‘My tribal marks are my trademark’ – BBC News

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‘My tribal marks are my trademark’ – BBC News
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‘My tribal marks are my trademark’ – BBC News
My name is AJ I’ll, be single mom face model with tribal masks. I’Ve always been a fan of Rihanna. I did every photo shoots. I just posted up on my social media and followed me. You try telling I starting to show more awareness. I know people talking about how did come Soother Max. This is me we can be anything you want to be. It should be respond Mission now not when the child is a big hole. I won’t even do it Saturday before a million-dollar.
Nigerian face model Adetutu Alabi is using social media to create awareness and change the narrative of people with tribal marking in Africa.

Adetutu, who was recently followed on social media by Rihanna, started a campaign called #tribalmarkschallenge.

She advocates a ban on facial scarring in Africa and wants permission to be sought before it is carried out.

Video Journalist: Grace Ekpu

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