Myanmar Rohingya: Army ‘must face genocide charges’ BBC News

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Myanmar Rohingya: Army ‘must face genocide charges’ BBC News
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3 year now in this political landscape have been suffering bereaved uprooted lost giving heroin of the brutality they say they suffered at the hands of the Myanmar Ministry today we met Rush sheet he says they mudded 12 of his relatives and children squat underground then they open fire and kill them and then they took the woman inside the house and set it on fire so while he welcomes today’s cool for the top generals to be try for that crime he thinks it’s a little too late for so many will see it about those who exploded my mother my brother’s my nephew my ankles and they bring them back they can’t do it from which Rashid flat The Killing rape and Austin hit it said to have been part of a coordinated campaign by the army this to go without any kind of sanction then every army in the world will think they can do this hundreds of thousands of rohingyas people to flee across the border to these camps where they still trapped in particular it’s Nobel Peace prize-winning leader San Su Chi She’s accused of failing to use Hub moral authority to prevent the violence and that by ignoring the place of the red ninja the government made it easier for the crimes to be carried out tonight rejected the UN report as float and one-sided the Army’s always claimed it was only clearing out militants Acclaim now holy rejected by the United Nations bringing commander-in-chief line and his comrades to cools will not be easy but today feels like a significant step forward in the pursuit of justice for the red ninja people sneak peek BBC news on the Myanmar Bangladesh border
UN human rights investigators say military leaders in Myanmar should be investigated for genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity – and have called for them to be referred to the International Criminal Court. In an unprecedented move, the investigators named 6 top generals, including the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, and his deputy. UN investigators interviewed hundreds of victims and found evidence of murder, rape, and torture against the Rohingya predominately in Myanmar’s Rakhine state. More than seven-hundred-thousand of them have fled into Bangladesh. But Myanmar’s UN representative rejected the report, describing it as one-sided. Our Myanmar correspondent Nick Beake sent this report from Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh.

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