NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – November 23rd, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – November 23rd, 2019 | NBC Nightly News
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – November 23rd, 2019 | NBC Nightly News
3, major storms, the danger on the homefront for military families made us lose our home hospital with a loaded weapon. I think he needed a hug more than you needed to be tackling speaking for the first time and there’s good news tonight about medical. snooze with Jose diaz-balart. When will it rain in the Rockies, the misery is mounting Colorado snow, tying up traffic with wet and icy Road blames for a 50 car pile up in Denver. This week the storms are taking a deadly toll in the midwest to people in separate crashes on slippery roads in Kansas. All across the country, storms are dishing up more trouble at holiday. Travel approach has a wet weather system. Barreling toward the Northeast is dumping rain over Nashville and soaking parts of joy, and it doesn’t take much for rain on the road to turn. Even more treacherous eye starts to form once temperatures start to plunge a real danger for drivers and a real concern. With more than 55 million people expected Thanksgiving holiday, an estimated 49 million on the road at the airport, nearly 5 million more on-the-go and wood storm forecast across the country through Thanksgiving at the world’s busiest airport in Atlanta, the cave family is take no chances packing up Early to go see Grandma in San Francisco, just really nasty out there and super traffic Super Brain and really ugly out there. I’M here at the world ABC from Washington up to Northern New England, we’re talkin about rain, wind, low-ceiling, snow and ice. Inland areas are going to be upwards of a foot, sing, slow down for New York, Boston, Syracuse and back to Cleveland, the Midway Tuesday and Wednesday, and look at the Slowdown from Seattle. New Mexico really gets into high gear political Washington, Ukraine Ambassador, without Kelly O’Donnell report. 100 State Department documents show how last spring Trump personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, delivered his message and his own proven Ukraine. Files to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, went through the presidents, then personal assistant to reach Pompeo after I’ve been trying and getting nowhere through regular channels. 29Th. Pompeo, for secretary spoke for 4 minutes. The weekend document dump refers to Joe Biden, son Hunter more than 80 times and undercuts. Then Ukraine ambassador Marie yovanovitch, who testified that she felt threatened. What I do wonder is why it was necessary to smear my reputation, but the release also includes letters defending against a smear campaign. Indicted Giuliani Associates. Lev parnas in a separate development is prepared to tell Congress the top house intelligence committee Republican Devin Nunes met with a former Ukrainian prosecutor in 2018. Friendship between Joe Biden and Lindsey, Graham and Lindsey, is about to go down in a way that I think he’s going to regret his whole life documents. Vice president, Mike Pence, two months ago, back home military families are speaking out their newest private housing companies that they stay in their home. Randolph Air Force Base in Texas, Mary Beth Pisano only has one house rule enter at your own risk. They can smell that immediately. The home, exactly is the family left it a month ago, after a test, actually The Whole Bowl and force the family to flee to Temporary housing, Furniture, a clean home score mm, mold spores or less a sample of more than 63,000. They say that cause raw sewage, human sewage of raw sewage under our home and that’s when we had to pack a suitcase and leave housing developer in the nation. Now the Posados are suing joining other military families in a group lawsuit against hunt some like the Hyatt unable to afford leaving the very homes they call health hazards, Furniture of Deerfield trapped homes for military families, the problem, systemic trust back with with military families, and we Do it through increased accountability and increased oversight on the Air Force side extremely seriously and are focused on providing residents with healthy homes? They say they’re inducing guidelines for the Fasano’s Justice too late may this home and then this whole made a sick. This homemade sleeves is, who made us, lose our home, an American Hospital in Mexico, getting out for a romantic cruise with his fiance, the hospital in Progreso Mexico, where Stephen was treated and now say, they’re trapped because they can’t pay the bill. Kidney infection with diabetes, open limit Johnson is not well enough to travel home to Atlanta. Adding their policy is the same as all private institutions in Mexico that all bills are paid at the time of discharge, media Mogul and fellow Georgia. I got that call Sarah Harmon. Thank you very much. Christmas is right around the Christmas tree is in short supply and it may cost you more to get one. We’Ve always had 1 Salina, and it’s very sad. It’S really sad, but it’s where we are first time we’re just going to take a year off and let the trees grow. Usually implant and the weather also played a part. Severe drought in the midwest combine in looks a lot like the past few years, where the supplies been a little tighter prices have modestly we’ve been enough trees for everyone, kendis Gibson, NBC News, New York, a person that always looks for the positive in the lowest. What’S Ally the split-second decision and made this coach a true hero, + the newest Apple watch. He was held high school student earlier this year by hugging after disarming a troubled student who brought a loaded shotgun to his Oregon high school in May. That day played out much differently and officials prepare for a possible mass shooting teacher yelling, isn’t seen as an active shooter at the school football coach to ESPN about a split-second decision which diffuse a potentially deadly situation just acted. I just went, I just moved forward loan say nobody cares about me and I told him I care about him. I think he needed a hug more than you needed to be tackled to the ground and was later sends to see treatment. I told him I was there for a reason that always been a person that always looks for the positive in the lowest moments of life, the New Movement breaking news coming in the Supreme Court, Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the hospital Hospital in Baltimore for chills and Fever for being treated with antibiotics early as tomorrow morning, the 80s your bags, and if your romaine lettuce in any form, is a labeled with a growing region. Kevin temples now on the new variety. Something news flying in from The Orchards of Washington State Cosmic is unique. In the fact that it it’s it’s from without being hard, I think it’s a it’s a nice sweetapple. It’S got a unique flavor to it. You like cugini Appleseed. I simply cross-pollinating the Enterprise apple with the Blockbuster Honeycrisp from that initial cross. That was made in 1997 through two trees going out in to grow Orchard in 2017, the mother-tree the tree that started it all still sits in a nearby test Orchard. We headed down the road to Mark baratz Farmstand, where they’re testing consumer reaction. People are just coming by the droves to they want to check it out. They want to see if they want to taste it. It’S expected to be the biggest non-tech apple launch ever as well as this does. The stores, as well as this does and that’s being launched with the campaign and being planted at the numbers that it is being planted, is unprecedented, never happened before the only way to really is to take a big old bite, really crisp, really sweet, and if these Kids could talk with their mouths full day. Tell you This World NBC News, Yakima Washington, there’s good news tonight about miracles. Coming in the mail people getting letters, Sundays are filled with family at Church Fellowship, but this Sunday is unique: family, a family. It’S changed. Her life Kyra has suffered from diabetes and she was 10 medications coupled with kidney disease and no health insurance left her a debt collector file for bankruptcy until divine intervention. When I got there, I just first, I thought it was a joke named Vineyard Church. What is a nonprofit That Forgives medical debt based on donation? It finds the neediest individuals and buys their bundle dead at a discount in 2019, almost 100 of those donations have been face, paste, leaving around a total of 227 million dollars worth of medical debt. This past Easter Vineyard, Church of Ann Arbor and we’re looking for a way to donate their offering back to the community, so we $ 18,000 in order for us to purchase 2.9 Million Dollars in past due medical debt. But today Kyra wanted to make yourself know. Thank you. I want to cry. I can pay my car note my car insurance, my bills. My read, I can take care of my son. Those who are being oppressed is oppression. The future looks bright for Kyra. Last year she received a new kidney and pancreas. She no longer has diabetes, she credits her son and her family for inspiring her. Don’T have never thought that I would even meet the pastor or the church. This is a big miracle. Cuz people expect something like this to happen. Play NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel, subscribe button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interview show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching
Dangerous weather could disrupt Thanksgiving travel, military families sue private housing developers over health hazards, and introducing the Cosmic Crisp, the big apple growers are banking on.Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – November 23rd, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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