My Indian Life: The Sexpert – BBC News

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My Indian Life: The Sexpert – BBC News
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My Indian Life: The Sexpert – BBC News
Hi, I’m cocky and you are watching the podcast of kalki, presents my Indian Life rachu by the BBC World Service. I’Ve really been enjoying all the feedback that you guys have given us. Thank you so much for your stories and you and please keep them coming. This is the video version, but you can also find the audio version. You just need to download an audio streaming app or podcast app and look for my engine life. Now, let’s listen to episode 9. This episode of my engine life discuss issues about sex right from the start. If you feel you would be offended by this, you might be better off waiting for next week’s episode. I’M a 20 year old woman. Is there any chance of becoming pregnant after watching p*** videos in the dirty word? Where do people go when they need help, she will never smell. She would never be impatient. They would never be so just an eye roll To The Man invisible. I rode here. He would not do that from the BBC World Service. This is my Indian life, the podcast about what it means to be a young Indian 21st century, and this is the podcast that deals with the issues that many young people in India face on a daily basis. Episode 9: this expert first, a huge thanks to all those who have heard a podcast and have been in touch. I read out some of your responses and stories at the end of this episode. Keep listening and please continue to tell me your own stories of being young and Indian in the 21st century. I could be mentioning them in future. Episodes are email address. Is my Indian life at and don’t forget, please let us know what you think on social media using the hashtag. My Indian life we’ve been saying all along that this podcast is about young people, but the protagonist of a story today is a little bit older. 94 years old, but has a youthfulness about him. If you’re wondering how did he make it to our list, then it’s because he has a massive massive fan following among the youth like this 21 year old college student, he is extremely Progressive. Are you open-minded and extremely sassy is known as the land of the Kama Sutra, the ultimate sex man you but sex today and I’ll country is taboo and sex education is a controversial subject. One man has done more than anyone else to promote discussions on the topic. He’S Dr Mohinder WhatsApp, you may have already heard about him, he’s a trained gynecologist who is famously known as this expert dr. WhatsApp has been writing a daily sex advice, column for the past 13 years in the Mumbai Mirror newspaper, it’s called after sex 3rd and it’s Become a cult hit, and the good doctor is now is Frank and witty responses. Here’S an example of a question he’s asked supposed to do: men have sex with the same woman who then get pregnant, which of the two could turn out to be the father of the child. His answer inquire, there’s a vacancy in the puzzle, Department of the newspaper and here’s another. I have a small penis advised me to pull it everyday for 15 minutes, while reciting shloka. What should I do? His answer, like most men, would have a penis hitting that needs. Some of dr. what size work is much more demanding. He also get letters from does asking questions about serious subjects such as sexual assault and abuse doctor. What’S that has been chronicling the sexual history of Indians for close to 70 years, when he began practicing as a gynecologist in the 1950s Colonial British rule had just ended and India had become an independent country just a few years into his career. A woman’s magazine approached him to write a dear doctor column. You know one of those advice columns his reefer, simple to it’s, a medical queries from parents about their children, questions. There’S nothing like anybody asking you recycle or s******* questions all the time when everything was very hush-hush began. Breaking news that was rather disturbing, like girls were about 15 on work and being fixed. It’S not love marriages, arranged marriages, but then they started confessing that you know their Uncle raped. Priest usually was very serious to take a life in those days. Society was even more conservative, so this was Uncharted Territory and Doctor what they found himself unequip to deal with. Such complex issues started asking radios people that is my beginning of Life start looking into this matter. Is this a problem 70s that he was able to do something about it? This was when he joined the Family Planning Association of India as an adviser and managed to convince them to start a program on sex education. The time was right. The population explosion had schools with beginning to discuss the issue, but there was still challenges to deal with the principal. Then we have to go through some government agency to take promotion. Then we can do this. Then the question you cannot force a child to be listening to you, so you have to tell the parents that we want to do this program, and this is what it may cover it. Some people say we don’t want that so today we try to explain in this and that and get them to change that. Might some people just don’t change that when does the end of story mission to provide sex education, he gave up his practice in the Earth. 1980’S to devote himself full-time to counseling and education, the importance of sex education – he says can’t be emphasized enough and the earlier the better. It is what goes on touching herself or himself. So sex education explain to them that what you need to do and what they don’t need to do and talk about good touch and Bad Touch, lack of awareness and that’s what explains the thousands of letters in email queries he receives doctor. What that has been. Writing advice columns for 50 years, but it was arthas expert that turned him into a celebrity, getting it at the age of 80 on the request of mina the editor of the Mumbai mirror. When the paper was launched in 2005 being surprised information about sexuality, she will never snow, never be impatient. The column exist. All your questions are made of. I remember we print questions are so fantastic that you can make them out sometimes funny answers of a phenomenal following among the young people there, a WhatsApp groups that circulate his questions every day and fan sites with the best of what’s Alice Animal Jam College Grove. 20. 21 year old students read from a less that claims to be a compilation of his wittiest answers. These young men and women describe doctor what cool sassy within Progressive and list the reasons why they like him so much he just sold in the concern of your you. Then, whatever the problems we are facing, which we can share with Denso teachers, if there is any confusion, I would like to lie to him waiting for his response. Only thing is old. I have to have left the habit of masturbation whenever I go to toilet. I can stop it. I feel disgusting after doing this piece adjusted remedy for this problem. Due to this problem question, it will help you to relax your mind and that’s all you need not worry about it. The present. Actually, the subjects are the same. It could be also given some information about this thing, so that is where lacking. In spite of the funny questions and the seemingly flip and dances when dr.. What’S that dogs, I realize there’s much more serious issues at stake. He narrates traveling case studies, stories of incest, cheating spouse, exploitation and abuse for those he says there are no WikiAnswers. How far do you go into the psychological? I mean you give them practical advice. Do you ever feel yourself being drawn to give more advice on in terms of what’s going on in the mines number one Diamond you try to explain to them. Your body has nothing wrong, there’s something else which is bothering you so tell me. What is bothering you can really cause terrible anxiety and depression to the person so depressed, they’re already gone and The Psychotic medicines, that’s where the person is very difficult. Looking back now, we’ve been doing this for 70 years. The methodology girls are going out because they know that if they have sex without a condom they can take, and I feel no knowledge about this email yeah. I mean I supposed to already from the examples in whatever I’ve seen the the younger generation of women are talking about it more openly. What does that mean? I never came to the clinic. How do you keep the morality out of it completely? Yet what do you do? You do get people over 40 seasonal were married, also with kids having an affair outside yeah. What you do say but says for you to consider putting yourself in a position where a lot of things could happen to you, for example, will be discovered, that’s how I leave it to them living in a society like a swear. It really matters. What the neighbors think it’s hard to talk about issues of sex and sexuality openly the humor he says not only to make a joke. It’S also to make a point about the importance of consent or gender equality or aspect of health and hygiene even at 94. He continues to see patients and it’s ready to retire right now. I can only see two patients a day. He says I could see more. If I was more address, when people start unburdening themselves, he lends them a sympathetic ear when people share their shame that price anguish with him in the letters he writes back in a non-judgmental way being privy to the deepest darkest secrets and fears of thousands of men And women is not easy and that’s what makes dr. what size work so much more valuable, hi everyone I’m actually coming to today from in the military, where it’s bright and sunny and there lots of birds chirping so don’t mind them. We just heard dr. Watson story. I really can’t believe it’s in the 9th episode of my Indian life already and now we just have three more to go in the first season. I stress the word first because I really do want to be back, but I need your help. Please continue to send us your own stories of being a young adult, an Indian in the 21st century. It might be in episode and season 2 on you. Thank you to all our email address and social media Survivor of child sex abuse. Many of you have written to us with your own accounts of abuse. He writes. I was sexually abused when I was about 5 or 6 years old, never told anyone at the time, because my abuser used to scare me. This is the first time I’ve opened up about it. I still feel that raging me. I don’t know what I would do if I ever meet that person again – and this is from another one of our listening. I was abused by my own brother among other people, so this story really hit home has done a lot of work for the therapist in gone through PTSD treatment and I’m in a better place. Parents need to be educated about the lasting impact. These experiences have on children’s lives, personality, self-esteem and the choices they make in life, and I am anglo-indian and had quite a liberal, are bringing this made it hard to relate to circumstances people taste around me while growing up. I have two young daughters and, through their imperfections, are perfect to me. My hope for them navigate through this dangerous but exciting, well, mostly happy, but always inspired thanks for sharing next time on kalki presents buying in life from the BBC World Service is the story of ice and determination, broken bones and Olympic dream. How far would you go to fulfill your ambition and, after that, we are also going to have to special episodes of my Indian life life that I’ve recorded in front of an audience of some very Lively students in Delhi and Mumbai to come thanks for listening,
Sex advice for the land of the Kama Sutra. This episode discusses sex in a detailed way. Kalki meets Dr Mahinder Watsa, the 94-year-old who writes the sex advice column in The Mumbai Mirror. #MyIndianLife

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