Naftali Bennett: ‘It’s all about poking Israel in the eye politically’ – BBC News

I think it’s a pretty remarkable that these countries are intervening in Israeli domestic policy of the legal building imagine someone building something illegally in that Paris or London it’s none of Israel’s business to tell the UK to build the illegal or legal houses in likewise here that’s because they don’t believe his domestic policy they believe that that area is occupied territory but we’re talking about the fully political issue these Palestinians these battle in their folks are are being held hostage by the Palestinian Authority and by the EU it’s all about the Pokemon is rolling the I politically and we’re not going to end 90 people around the world say look this is about something very simple it’s about independence with Palestinians it’s about their freedom and that possession of their own land which they would argue you guys are trying to take away from them the holy land is always been Jewish for the past almost 4,000 years he could open up the any Bible in the world and and read that but also I’m the international standing there is a dispute there’s no doubt about it the Arabs have dozens of Arab states we have one Jewish State and it’s very small so you’re saying that all of the West Bank is needed by Israel for it security and for its future perfect of course other Palestinian state within the land of Israel were certainly never going to divide Jerusalem sweet I think of fresh new ideas and there are good idea what’s your favorite idea what my idea would be Palestinians govern themselves elect themselves pay themselves taxes govern their own land all but two things they do not control security and they cannot bring in million Palestinian descendants from Syria Lebanon into Judah and Samaria and then create a demographic disaster here many people might say that sounds a bit like a bunch of stones they had apartheid South Africa not at all because we have Arabs in Israel that enjoy fully pull rights in South Africa that did not exist we have recent nationality vote for the same class at that I am one person one vote they have Supreme Court judges right is being killed Palestinians being killed there are massive disputes about the future of territory how in a cup of Lies Israelis aren’t going anywhere the Palestinians aren’t going anywhere we’re not to nations in love but we have to figure out how to live side-by-side for the next 50 and 100 Years cuz we’re all here State the key is bottom-up economy quality-of-life and ultimately self-governing autonomy for the palestine-israel is the boss with Israel taking care of security that’s correct because last time we pulled out of a piece of land in Gaza we got tens of thousands of Rocket shot at us so where do that again
After ten years of legal battles, Israel’s Supreme Court has authorised the destruction of Khan al-Ahmar.
The United Nations and European Parliament have been highly critical, saying the move jeopardises any chance of a two-state solution being found in the region.
But speaking to Jeremy Bowen, Israeli cabinet minister Naftali Bennett says it’s no one else’s business where housing is built in Israel.
You can see Jeremy Bowen’s report from Khan al-Ahmar

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