Mysterious temple reemerges in Cambodia – 360 Video

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Mysterious temple reemerges in Cambodia – 360 Video
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this is what Cambodia is famous for ancient temple ruins nestled in dense jungle you may have heard of the Taurus favorite uncle what but this Temple is what is cambodia’s hidden gems it is the mysterious body trimmer and it only open to visitors a few years ago this Grand Temple complex was commissioned in the late 12th and early 13th century bike argue the greatest Camaro King Giovanna the seventh to honor his son and Generals were there military conquest today it seems the Trees of claim victory time and nature have not been kind of bunch of Siobhan doesn’t receive the temple has been left in the state of 70 collapse however Treasures remain before you as one of the two remaining Bob release or carvings of avalokiteshvara the embodiment of Buddha the temples God say this type of ancient sculpture can only be found here local still bring offerings to the image today it took nearly a decade of conservation the eastern wall beside made up of more than 1500 Sandstone blocks to assemble still many insights into the daily life in military conquest of the Khmer Empire hidden in these piles of collapsed owns a jigsaw puzzle of history from more than 800 years ago that’s your mom is still relatively quiet and 2016 only some 1500 towards came here for who’s that did the temple offers a rare chance to climb the ruins and make their own discoveries surrounded only by Nature I’m Kristie Lu Stout and this is CNN in virtual reality
Travel to a hidden gem, the Banteay Chhmar temple, in 360° and discover the history of the Khmer Empire that was lost for more than 800 years.

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