Nearly 50,000 Auto Workers Strike Against GM | All In | MSNBC

Nearly 50,000 Auto Workers Strike Against GM | All In | MSNBC
Nearly 50,000 Auto Workers Strike Against GM | All In | MSNBC
The biggest Nationwide strike in 12 years, General Motors, as well as 22 Parts distribution warehouse the last time before course, Financial Healthcare cost of the Union is pushing for pay raises and to reopen closed plants in Lordstown Ohio. This evening, spokesperson for the auto worker said that only percent the contract terms have been agreed. Upon quote when you have 90 % at the stroke of midnight last night. Macklemore is not that common Bickley outside the future of sort of teacher Uprising. What do you think Americans watching this happen should think about know about if they watch this unfold to the teachers Virginia? They started this and, and I think people watch those strikes in other states and thought yeah. Why aren’t we using the power that we have they best way to cut our wages? We have to get back our health benefits. Are we got to pay more? We have the deductibles go when they have a debate about people want to keep their. They want to keep their health insurance it. You know I forgot they don’t like their private health insurance companies, and this is a good example of how you have private insurance, or you got to work this many extra days or months before you have full benefits, etcetera, Etc. And you see that you are the system. If we keep the system we have, we will be beholden to that 1 % forever. That’S why this has to change with the selection, but in this case I mean I’m very honored and proud that that this is happening with General Motors and and with the UAW. My uncle was in the sit-down strike in 1936. How did the UAW, so my family room? Apart of this for a long time, you need to know about the balance of power between owners and workers. 3 Strikes. My father was in that General Motors is when all Healthcare was covered, free healthcare for all workers, Dental and then it just went on, and I want that to all the sudden. Every Factory workers at four weeks paid vacation just like the people who have the better jobs get to have the workers got to have. That only came about because – and this is the last thing – the corporate American people to see right now. Of course, the case of GM as there is with the bank’s right, the during a sort of special category makers, came together with this rescue plan, but it was a public public either worth tens of thousands of jobs. Is that for short time? What’S essentially the de-facto CEO of General Motors, it was, I wish he had not returned the company to them, because we was, I don’t know if I have been mr. Obama, Barack, hang on to the 21st century transport company. The internal combustion engine is not going to be here at the end of the century, or the planet won’t be or one of the other. So this has got to end and we can be building a mass transit Light. Rail bullet trains or buses. Counsel to the planet could need the ship they need to shift with our factories in Twin Detroit made me that shifter in World War in a matter of a month or two 5 days later. You know, I don’t know what the exact number is very quick. They were building B-29 1 minutes. They build a plane every 61 minutes. It was it was that fast it was that efficient. They could do that to improve this planet, but that he didn’t do that. He gave it back to the company and then just make more money. Let’S keep building these cars that are killing the planet and – and where are we now also is that mm fuel standards? It was interesting to me. I was wondering today if cuz he’s so attuned. Understandably, he understands. Can I talk to myself numbers of votes from the Auto Workers. My relationship has been very powerful with the other workers, not necessarily the top person or two, but the people that work doing automobiles nobody’s ever brought more companies into the United States, and I Japan and Germany and many countries have been bringing car companies at an opening Plants and expanding plants and big things are happening on Ohio and flirting with Lordstown. The very positive things are happening, support to workers on strike and knows maybe there about 60 million people are going to believe it’s true cuz. He said it’s true, but here’s the real truth, though the Auto Workers in them in Michigan, where the GM plants are there in Genesee County there in Wayne County Oakland County Lansing. All of these I’ll run, the West Side voted for Hillary Clinton, bendy and the next November wages in our economy, and so, when you think working class a 13 year old black woman, that’s really what the working class is Clinton other places over the course of the Years as as an organization as a political force, that is the very thing that the Democratic Party in the centre-left always thinking about unions, that demanded during the negotiations and Strikes rated before in schools or anything else that that was just a that was a priority priority. Brothers, they would, they were socialist if it weren’t for them and and those who came from New York to help organize those strikes in the 30s and 40s. You know we wouldn’t have middle class that we have today and – and so I know my family when they were grateful for those who held these positions in and led the way. But I think this is a really important turn on social media. Get people to encourage your friends and neighbors to be supportive of this and think about doing it yourself. That’S the scariest thing. If everybody just went out there and said you know what I’m done giving back are you know this whole rotten system sucks and it’s got to change for the workers of America MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube. If you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you, can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list, as he lots of other great videos?
Filmmaker Michael Moore joins Chris Hayes to talk about the political impact of the biggest nationwide strike in 12 years. Aired on 09/16/19.
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Nearly 50,000 Auto Workers Strike Against GM | All In | MSNBC

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