Nanos poll shows Trudeau’s popularity has taken a hit

Nanos poll shows Trudeau’s popularity has taken a hit
Nanos poll shows Trudeau’s popularity has taken a hit
Peter was in Toronto to meet with Healthcare professionals. Council families have lost a loved one, as his government would do more to help cities combat gun violence. We know this is a huge impact on a Canadian families on communities. The Liberals want to ban military-style Bibles and would spend 200 million dollars to compensate owners as part of a buyback program. 50 million dollars a year over the next five years would also go towards us. Safer communities fund the new platform stopped short of, but the liberal, say, cities that want to implement one would receive federal support. The choice is very clear in this election we want to strengthen gun control with significant real measures are going to have an impact. Conservatives want to weaken gun control with the conservatives. Weapons won’t solve the problem instead proposing more money for police forces, tougher sentences for convicted gang members and more resources to stop the flow illegal Firearms coming into Canada from the United States promises and Russia or hopes, will sway Ontario voters. The province is shaping up to be a major battle ground, with both the liberal and conservative leaders visiting it out of a possible 20 days. This campaign, the latest Nanos pool for preferred prime minister, shows Trudeau’s popularity, has taken a hit, bringing him into a tie with Andrew Scheer at 28 %, with 18 % of Canadians undecided, Nanos research has the Liberals and conservatives Deadlocks foremost Party Support, as well with the Ndp and the green party in a tight race for third, both jug need sing and Elizabeth May. Our campaign BC today, Kevin Gallagher, CTV News Ottawa,
Kevin Gallagher has the latest on the federal campaign amid Nanos polling showing possible trouble for Trudeau.

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