Navarro blasts Trump tweet: He was afraid to get his hair wet

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Navarro blasts Trump tweet: He was afraid to get his hair wet
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Navarro blasts Trump tweet: He was afraid to get his hair wet
Let’S talk more about the competition that is growing another Democratic candidate who made it official this weekend, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren she’s, also working early voting state today and CNN’s MJ Lee is doing Us in Iowa City, Iowa, MJC, no longer the newest candidate on the Block. As of just a couple of hours ago, you just spoke to her talk about it. That’S right. We actually started the day on in Cedar, Rapids and as soon as Elizabeth Warren took the stage after Donald Trump. She said by the time rolls around President Trump may not be president anymore, and then she said that he may not even be a free person, obviously glibly talking about the fact that he may be in prison by the time action day comes around. This was notable because Elizabeth Warren, since she announced, were exploratory campaign back on New Year’s Eve. We shouldn’t expect to see that kind of language from her every single day that she about not engaging President Trump on every single tweet on every single attack, and we asked her about that a little bit here in Iowa City after she wrapped up her speech. Take a listen question now is: are we going to follow him on every single racist, insult and taunt that he tweet, or are we going to take back I’m going to the big pieces that were broken? Things were broken long before Donald Trump gone here and Anna with the 20/20 Fields growing by the day. This is going to be a question that every single one of the Democratic candidate will have to answer. How do they stay on message? How did they talk about their candidacies, their platforms and then not allow present prompto sort of set the agenda everyday, but at the same time, how did they draw that contrast between their candidacies and President Trump who they’re trying to take on in the general election? And I can tell you over the last couple of weeks, just talking to voters in the early States 4 divided on what they want to see. Far from the Democrats, there a lot of Voters who say they want to see the fighter and some of their Democratic candidates that they want them to take on President Trump directly, and then there are plenty of other people. We have talked to all who say they do not want them to engage President Trump at all, so that divided already very clear, even though it’s just that be Rihanna, 2019 mind you and daily. Thank you with us now CNN political commentator, Navarro and Symone Sanders. Simone was national press secretary last time around for Bernie Sanders is 2016 presidential campaign and Anna’s work with a number of top Republicans, including Jeb Bush and John McCain soap, free Matt in 20/20. Is this the Fight Fire with Fire approach? I think it’s a little bit of that, but I also think we heard Senator Warren pontificating on what is absolutely true. I think there is a growing sentiment that you don’t know what could happen. I don’t know if we’ll continue to see that refrain from her on the campaign Trail. She could have been testing it out today and depending on what all the coverage looks like, we might not hear it again. The Trump campaign has put out a statement specifically about Warren’s announcement, any other candidates announcement days and then the President also tweeting this weekend about her. He also is taking a swipe at Amy Klobuchar and her snowy campaign kickoff today, but for the most part you know – and I saw the Tweet about Amy Klobuchar and calling her a snowwoman for standing there braving the snowfall in. I it made me chuckle, Franklin and roll my eyes who skipped a visit to a US Cemetery in France, a of US veterans, because he poor baby was afraid to get his little hair wet. And so I think, taking on Amy Klobuchar attacking her for standing in the middle of a snowfall in her home state, he wants to die, he’s been very careful of how he treats Kamala Harris Amy Klobuchar of calling her a snowwoman is the best he’s got. That’S not much of a nickname from where he comes from. I think he goes after Elizabeth Warren, more than others. There is something about Elizabeth Warren that triggers the Republicans that triggers conservatives that triggers the right-wing. I would equate it a little bit to the Democratic and away that Ted Cruz triggers visceral emotion, Elizabeth Warren triggers visceral emotion. I remember when she got in the next, but I’m staying a different approach than some of these other candidates. At least what we’re saying so far here is Cory Booker. When I come to being tough, I never want people to think that in order to be top, you have to be mean in order to be strong, you have to be cruel. I want a campaign like I want to govern, I’m going to get criticized, they’re going to stay all gosh more candidates, What about love and hope, all my God how you going to beat Donald Trump with that at the laugh a little bit. You know, I know Cory Booker personally and what he’s talking about. He really believes this. You know, and I think that this is a strategy that could work for Corey. Look he sang we can and hope, but that does not mean that I don’t have a plan that I don’t have a policy platform. The question just becomes: are there enough Boulders Inn in the perfectly the key states that that’s a message that they are that they want to latch onto that? That’S acceptable to like it, something that gets folks fired up in Iowa gets was fired up in South Carolina. Senator Booker has been a number of times already and he’s drawing great crowds people coming out to hear what he has to say is so early on a very early okay. The first democratic primary debates are not until June, so I was just cost to wait and see it. In my opinion, the say whether or not I love & Hope is going to is going to win. You know this Democratic nomination, but it could Democratic candidates formulate their strategy and what should they take away, perhaps from how Trump tore apart the 2016 GOP field? Look for me, Lessons Learned. I think Elizabeth Warren has hot one very early. What chance do not allow yourself to be provoked to be baited by Donald Trump? She allowed herself to be baited by Donald Trump on the Native American issue and she’s come out looking much worse on the other side, for taking his weight and for going down the path. But she you know he let her down. So you know you’ve got to somehow be able to answer him without him being the one that’s pulling the puppet strings. He is very, very good at that he’s very good at Brandi Little Marco lying Ted, low energy Jeb crooked Hillary. So you know, you’ve got to also be able to Brand him, but I think if you look at 2018 and some of the Democrats most captured the imagination of the democratic base and of the country, they were optimistic. It was people like Beto O’Rourke, like Stacey Abrams like Andrew Gillum. You have to be able to fight back, but at the same time you have to be able to offer something positive that you stand for, got to be able to walk and chew gum. At the same time, if taking on Trump, some of those people you just mentioned did not win their election, that one woman who did and she from her home state of Minnesota. We know Trump won some of the Midwest and the Rust Belt states. That Democrats were safe, Simone, while Hillary barely won Minnesota make her a serious Contender, serious Contender. But again we have to wait and see how full Stack Up on the debate stage and if we have the scent and if the voters have the same energy for Centerville, add Amy, Klobuchar, Cory, Booker and Kamala Harris for that matter that they have now. In July August September, and as we get into the fall of 2019, I think there are I’m so excited that there are number of women who are not just running for president for president at top contenders. I hope this is the new normal. Now the question I I don’t want folks to overplay, if you will do just because somebody is from the Midwest I’m from Nebraska, just because they’re from the Midwest, they had the potential to kinetic Midwest Motors battle, because someone like example, she is from New York New York & Albany look a lot like I’m places in Iowa. Then then I think people realize, and so it is really about your messages about the ability to connect with the voters and then what is your vision? I was absolutely right. I don’t want to hear the Donald Trump just sucks and that your phone is bad because we heard that in 2016 is agile. Note, a number of folks, just frankly, did not come out to vote on the Democratic side of the aisle. So we need bold Visions. Policies, platforms and I think that’s what we’re saying from the same kind of candidates as far and I’m very excited about the field. Symone Sanders, there’s some things in life like elections like presidential elections that are binary choices, but for people at Jill, Stein or Gary Johnson. Hillary Clinton, my very well have been elected president and so wants Trump out needs to keep an eye on the ball. It is a binary Choice. Thank you, ladies going to have both of you with us this weekend.
CNN political commentator Ana Navarro says she thinks President Trump tweets so much about 2020 Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren because there is something about her that “triggers Republicans.”

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