Nancy Pelosi In Balancing Act With House Democrats | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Nancy Pelosi In Balancing Act With House Democrats | Morning Joe | MSNBC
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Nancy Pelosi In Balancing Act With House Democrats | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Nancy Pelosi In Balancing Act With House Democrats | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Just weeks after a fight over an emergency border Bill broke out within the Democratic caucus house, Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued a warning to members of her party during a closed-door meeting. Yesterday, according to a senior sad quotes, you got a complaint. Come talk to me about it, but do not tweet about our members and expect us to think that is just okay. She added our diversity is our strength. Our power we are playing completely into the hands of other people, won Democratic member in the room. Told NBC News at Pelosi’s comments the consequences if it continues according to the Washington Post, were there far-left proposals on the environment and Healthcare asked about why she has to do. I want us to try to have any sort of conversation about even messaging, but we’re just freshmen right. Color demoralizing told the paper. Thank God my mother gave me a strong back. I can handle it. I’M not worried about about the signal that is sent to people. I speak to and four who sent me here with a mandate and how it affects them. According to NBC News, one Democrat in the room yesterday, El Cortez chief of staff and compared moderate Blue Dog Democrats to today in the forties deleted new is all. 96, who were constantly after Newt Gingrich. He never would go far enough for us. We wanted to balance the budget and 3-4 years. We didn’t like his negotiations with Bill Clinton during the shutdown and we were constantly complaining and what it required to have Twitter, but we had Jim vandehei at roll call me at Sandy Hume at the hill. So we just tell them things at night off the Record. They would show up in the paper the next morning, and let me tell you something having a headline about fun. Rest inside your cock is, it was for more frightening than it sweet, but what a required was it some point new to who I give credit to to this day? Newton never took those attacks, person, lady, it always Angus and we would fight and then he’d say. Okay, let’s figure this out and would come to an uneasy truce and that lasted for about four years and eventually we did decide. We wanted another speaker, but it it was managed sometime. And we had to do that because we didn’t have a huge majority in kasie Hunt same thing here it seems, support Democratic party and just barely gain control. If you look at the number of clothes they won in Virginia and in California and in Georgia and in other states, this is not a democratic caucus that can afford to be divided in the lease, and I’m just wondering when does Nancy Pelosi. I will just say I love, I love Nancy and I have had great respect for her for years, but I will tell you that every time we made sure that we would bird are even harder in the press and on the floor. So she has said some demeaning things to these four members and the four members of said too many things. Weis. We can all help each other. Let’S start working together soon with Nancy Pelosi at all, to talk to her at any length. Basically, since the winter time – and I think that tells you a lot about how this relationship has played out – and I think that there are some risks here at four pillows so far, it has been this uneasy de taunt, where you know the squad. Quote-Unquote has watch Nancy Pelosi win a couple messaging victories they’ve, seen her take on Donald Trump they’ve, seen her in a straight out of White House put on the sunglasses and have her be hero4 the same in a liberal base that sent them to Washington. But these comments are getting very dismissive and it’ll Pelosi simply looks at the world in a completely different way, and I think my question about this going for is the same one that you had just been about. Newt Gingrich, which is you know, we’re living in a different type of media, environment and world and Maureen Dowd, really dismiss that public whatever in the age of trump, in a way that you used to be able to be Nancy Pelosi is that is a hard power Person inside the house, she’s counting votes, she’s, not wrong. These are only four votes that is not enough. is the calculus and she knows what it takes to actually get things done in the house. But reality is you know, politics is changed around us Justin. You know. There’S a few short years that this president has been in office and the confidence. these people, briefly don’t have in the basic functioning of the House of Representatives, means that he or she taking some real risks and pushing them away so aggressively to be irritated. What do you think about the progressives is Lesley Stahl 60 Minutes interview and then she said, will you know also? She also had to be gold by the fact that she tried to bring ALC and put her on a select committee for the naoc refused to get one they’re, not a smart move humanitarian border Bill. She did work with the progressives or leadership did anyway. They had some demands, they wanted some changes in the house version of the bill. So not the Senate version that everybody knows lots of Democrats were unhappy with, but the bill house Democrats wrote they had some things in there and they still voted against it and Nancy Pelosi’s estimation is, is not how you handle yourself spy in the context of a Larger larger cock is so I need that that is similar to what you’re referencing with that committee, and I think that plays into it too said. I’Ve no regrets about anyting regrets are not what I do but Alexandria ocasio-cortez, the congresswoman from New York explicitly accusing Nancy Pelosi of racism, saying that she’s singled out women of color for criticisms. How do they men this and how important is it that they do or does it matter in a big caucus of it to really function in the Washington that she’s dealing with with that said, she’s going up against for women of color and the Democratic states is Made of women of color, so in some ways she has to be careful when she’s going after Alexandria ocasio-cortez, because there are constituents that are going to now be having that they’re going to be trying to get to turn out for the Democratic party. They could be demoralized by watching these four women BB pointed out like that bigger person in the Republicans for as much as they’ve gotten back glass for sticking with President Trump. They really have in some ways shown themselves to be unified party, even with their squabbles and their issues. So I think that that overall Democrat me, I really think it goes back to the office. You have an older white woman. Frankly, who is very powerful? Who understand how they’re going up against for women of color? Actually I go here until you can take it to Peter Baker, but I just dissed public whatever quotes and everything is happening, especially with these, for I think it must be discounted. I think they have to learn that what is trending on Twitter does not reflect reality. We have seen time and time again Twitter, take over the media landscape and create online headlines. That mean nothing when you actually go out into the real world and talk about what matters to people, and I think that you learn at a very young age when you’re in a public position that you can play the Twitter game. But that’s not the long game. Stage rating to offer to these young freshman and really be careful about the the racial accusations it seems like both sides could learn a lot from the other, because Nancy, Pelosi’s and institutionalist she as much as any speaker of the house Since Tip O’Neill, Sam Rayburn knows how to get things done. I mean it’s just it’s remarkable watching her at the same time and that’s the old way of doing politics. That’S still the way you do politics, that’s something I didn’t understand until I left Congress, but you have to work inside of Congress to actually past bills and it’s hard and it’s frustrating and it’s not just a floor speech or a press conference. At the same time, I do what are AOC and others are, apart of. It is a new kind of politics where she is building her own base, independent of a speaker, independent of a local or state party, independent of a national party. She is building your own brand as our other young member, so it seems to me that these are two sides that could actually hurt learn an awful lot by talking to each other. More, can you do each other, but you’re right. I mean this younger cohort of Democrats represents the energy of the party and its for a party leader. Dismiss that out of hand is, it is either they do that at their own risk. At the same time, the seat held by the squad going to be held by democrats or the AFC or to leave, or somebody else, they’ll, be held by democrats. What she’s worried about Abigail spanberger, not necessarily going to win again next year unless they are protected in those, are the people who gave her the majority right. This is 2/3 dozen seats that pushed the Democrats over the top and that’s what she’s concerned about well and Michael still want a great Point again going back to the mistakes that we made. When we came in a 94, we thought everybody was a right-wing conservative and we would say things and I tried out everyday another bill to abolish. Another cabinet agency in Walton. Only help me in Northwest Florida. You have memories noisy her. What we went by what we were doing – and it’s actually going out and campaigning for them in 1998 to understand that they were always hanging somebody, the last 6-7 months, somebody that was trying to send a message to those Heartland. Democrats, Hey, listen, we’re not going to do a radical Green New Deal out of work, we’re not going to chase. We aren’t going to go so far left that you’re going to be left behind and have to vote for Republicans next on Nancy is really doing a balancing act, and so much of it has just been signal. The moderates that this is not the Democratic party of San Francisco as well. She is she’s looking at this from a much broader point of view than ocasio-cortez 2 million followers that that’ll get you 4.2 million followers for the get your votes in the house. It doesn’t necessarily also help those members who are in those red districts that could be lost. Nancy Pelosi appreciates the truth of next year, full it’ll campaign that Donald Trump is in a better position to win real, then not, and the house cannot be put at stake and in the balance. If that becomes the reality for Americans in 2021, then she wants the house to still be in Democratic control battle between ioc and Nancy Pelosi. Let’S not forget how this began just began when they on the newly elected congresswoman decided to come to Washington to protest at Nancy Pelosi’s office. She became an actual member of the Congress, so that relationship was fraught from the beginning and I don’t think Nancy’s forgot that and yes, she wants to tutor and teeth, but she also is going to still the kind of discipline to your phone go to hold. That house, not just for nets for AOC into leaving others before all those other members who are much more difficult races. That knows, member than that Progressive caucus, Maybe sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date on the day’s biggest stories and you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more for Morning, Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching
The House speaker on Wednesday warned Democrats during a closed-door caucus meeting for attacking their colleagues publicly rather than raising concerns privately during the recent fight over legislation addressing the border crisis.
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Nancy Pelosi In Balancing Act With House Democrats | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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