National Enquirer did blackmail Jeff Bezos: Napolitano

National Enquirer did blackmail Jeff Bezos: Napolitano
Fox News, senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, judge good to see you Haitian music photos with the letter. It was clearly a form of blackmail which is a federal of federal crime. Carrying you know, five years and in federal prison. You know blackmail is a threat to do something if another person doesn’t stop doing what they’re doing it’s, it doesn’t involve coercion. Extortion involves coercion. So I don’t think it’s it’s extortion, but it’s clearly a form of blackmail. The First Amendment does not protect black male, and if this is newsworthy, that is, a portion of the cell kind of bomb was Club time and by the way I know him, and he is a truly first-rate. The lawyer practice one of the best criminal defense lawyers in New York City, run with it. If it’s newsworthy, why are you threatening it in order to get Jeff Bezos to say something he doesn’t believe is true. Jeff has been saying there is a political motivation behind this application, David pecker in the present of good friends. So then the Ami people pecker say you have to withdraw that statement of that statement. We have more embarrassing pictures of your kind of published compromises. A back-and-forth negotiates with a black man. Don’T call the way I want them, I’m going to publish them for the strategy. That’S a pretty good strategy right on the defensive side for the next three years. If there’s evidence that they committed a crime, even if a crime is not provable but there’s evidence, they committed a crime there deal with Federal prosecutors here in New York is over and they can be prosecuted for campaign-finance violation which they conspired with Michael Cohen, and according To Michael Cohen, President Trump himself, because the present, because the prosecutor told the federal judge, the president was one of the conspirators, so there would be a trial at what’s. The president’s name was open lamp if it came to a trial and plainly discusses the orchestrator of this Cohen, David pecker conspiracy to use campaign funds or corporate funds to pay. The president’s alleged mistress has to be signed.
Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses whether Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos claims of blackmail by American Media’s National Enquirer is credible.

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