would you going to bust he saying that initially he felt bad, but later he left it to Mona’s wish he felt he should not trouble her. He decided to give Mona his full support as a father, since she is family, Luna’s, sister, neelima, ads and she’s like she want to do something really big, so he was like okay. So if family is not supporting and who is going to support her, we had to stand next to her. So that’s how we started supporting from the family side, her father told Mona. He respected her and accepted her as his daughter with her family by her side. Mona approach, dr. parag, Delong, a well-known plastic surgeon to complete the gender reassignment surgery or GRS. We met dr. telling at his clinic – and he told us this kind of family support was rare or think about I’m in surgery. So far, I think less than 10 % of patients had a good support system at home or their parents who are really supportive. The wrong company – and it’s not the right thing to happen – explains why it’s a particularly complex and challenging process. Initial consultation starts with being evaluated by to Independence psychiatrist, who have to certify that the person is having something called is gender dysphoria and it is not. Something which has come up Suddenly has been there, maybe from childhood out since birth, and it is only manifested at a particular age now, where the person family, none of these surgeries, are performed as soon as you meet the patient. You need to have multiple consultations. Understand the psychology of an individual how stable mentally a person is pleated Mona, kept looking for plus size, modeling opportunities, but there weren’t many men. Last year she heard the news she been waiting for her dream. Designer Wendell Rodricks was looking for plus size models for one of India’s most glitzy fashion fence. Where was Nicole, this is magical for me, so let’s do it so that God and Goddesses body please good morning 7:30 event Productions. I saw so many beautiful curvy women and ever saw in my life all plus size goals in one room. She called her parents had her fittings taken on the same day, but then once would spread that Moana was transgender. That was some resistance. Mona was distraught, but when did Roderick stood by her here’s, what he says Campbell. I had absolutely no idea that she was a transgender person eventually, as well as people who ain’t going to show so that Monica when we discovered that you want to try addition and the confidence point in her modeling career, her father, who wants used to chide her For watching too much fashiontv sat in the second row and cheered for her Wendell Rodricks said he got great feedback and transgender people approached him. Appreciating the move, one of moana’s closest friends, is Paul David Martin, the fashion photographer. He was at the show and says his jaw hit the floor when he saw her walk the ramp Kinsley, the runway and the best thing. Wasn’T she open to show him the way she wore granddaughter that she got it that attitude and adding to that? All of it comment that the agenda of the entire show the way she presented it. That was brilliant. The show and closing the show Franny’s designer it says is an example, Indian trance and plus-size proudly. She plans to start her own plus-size clothing label. To give more options to plus size. Women have belief, is trans is beautiful and she hopes to inspire other transgender people to speak out and give confidence and support of all. She believes in body positivity, loving your body and loving yourself, I’m coming to you from my home tonight and there’s a lot of noise outside. I hope you won’t hear too much of it, because that’s going to put the end modern going on we’ve just had one on story and I’m looking forward to hearing your Story. 2 share one story that we recently received from a listener whose mother to an eight-year-old. I wonder at times, if I understand him, my son is mildly autistic. While I work with him and believe firmly that he’ll make his place in this world full of opportunity, I struggle to come to terms with his condition. I’M also career-oriented individual, and sometimes I made you feel that I neglect him and put my career as a higher priority. Thank you very much for sharing your story with us. Girls is still receiving messages about our episode, featuring ansiedad, Ebola, Survivor of child sex abuse, who now helps other children in India his one such message. I also am a survivor of the, but I have never spoken about it until this email. I have a very successful career and a beautiful family would gorgeous children of my own. However, the remnants of my abuse that happened when I was a very young child around 6 to 7 years old Kalinga. I have severe trust issues and when my extended family members hug my children, my instinctive responses to pull them away, and I immediately think there is something sinister going on there. Last week, we also heard from Raul something play the Dallas student who campaigns against caste system. Hrd has created this after hearing the episode. Space. Discrimination is real and just in case, you think it’s absolutely dead and gone. Listen to this wrenching story of how this Janet student is rising Against All Odds on my Indian life thoughts and suggestions where at BBC World Service on social media use the hashtag Buy in your life, or you can email us at mine in life in the Next episode will hear about some of the problems Indians face in the bedroom. If you like this text, to tell your friends about it, thanks for listening,
What happens when you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin? This is the story of the transformation of a small-town boy into a diva who is setting the ramp on fire as a transgender, plus-size model. Kalki meets Mona Varonica Campbell. #MyIndianLife

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