Nadler: AG Barr Scared Mueller Will Expose ‘His Lies’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Nadler: AG Barr Scared Mueller Will Expose ‘His Lies’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Nadler: AG Barr Scared Mueller Will Expose ‘His Lies’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Begin a new class is over the molar hearings now one week away as of tonight for months Trump and his attorney general claim they were fine, with more testifying to feed, giving away 2 kind of palpable fear, including this new report, that the Trump doj wants to Silence Motors deputies from testifying at all, even in closed session and now trumps, personal lawyer, Giuliani, joining Trump allies to blast these hearings before they begin a bunch of Mexico, disgraceful prosecutors, which is what they are and all this lionizing of Mueller his disgraceful. He was a hitman. I think we also want to know why he flipped the expectation that Americans are innocent until proven guilty. I have a tough time. Wednesday is not going to go the way the media think supposed to be a good. I doubt it and The Stumbling and bumbling another stumbling and bumbling the Rudy Giuliani himself has been criticized for bumbling legal presentations right. There he’s opening a new line of attack on Miller’s, demeanor others, making Vegas Persians about mothers, team and their dependents, and it’s not just a PR battle. The story I just mentioned is important. Privately Trump’s doj has been now. It looks posed for trying to derail the planned testimony from some of those deputies trying to block two of them already agreed to speak with lawmakers behind closed doors New York Times he reported the doj is instructed these two men not to appear, and they don’t even Work at the doj anymore, which means they probably cannot be legally forced to stay quiet reporting. Note the chilling effect when the doj Tells longtime employees to be quiet.. This story has not yet gotten a ton of attention and there’s first of all, lot going on, and second this is playing out in secret lobbying back room DC skirmishes. I think about what it suggests tonight. There can be valid reasons to argue: some officials should not testify in public hearings. Security concerns classified material, and that’s when there are debates about tackling topics in clothes bubble himself has repeatedly told Congress he prefers to take on certain items in private session. That’S something we found he said repeatedly in the 60 over his long career, which is on next week, but something different is Donald Trump’s, hand-picked attorney General trying to prevent testimony. That is explicitly carefully slated for this private session, with the very members of Congress, like the intelligence committee, the highest clearance to handle secret information. If this sounds bad, that’s cuz, it looks bad the doj trying to stop private testimony raising questions 1 week out from these hearings. First, obviously, what are they afraid of 50s, more prosecutors? Think about this, I’m just going to say it in English. These are the people that this same justice department trusted to handle the most sensitive evidence for years of this Pro to interrogate and arrest the imprisonment of people to handle. All of that and now the same to go chase that they can’t be trusted to talk to authorize members of our government suspicious for the Trump Administration, isn’t saying much about their angle here? Yes, I do. I would report it to you an interesting Lee. The Democrats in Congress leading the hearings are not saying much easier, be if it’s going to be not molar, but rather hysterical. You’Re not going to be intimidated out of the plan does not want to testify. He doesn’t want to be contradicted.
One week from the Mueller hearing the DOJ is reportedly telling Mueller’s deputies not to testify as Trump allies Giuliani, Hannity and Barr attack Mueller. Democrats say the Trump administration is scared of Mueller’s testimony.
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Nadler: AG Barr Scared Mueller Will Expose ‘His Lies’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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