My life as Pablo Escobar’s lovechild – BBC News

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My life as Pablo Escobar’s lovechild – BBC News
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My life as Pablo Escobar’s lovechild – BBC News
They sent me here because it’s the middle of nowhere and there’s no policemen with guns everywhere, and machine guns and almond vehicles running around at the time he didn’t know you had this illegitimate son but like she finds out and of course he tries to kidnap me Back and that’s why I was sent to auction in the middle of nowhere, so they couldn’t find me because the the cartel, let me see the eldest son, they want him back to take care of business. My father is my Parkway, come from Hall and very secretive man working for the security service, but really loving, and I actually love. I had my two personal God’s barndiva Martinez will with me all the time when I wasn’t at the house, and we had a show for as well, and I was just able to completely enclosed environment to start with, because I can literally walk around without being kidnapped. I used to phone reverse charge, calls to my father in Columbia. That’S my adopted English, father and I’ll, be speaking to my father in Columbia from here just got through. He was one of the wicked people in the world. Unfortunately – and it’s sad for me to have to say that about he’s portrayed as some kind of hero, I see a lot of suffering from My real father, this product, that’s coming to this area and other options, roll over the world and ruined families. So I can do my little bit to help rehabilitate people.
The story of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar is back in the public consciousness following the success of Netflix series Narcos.
But many fans of the hit series might not know Escobar had a lovechild who was adopted by an English couple.
Phillip Witcomb, now 53, was sent to a remote boarding school in Herefordshire to protect him from his biological father, who had made several attempts to kidnap him.
The landscape artist is now writing a screenplay about his life, proceeds of which will go to help recovering drug addicts.

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