Nairobi hotel complex under attack – BBC News

Nairobi hotel complex under attack – BBC News
Breaking news from Kenya, where gunshots and explosions have been heard in the capital Nairobi at a compound containing a hotel in Offices. Please say so now they treating us as a terrorist attack happened in the Westlands District of the city, where people have been fleeing the scene of school should by heavily armed soldiers. One man has been let out with a gunshot wound in the back. Let’S go straight to the BBC’s Africa security. Told me a lot of joints me on the line from Nairobi and tell me where syndrome seems there are security forces leading people away who will literally fleeing for their lives coming out in tears in shock some eyewitnesses giving account, but they lock the security forces. Here. Lots of Emergency Services, ambulance fire brigade dealing with people coming out vehicles on fire service that things about the security forces are in their lost. More arriving, including a few foreign foreign personnel as well set contains a luxury hotel, as well as some offices University of Nairobi. As well so that the complex itself contains offices, a lot of high-profile people come to this day as well as to have me saying so: that’s the kind of slime, so you find out what happened in the last hour. Has anyone claimed responsibility as yet? I don’t know if you can get the helicopter over happen to security helicopter circling winningest day from Nairobi. Thank you very much.
A hotel complex is under attack in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.
At least two blasts and gunfire were heard at the compound in the Westland district of the city, which houses the Dusit hotel as well as offices.

Police say they are treating it as a terrorist attack. Witnesses saw four armed men entering the complex.

Vehicles are on fire in the car park and people are being evacuated.
Police have cordoned off the area and are trying to rescue those trapped inside.

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