N.L. leaders debate

N.L. leaders debate
N.L. leaders debate
Glendon Labrador leaders debate I’m lynnbury in 15 days. Newfoundlanders and labradorians will be going to the polls to elect a new government denied the leaders of the 3 main parties debate the issues and take questions from the news media. The main parties were chosen for tonight’s debate because they all currently hold seats in the House of Assembly. The order of speakers has been determined by draw and the questions have not been disclosed in advance. In a moment, we have opening statements, the series of mini debate and Then followed by closing statements. Let me first of all introduced the participants just Crosby leader of the progressive conservative party ball leader, Liberal Party and Allison coffin leader of the new Democratic party, representing the news media this evening or three journalist, Michael Connors, from MTV Ariana kelland from CBC and David from The telegram these journalists will ask a question to a party leader chosen by drop that leader will have 60 seconds to answer and will then enter a 2-minute debate with another leader also chosen by drop moderator. It is my job to see that the rules are followed, and I want to ask the leaders this evening to be mindful of the viewers at home. If two or three of you speak at the same time, people at home cannot hear what you’re saying. While we do want a spirited debate, if it becomes an issue, I will have to step in now based on the draw. The first opening statement comes from Liberal leader, Dwight ball, and thank you for participating in our debate tonight. I’Ve only got two minutes so I’ll get right to the point. First, who has the best plan for moving our problems forward and second will be about leadership. On the first point, we’ve been Clear. The Way Forward is a multi-year plan to advance our Province, focusing on infrastructure, health and economic development of our plan is delivering a better economy, healthier people Better Living and a brighter future. Encourage you to ask questions to the candidates that come to your door. Ask them about the plan: ask them about their future. We got a clear plan, are platform leaving this province to a brighter future. The NDP at this point there’s no platform and the PCS while there’s is riddled with errors and fallacies doesn’t mean much tell their leader. So, let’s discuss that for a second: if you expect you lead, you’ve got to be open and transparent. So let’s talk about openness and let’s talk about transparency. 6 weeks ago Mr Crosby and other lawyers filed documents at the Supreme Court of Canada, so they can continue suing our province in just a week later, Mr crosbie was out in the media as leader of the PC party, making policy announcement that could further his case And potentially line his pockets with millions of dollars to me, that’s unethical to me: that’s dishonest! You can’t lead by putting yourself first but time and time again, mr. Crosby, as shown there’s one rule for him and a different role for everyone else. Mister Cosby want to make this debate about leadership. I say bring it on your next opening statement come from chests Crosby. Thank you speak to you tonight as a new leader seeking your confidence in a difficult time. You just filed your taxes. Are you better off today than you were four years ago? You just filled your gas tank. Are you better off? If you just paid your insurance premium? Are you better off life is unaffordable here, we’ve lost over 10,000 jobs. That’S why people are moving away if you’re happy with the last four years ago. I’D follow, you know how to vote, but if you’re open to honesty and hope consider these three priorities back by a comprehensive plan, my first priority jobs and hope. I work with industry to make our province of magnet for jobs and investment and never surrender to any federal government. That’S denying us the benefits and jobs from our resources. Second, priority has affordable living. Mister Mom has tried to balance the books on the backs of our people with over 300 new taxes. This will change. We will remove the Dwight ball Levy, his tax on auto and home insurance gone. We will provide child care for only $ 25 a day, but for many of no-cost. My final priority is honest leadership. Mr. ball set a record for broken promises like his promise to roll back. The HST now he’s being dishonest again about my promise to maintain education and Health Care funding and improve. Both honesty is about being straight with you and not about twisting the truth, get elected tonight. Mister bottle and make excuses for inaction. He’Ll blame others all my life for those who need a voice and his Premier I’ll fight for you. Thank you, Mr crosbie, now Allison coffin. Thank you Lynn, good evening and most of all, thank you to the voters of Newfoundland and Labrador for taking the time to take part in this important to debate tonight exactly how he will or won’t tackle the issues that affect your lives. By the end of the debate, you will know how the NDP will work for you and your family’s. Personally, I am from Joe batt’s arm. I grew up on the view of him and chill out before I left for Memorial University, the study economics. I am proud to be the leader of the new Democratic party of Newfoundland and Labrador. I took this job because, on the sidelines being done by the old time party to the people and the place that I love so dearly, Health Care cuts are not what we need. Families are suffering because Healthcare Staffing shortages have not been addressed, Cuts Wilkins to hurt workers and patients. Meanwhile, the Liberals are only working for their rich friends and themselves. They too have failed, but the people of this province first, you deserve better. The NDP is committed to a process economy where everyone has an opportunity to get an education and a job where we can raise families and care for our parents. Knew Democrats will work to make everyday life more affordable, improve physical and mental health increase Staffing levels in her healthcare system to provide quality Public Services when and where you need them, and we will work to protect our environment. I want to build a strong and fair Society, the Diversified and sustainable economy. I look forward to sharing with you, have a Newfoundland and Labrador and DP can be your voice for change. Thank you. Thank you very much. Miss coffin thanks to the three leaders for your open comments this evening. Now we are going to enter the next phase of the program and it’s a series of six many debates and journalist Alaska question. One of the leaders were Lancer and then debate with another leader. So we begin our first question comes from Ariana kelland. This debate will be between Mr crosbie and mr. ball. Mr crosbie, I will be given a minute to answer the question. Then there will be time for debate between Mr Crosby and Mr ball. Ariana Mr crosbie. Newfoundland and Labrador spends more per capita than anyone else in the country on health care, but still we leave the country in obesity, diabetes and heart disease. What will you do to lower costs and enhance services correctly? I will first of all state that I am not going to cut health-care Mister ball. You might want to read my lips. I will improve quality for patients and health workers who, like in the first 200 days I’ll strike the framers task force on Healthcare to work with doctors, nurses licensed nurse practitioners, healthcare workers, Patient Advocates to come up with a strategic plan for how we’re going to make Healthcare in this province, more effective of higher quality quality experience for the people who work in the system and relieve the stress on those people and deliver better care the right treatment to the right patient at the right time. Now it’s time for you and Mister ball to device at mr. coffee, I’ve read your platform. I’Ve read a lot of media releases from you matter fact going back a year ago, when you said cuts and Healthcare, something you would consider me last night, you said privatization of healthcare with something you would consider matter of fact. Just a few days ago, you made a comment that you, even at a process that was established ASA, start to remember those words. Remember those words we just mentioned you in the country. Waterford you’ve had four years to fix it, and you’ve done is helping down. Is 4 years long term care sites in Grand falls-windsor game expansions in Bob? What are you stopping those? Are you delaying the Waterford you saying you never said the words Healthcare cutting Outfitters, a good place to start. Are you wearing tonight? I’M not cutting Healthcare rather are putting together a focused approach to increase the quality of the healthcare system out for everybody involved. You’Re, probably be honest: did you say that, just a few weeks ago, Healthcare is a good place to start? Is that your words yes or no? We still have the worst results in the car. For your next question comes from Michael Connors and the question this time is to mr. ball and mr. Baldwin’s to Crosby wildabeast dancer, Michael ball. Your rate mitigation plan depends on getting a financing deal with odd, while we’re two hundred million dollars a year in savings plus savings from shutting down the Hollywood Generating Station which may have to be kept as backup power source. So what is Plan B if your rate mitigation plan sales will what we said? Michael about the cheating you rate mitigation, Auto, I was already committed that they would actively negotiate or discussed that option with us. Achieving rate medication was part of the discussion that we had with the Atlantic Accord. Oh and the POV, the public utilities board, as agreed with this, they have said they are said that that is the greatest potential to achieve right: medication for newfoundlanders and labradorians. So we know that can be done. This is not about receiving money, for this is about changing the fundamentals. How to financing arrangements, for this can be done. We’Ve already set aside some 500 million dollar. This shame, and all it is, is number one that we had to set aside $ 500 500 million dollars for rape mitigation, because is money for newfoundlanders and Laboratories that we could be using for services. The Muskrat Falls project has put it quite the burden on newfoundlanders Laboratories and Mr crosbie tonight still will not say that that project was a mistake. He still stand by that project and yet cheap land will raise electricity rates in Newfoundland, Labrador by 30 %. Many many times her, let a filibuster the house looks and with your colleagues were on the other side supporting muskrat. I did not. Let me quote your own words. You stated in the House of Assembly, I remember. In November 2010 there was a media release that came out and said there was going to be an announcement on the development of the lower Churchill. I was quite happy to hear what I was hearing and you tweet it on the 20th of December. Twenty 12 could always support the principles of muskrat Falls, it’s being a fantastic week. Why don’t you apologize Labrador and you ignored you ignored sharing information, Mr crosbie, as you paid any attention to what the inquiry is saying about the information that was lit that was hit from the Flanders Labyrinth? Are you proud of what you’re probably did to Newfoundland and Labrador answer realize that 30 % of the net debt of this province one project 70 years ago, that we built this province on 30 % of its here comes from that one Province? One project, the problems? Why you and me, and Miss coffee to focus on is how to fix the problem, not how to blame someone else for how it came to be great mitigation. Please see we change the oversight. Trr8 mitigation is in place or yours is not. Yours will raise electricity rates by 30 %. You might be able to afford it, but people viewing your tonight cannot. You might be able to afford it living room, Newfoundland and Labrador and in St John’s seniors, can’t afford it, sir. They will be making the decision about. Why, I feel very truth: we are out of time for that debate. We are now 2y round two of our many debates and this will involve Allison, Kaufman and Dwight ball. The first question that comes from David Maher and his to Allison, Kaufman, SRI and concerns over the environmental sustainability of the aquaculture industry continue to be raised. What is your strategy to ensure a sustainable future for both the traditional and aquaculture fish Reef in this province? Certainly, we have very serious concerns about the sustainability of the fishery and one of the things that we have done is. We will Advocate, on the behalf of the faw, to ensure that as necon stock start to increase that the first one 15000 metric tons of fish be allocated to domestic Harvesters want to see that happen. When it comes to the agriculture industry, we’d like to see higher standards being applied, things like standards that are international, yes and aquaculture industry. However, we want to ensure that our domestic supply of salmon, ways to start with in any other agricultural products that we want to develop, will be not cause any damage to our domestic economy, as well as to our domestic stocks. We’D like to see the standards being moved where we have on land-based aquaculture industry that will maintain jobs in the industry and is coughing that, if you are time bring in now the white ball to debate. This issue, standards and regulations of the aquaculture industry is providing thousands of jobs really in our problems. Right now, both India production, the service sector, and we want to do more. With the wall. With wall fishery we’ve been able to establish a hundred million dollars in the fish respond that is allowing for transition back into the Cobb history as well. As just a few days ago, we’ve been able to establish some of the offshore shrimp we process online in Newfoundland. Labrador, Jesus as a result of a seed of a trade agreement that we’ve been able to put in place in conjunction with the federal government, and this will bring many jobs to Newfoundland and Labrador in in some of the small communities that we have no problem. The standards that might be being applied in this manner, certainly I’ve sure heard that number of aquaculture Industries are moving away from other areas, because the standards here are slightly lower. We have already seen lots of escaping an intermingling with her gymnastics., So I would suggest that those standards are not rigid enough, nor will they sustain our domestic industry. In addition, the agriculture could you go to are year-round. They do not result in people that going back and forth on some sort of government subsidy is result of that. We want to ensure the types of jobs are there, that they are well-paying jobs, that they are sustainable jobs and that they will provide a future for individuals along the way anyway, around the south coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. Right now, you can look at rural communities. Saturday, transform because of the investment into aquaculture is part of our way forward. We’Ve met with the industry groups with meth with the environment groups that are participating, Pharma groups right now. We went through a very rigid process of going to be accurate at getting the agriculture. Maybe Marine artist should not be setting up in Stephenville. This is creating. This is creating a lot of jobs. A room, Newfoundland and Labrador. Growth in the process do now we’re going to Ariana Kellen, and this question is for Dwight ball mystery ball. Just over 55 % of eligible voters cast a ballot in the last election this time around or is fewer choice of candidates. What will you do to get the app person altevogt aside from campaign rallies and plan party events important for all new Flanders and labradorians to get insulted was one of the reasons why we took this budget and we taking it on the road and communities all across The Atlantic they’ve been able to, as we’ve been getting feedback from the budget. I will tell people in our problem speaking about the budget. This is the only budget and, if elected, get supported by new Flanders and labradorians, this is the budget that we will take to the floor of the hours for the family, the one that we will pass. That was one that was proud of her way forward and creative sustainability and growth in Newfoundland Labrador from election reform. We now have a debit or Democratic Hall Party Committee. That’S been established, Andrew Parsons, as part of that, as well as all other parties, and so there’s been a quite a bit of work that has been done just quite a bit of work. That needs to be done and we can learn from other jurisdictions. What democratic reform looks like how people would vote electronically, the age and so on? The number changes you can make in democratic reform to look forward to getting back getting all pretty I’ll Party Committee started again, so we can put inform real democratic reform initiatives. It’S very easy to say that the early election call that had fought what happened after the proposed budget would have been debated and been more clear reason be presented to all people in the province that was totally cut. Short people now have been left scrambling, trying to bring their viewpoints to you, and I and a surprise me as well. I’Ve had numerous groups trying to receive semi proposals trying to share their views and points of n perspective. They have not had the opportunity prepare. You have shortchanged voters, you have shortchanged interest groups at the same time, the democratic reform process that we are engaged in simply looked at it, electoral financing, reform and in the smallest way it is ignored, proportional representation. It gave no consideration of how District Association to raise funds, nor have they spend funds, nor does it have any discussion of accountability and transparency in spending. I’Ve got to remind you. Did you make comments or remarks that you will be ready for this election? Did you not call 40 District before the end of March? Did you not do that? So why do I party? It was really about an organization. What people are telling me from your party. It was an organization that the NDP – not that’s, not the election, so you said you would be ready. You said you would be ready. Are you telling me or not, baby cousin, absolutely ready? I do not think that you can say that I am not ready, as I am here and I’m very well-prepared. Now we said that we have many candidates that we’re ready for a fixed election date chose that day would come this spring. Are you suggesting that, before the end of March normalize a shop you there, I have to stop you there. We are out of time for this particular debate. We now move on to the third one, which is between Mr Crosby and mskoffice, how the question going to Mr crosbie right now and it’s from David Marr, stop living in Newfoundland and Labrador continues to be among the most expensive in the country. Instead of just talking about taxation, how can government help reduce the cost of living in this problems? So our goal is to have more people working and paying less tax, and the tax burden is certainly part of the affordability crisis that we have had, in particular under the law. 4 years of white ball government. So we need tax relief, which is stimulated to the economy. We also need affordable childcare and that’s something that we unveiled in our policy book yesterday: the program of affordable childcare that distinguishes our approach to stimulating the economy and making life here affordable from that liberals. We also need local benefits whenever we develop our offshore natural resources, unlike the liberal approach with equinor, which put all the emphasis on and nothing on jobs and hope to debate this just yesterday. Luckily, the new Democrats have been talking about affordable child care in pretty much every platform that we have presented along the way. So I’m glad you decided that that’s a good thing to do. That’S going to make life certainly more affordable is going to allow more women to get out into the workforce to allow them to be able to provide better support for the children and their families, and their aging parents are always hurting benefits. Associated with oftentimes are getting halftime hours are part time work, so they have to work multiple ships. They also have to take party and very unaffordable and often non-existent child care. How do we plan to approach those types of things? I understand everything that you said and we do have a system for orderly increases in the minimum wage, it’s rated to inflation. That doesn’t mean that we cannot periodically when the economy permits increase the basic level of the minimum wage above the rate of inflation. But I also have to be absolutely and by lowering tax rates on small businesses will enable them to be able to raise minimum wages and give people better standards of living along the way. Certainly, we also want to consider if we continue to invest in the oil industry. How are we going to continue to you want industry but still watch the price of gas go up and up and up without moving over to electrification of vehicles or help subsidizing people? Maybe say help energy to make energy efficient modifications to their home. That will decrease their light bills, and I also incur consideration with everything you’re saying and we will watch the price of gas go up and up and up under the Trudeau ball. Carbon tax question number two in this mini debate and that question will come from Michael Connors and the question is for Allison, coffin, Ricky Lopez and child apprehension in Labrador, taken those resources and not put enough back into Labrador. Food security is absolutely vital and we will improve programming there as well as we will ride better subsidies for individuals who do need food subsidies at the same time, we’re going to improve justice system and Labrador so that their release, children apprehension and we will also food Security and add-ons for the last one was that needs to be there. When you better testing there, we need Better Health Services there. We need better focus. We need better representation of people from Labrador on our boards and committees and Incorporated in our policy and decision-making. We need better conversations, doesn’t Benadryl so ensure that the programs and services that we provide best meet their needs Labrador and in Royal Newfoundland mention is made of tuberculosis, or example, so in our strategic healthcare plan, one of the pillars of that one of the element his To make strategic Investments and an example is the elimination of medical transportation costs to improve health outcomes for residents of Newfoundland and Labrador. This means 100 % reimbursement for the cost of medical transportation, because that is a barrier to access to Quality Health Care. As things stand right, it is a contributor to watch an earlier question are asked about, which is the fact that we had the highest cost and the poorest results for our healthcare system in the country and medical transportation. Being 100 % reimburse will help give folks in Royal Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador and those people have much easier access to it and they won’t have to be removed from their families. So they will have support when they’re in hospitals when they’re getting tests when they’re receiving the care that they so desperately need. That is a key point that we see we all. We need to engage leaders and individuals and Community groups from Labrador to ensure that they are incorporated into our policy. That needs to be included in this to get to centers of excellence such as the center of excellence that we’re going to create a cardiac center. Hear a center of excellence that we badly need and medical transportation is proud of that picture of access to Quality kit. Our next grouping of this will be your questions for health and coffin and Dwight ball. The first question is for Allison Kaufman and comes from Eric year. Old student has seen for them have to leave the province. How do you sell them on their future in Newfoundland and Labrador, Searchers and educator that Memorial University, as well as at the College of the North Atlantic? The first thing I’d like to do is ensure that access to post-secondary education was very affordable and eventually would like to see tuition be dropped. To then, as we do that, I would like to continue to build our economy to ensure that there’s going to be jobs available for those individuals once they become once they graduate. So that’s going to require an investment in Iverson, Heidi, but also some targeted programming to ensure that the skills that they receive have jobs waiting for them when they reach out. So that’s is a very delicate process requiring a match of training to the jobs required. That really sounds like a plan that we just put in place of a jobs of the future and how we actually asked how we could jobs it was about when people leave post-secondary institutions know the opportunity to have a job right here in Newfoundland. Labrador. As you know, for the first time in six years that you’re flying the labrador has at nine consecutive months of job growth, things are turning around, so things are changing a Newfoundland and Labrador, Newfoundland and Labrador will leave the country in economic activity by next year. So when you look at the way forward to Innovation to set Innovation, Tech technology, this is Miss. You really want to hear the good news hear things are changing and I will say, and to the conference Board of Canada. As I said, Newfoundland Labrador will lead the country in GDP next year in 2019. This is a remark. What kind of wrap this coffin this is done by the independent group buys copper sport of Canada. Jobs are being created in Newfoundland and Labrador. The way forward, the stopping in mining in Black West, where there last week to coral reefs 360 new job coming through labquest well-paying job. When you get a chance to stop – and maybe you should go to that West and talk to people on the ground – see what’s happening with – haven’t see, what’s happening with ioc your potential, I see what’s happening in the on the Newfoundland and Labrador, any insect yeah. You tell me that you’re telling me that you were telling me that my pension is that you’re suggesting Shaw resources, Morocco, Resort. And we’ll have new entrance is very bright. Jobs are yes, we can always do more for the white import. We just sent centers of excellence within the College of North Atlanta, so they’re job for them when they graduate post-secondary education. The jobs are there waiting for that. I miss the ball. Domestic violence remain prominent in Newfoundland and Labrador in 2018, the per capita rate of domestic violence was above the national average. According to statistics, Canada. What is your strategy to reduce the prevalence of gender-based violence in Newfoundland and Labrador? Gender-Based violence is never acceptable. We see it in a workplace, we’ve heard it we’ve heard. We see it on the communities and it happens far too often – and I spoke to people this Peter talk about situations that they’ve had to deal with years ago and it still impact their life today. So I think all of us has all three parties and people Newfoundland Labrador we had to do whatever we can to stop. Gender-Based violence will tell you it’s important here to empower women, make sure that women have a place in the workplace, have a good job to go to for those that have to deal with sexual violence. One of the things that we just recently did is make sure that it’s free legal advice for those individuals what we put in place, the status of women, the only the only province in E-flat, the only province in the country that would have a standalone status of Women department, but not seeing if there’s a commitment from the PC party or even from the NDP party, I would imagine., but this is important because it speaks the violence that speaks to empowering women, putting in a leadership role. They can stay at Legal Services. We would hope, there’s about 4 to 5 hours right now.. They would get that they can get that with the legal services. I’M sure you know the policy here, but this is really about giving women for the first time ever the opportunity, free legal advice when he find himself in this situation. I think it’s in that all of us to work within the system to make sure that we put an end to gender-based violence. We put in place a violence prevention committee last night is co-chaired by Mary short. All we see is she there is she there. Is she there? We have intragovernmental departamental, pretty certain place we put in place the most Progressive policy workplace policy that was imposters country was put in place in last year in Huger 2018, more people who are providing services to help women transition out of situations of violence. That needs to happen. We don’t have half of the places that you had promised to put in place for women to access food service. We have put more money. We have put more money more money in child, just a few minutes to speak to this. As you know, after we put, we put some extra money into transition out of his last year. That was in last year’s budget. We’Ve been funny these. It were the first time that you saw any funny going into transition as an issue with friendship, centers, French. Yes, we ask yes, we have, and you should – and you should know that yeah we put R22 organizations in place last year is coughing. You should look at last year. We are going to move on now too many debate number 5. This is between Mr Crosby and Miss coffin. The question will go to Mr Crosby and the question is from Ariana kelland, Mr crosbie. What is the most uncomfortable whole truth in Newfoundland and Labrador that politicians avoid speaking about and how would you fix it avoided speaking the fact that we spoke of it earlier, thanks to the stupid questions from the panel that we have the most expensive per capita healthcare System in the country for the worst results at is an embarrassment. It is an embarrassment to this province. It’S something we must tackle. We must have the Strategic healthcare plan that is centered on raising equality for all participants in the Healthcare System, whether they work in it or whether, as all of us here at our patients at one time or another in our lives, so that we can concentrate achieving The goal of delivering the right treatment to the right patient at the right time and lead the country instead of trailing he’s, talked about patronage. I think we need to talk about the lack of transparency. I think we need to talk about distinct difference between what’s presented in a budget and what’s actually presented in the Public Accounts or say the auditor-general’s report you and I are perhaps on that same page in some respects. However, I have seen unfortunate instances with that has not happened. Certainly in the lead-up to the last election, I think that is a serious concern of ours. I think we also need to be very clear about some of the actions of government in terms of how it is planning to erode the livelihood of individuals by moving to say, for example, the privatization of healthcare. That’S just the first step in Breaking labor law or breaking labor unions. It’S a first step in moving jobs to the other private-sector, and I have some serious concerns about that today. This very day, the test we are last in the country and economic growth and are showing a growth rate last year of 2.7 % 2.7 we’re bringing up the rear in Newfoundland and Labrador nationally, yet again under whose watch is that happened? I think you will agree with me that leadership, some leadership involves taking Reese disability, taking ownership, owning the problem and fixing the problem, and my proposition to you is that under the last 4 years with white ball government, that has not happened. That’S all. I would say that there has not been ownership of the largest elephant in the room or the largest falls in the room. I think collectively we all need to take ownership of that problem. I think collectively we need to have a solution there, as opposed to individually coming out and, and your time is up on on that. Our next question comes from Michael Connors, and this question is for Allison coffin keep having their budgets cut in a horse, race fees and other areas. We know the ndp’s views on moving toward free tuition, but is the free sustainable for Munn and the government giving its fiscal situation because we are investing in you. We are investing in our provinces future. We are enabling individuals to get a better education, so they can get a better job, so they are not relegated to jobs that may or may not be full-time. That may not have strong High salaries associated with a better educated Society is a better, more productive Society. They are higher incomes, they do have better businesses generally, we can afford better services and we are all better off by investing in education. I also think that we need to expand on that nut, only maintain a tuition freeze. We need to spend money on the infrastructure at Memorial University. Certainly, I’ve I’ve seen far too many examples of tunnels crumbling and interest full of asbestos that no one really wants to work in. We need to do more for Education, not lest, and that he is going to pay off in huge dividends in the future. Mr Crosby, your response to that question and what we have just from this coffin. Well, I’m no more in favor of cutting funding to education, and I am in favor of cutting funding to health care. We have had hey tuition freeze at Memorial University since 1999. In fact, it’s really more than the fries, because, with the effect of inflation, the cost of tuition has been going down. There is, however, a deficit. There is a deficit in infrastructure and you were talking about watching Things fall down around you and your. You know in your in your previous work place at the University, so how do we address that? It’S very tough under the present budgetary constraints. So that’s why I come back to the fact that what we need is more aggression in dealing with Haddaway on subjects like defending our offshore on subjects like making equalisation fear and with Quebec. On a subject like making Quebec pee on access. Porta power from the aperture right now is working pretty well, and if you had a specific example or case to give me, then I like to consider things on their merits. Station still he’s so that the corporations can then dictator educational programming. Would we like corporations to dictate the type of research that we want to do or are we okay? We are at? We are out of time for that and segments. Now we go to our final mini debate of the evening, and this is between mr. ball and Mr crosbie. Out of the question goes to mr. ball and it is from David basketball a recent open letter from 34 major European financial institutions, including the bank of England bank of France, during calls from climate scientists around the world for immediate action on climate change thing, and I Quote if some companies and industries failed with, if this new world they will fail to exist, how should the government of Newfoundland and Labrador work to prevent and mitigate the effects of climate change? Thank you, David and, as you know, we put in place a 5-year climate change action plan and I happened to be sitting at the table when on a national table in the pan Canadian framework was was signed. You know, there’s no Planet B. Many people say that you’re, a certain conservatives that that’s not going to happen today, think that you know you can do the same old things. The way you did them for years and nothing will change for that is far from the truth. We are seeing the impact of climate change was seeing weather patterns that we’ve never seen before. Even the last four here is, we seen extreme events that have led to having to get disaster relief with the support of the federal government right here in Newfoundland Labrador. If we had to deal with it, so we put in place or climate action plan that we work with are offshore as an example to show the greenhouse gas emissions are Target’s that are putting Place put in place. We stayed with man actually within two white Newfoundland. The lateral disc budget we’ve invested in putting in place recharging stations. I know it’s time for you and Mr crosbie to debate this issue with action plan is Follow the Leader, for example. You finally got around to banning single-use plastic bags after it was already already very clear where the public opinion lay on that issue, and yet you had to do it yet another consultation before you could decide what to do. You have being so desperate who plays mr. Trudeau that you went along with his carbon tax idea when we are dealing with our own carbon tax and guess what it’s called is muskrat. Don’T you regret that it was not more consultations down on your carbon plant. Your severe suggesting that increasing electricity rates by 30 % is not the largest taxed in the history of this province. show me the truth: you’re not you’re, not telling the truth. You’Re having us, you Abdel deviled eggs. Can you hear that? Are you tone deaf? Is this your climate action plan muskrat Falls? Is that your climate action plan to increase electricity rates by 30 % in this province? You call that an action plan you’re taking money from Newfoundland and Labrador that we could be spent on that? Are you suggesting honest leadership? Are you what you’re seeing here is mr. ball twisting the truth – and that is question goes to Mr crosbie and will be debated then by mr. Crosby and mr. ball. Mr crosbie, your platform says the greatest threat to the province’s fiscal situation. Is the growing size of the provincial debt? The total debt is projected to grow to 22.5 billion dollars in this year’s budget document. But why should voters give the keys to the treasury back party that increase spending by billions of dollars, while in office spending has increased from 7 billion to 8 billion and other words by billion dollars in the last 4 years, under the liberal watch presided over by Play ball, so you might just as well ask that question a mystery ball. Listen, a new broom, a new leader and you management. The PC party of days gone by is no more. It is now led by chest. Crosby. The liberal party is led by ball and that moniker no fighting. Why does a good one? It helps people to realize the truth about the leadership they’ve been receiving for the last 4 years yesterday. That actually took programs for my way forward, which only a few days ago you were saying was a failure, yet the Accord a fake Accord, and yesterday you took the very the money from that Accord and you spent it Mr crosbie, what you did yesterday with your Wish book, which you have fine print at the end of the wish book, where there’s a condition. friend says that it’s these budgetary measures are based on her before, but you have no intentions of delivering on that Wishful that you put in place. This is not commitment. Commitments, mr. speaker, mr. Cosby, the fine print is there that says you’re not committed to that. You would not put that on that page. If you intended to do what you said you’ll, do it do it I’m free creation by Nero predicted in the next four years. I’Ve been working very hard or the last four budget to actually fix the mess that your party created in 2015, a 2.7 billion dollars deficit. You know this to be true right. You tested all this. We had to change the law that no matter when anyone comes through an election, they have the most hot. Today financial situation, picture of this price. We change the law, so no one could ever do what your party did to Newfoundland and Labrador is back in 2015. I asked for the information the PC party wouldn’t get it wouldn’t give it to the people of Province. Just like ask for the update on muskrat Falls and they wouldn’t give your wish book is filled with fallacies. Mr Crosby and you put a condition in the fine print at the end of it, you had no intentions on delivering on that. If you were liked it, this is the reason I’m running on the honest leadership plank. Why did you put the fine print at the end of the platform? Why did you do that if you intended of putting it through, it refers her to fiscal responsibility. However many debate portion of our program this evening, we are now going to move on to the closing statement and I call on Allison coffin of the NDP to deliver her closing remarks this evening wanted for taking the time to watch this very important event. Tonight. You have seen her new Democrats are different. We approach problems differently. We find different solutions, we put people first, I am proud to be the leader of the only party that represents everyday people. I know new Democrats know that everyone should be able to afford the necessities of life. We should not have to worry about whether Health Care will be there when we or or if we’re going to end up choosing between buying food or paying or like build. The Liberals are hoping you’ll forget the living they imposed for the millions of tax dollars that they’ve handed over for big businesses and corporations and the political appointments the Tories want you to forget. They brought us muskrat Falls, that is the single biggest Financial Fiasco. Since Churchill Falls which, by the way the Liberals bought has enough already – I haven’t been in in this province for 25 years – I’ve seen the collapse of our Fisheries. I have seen the devastating effects of downturns and oil prices. I have seen missed opportunities and poor choices made by previous governments. Liberland government have saddled us with enormous debt. They continue to treat public tax dollars your money, like their personal check books. It does not have to be this way. I know that an economy can work for all. Every new democrat elected to the House of Assembly needs one more person fighting for you. We work for you. Our job is to make sure government works for you. It is time to build a better Newfoundland and door for all of us on May 16th vote for The Voice of change vote for the NDP. Thank you. Thank you very much. Mr. crosbie, your turn for you or a closing comment. That’S so long ago it looked like Newfoundland and Labrador was achieving the vision. We all share Prosperity, sustainability, Independence, but after the last four volunteers that promise seems far away. I know we can do better. I see a future where willing men and women can get meaningful well-paying jobs and have affordable Chow care to support them. A future where families and vulnerable people have access to Quality government services. A future where entrepreneurship is celebrated as a source of our wealth and young people, newcomers create economic and emotional security for themselves and their families, a future that draws inspiration from the motto of the Newfoundland regiment better than the bed and in which we can be better Than the rest, the problem is not our resources or are people, it is our leadership. I entered politics because I didn’t see leadership, calling us to be our best or even to be better. I saw a liberal government leading us to the future of poverty, dependency and bankruptcy. I could not stay home and watch foolishness unfold and I believe you feel the same way you need to voice a lifelong advocate for the vulnerable against the powerful. I will give that voice to you. Honest leadership is about the Curve. You know when to sit and listen and the courage to know when to stand and speak. It is now time to stand and speak, and I asked you to say yes for jobs and hope. Yes, for an affordable future, yes for honest leadership. Thank you, Mr crosbie, now to you mr. ball, for your closing comments and thank you to everyone or TuneIn tonight. Mr Crosby Samar province is better off today than it was four years ago. The simple answer to that is yes, Mr Crosby, and is PC friends left our province in turmoil. They left the healthcare system in shambles provincial finances and a muskrat Falls running out of control. Action was required. We put a plan in place since then. We’Ve improved Health outcomes, made significant Investments that strengthen our communities, mitigated the impact of muskrat falls on most. All measures are growth and success. This province is better off in a Wells four years ago. I won’t pretend that this has been easy. It’S had an impact an individual’s, and I know that by coming together, I plan is working, but we need to consider how we best move onward. How we position does problems for Success now and in the years to come, are Planter’s cheese that it continues to grow or economy, create jobs and strengthen our communities. We’Ve attracted a diverse group of candidates, including many exceptional women. I’M proud of our team experienced willing and able to get the job done. Mr Crosby says: cutting Healthcare is a good place to start. He thinks that you can afford a 30 % increase in your life feels, and he thinks kissing on women’s issues isn’t a priority. We can’t afford people who think, like Mr Crosby and contrast are Liberal Party, will deliver a better economy, healthier people better living and a brighter future 1/16. I ask for your support: let’s continue to move our Province onward, and that concludes the closing statement by the three party leaders, a reminder about when to vote, for the events pools open next Thursday May 9th and will stay open until 8 Island Time election day. Of course is Thursday May 16th. That is the end of the 2019 Newfoundland and Labrador leaders debate. My thanks to the where’s the for debating here tonight, the local journalists, for your questions and thank you for joining us. I’M linbury goodnight
Party leaders debate ahead of the N.L. election on May 16.
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