NDP MPP Gilles Bisson on alleged mocking: ‘I don’t use that language’

my question is do the premier does the premier believe you can cancel question. Just because he doesn’t like the questions in my capacity as Government house leader I’m taking this question there was a very very audible comment that came from the member who just passed. It was remember from Mississauga to East cooksville if the member opposite the house leader for the official opposition. To continue The Honorable thing to do Martin the number for Mississauga Truck Park Chinese government’s I’d clearly heard the mocking remarks that were made we are very proud government clock is over here of our diversity a simple mistake was made solution to this stand in your place in the supplementary and apologized to the member for Mississauga you took till prayers for the supplementary you can see that I’m wearing this year peace I have the volume cranked full blast on exchanges that’s because of loud voices said that everything seems everyone is participating I can’t hear everything that said in the house I’m being accused of something and if people know me and hurt me in this house for 28 years and my constituent that is not who I am and not what I say so my question is back to the premier does a premier believe in parliamentary democracy and the right of the opposition to questions to the government yes or no mr. speaker as I mentioned off the top but after that mocking remark was made in this legislature will be invoking standing order 3780 we will not be answering any questions from the members of the official opposition until the member opposite apologizes for those comments that was made I can tell you mr. speaker that one thing we do have on this side of the respect for this katusha we have respect for this institution we have respect for all members we have respect for all members of this legislature all 101 more members of this legislature we will not be mocking the members like the member of the official opposition did slaves and we saw a lock-up respect this morning during question. but I want to thank you very much mr. speaker I just want to say in regards to the standing orders it is clear according to standing order 23h and I you can’t make allegations against another member which they are doing now and Infused impute impute false unavowed Motors to another member and clearly that’s what they’re doing you know me I’ve been in this legislature as long as you that’s not who I am I understand all about accent just we thought the fun I am a francophone and I have an accent and a lot of people of mock my accent to me a very expensive thing for the government to try to change channels on question. 2 answering questions about something I never did
NDP MPP Gilles Bisson says he did not mock PC MPP Kaleed Rasheed’s accent during question period in the Ontario Legislature.

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