Nephew of El Paso shooting victims says it’s time Trump rethinks rhetoric

Nephew of El Paso shooting victims says it’s time Trump rethinks rhetoric
Nephew of El Paso shooting victims says it’s time Trump rethinks rhetoric
The funerals also continue on both sides of the US Mexico border for the 22 people who are killed in El Paso Texas, citizens of both countries were gunned down. Last Saturday, by a 21 year old who says he was targeting Mexico power now joined by a man who is dealing with his own grief and loss. Andrew Torres lost two family members who are killed in the El Paso shooting and his father was working in the mall, where the gunman opened fire at the time at the tourist is right now in El Paso, Texas. So Andrew at thank you for joining us and, first and foremost our condolence for your loss. Thank you know. I understand that in a few hours you’ll be attending the funeral of your own of your father’s cousin rather one weekend. I wonder what are your thoughts and emotions and what’s going through your mind, 7 days after this horrific shooting to my city, to myself? If it hits me – and it makes my heart race and makes me feel all sorts of emotions, it makes me think of the people that are grieving, the people that are truly morning their loss of my cousin. My father’s this woman was a beloved member of her community. She was a grandmother like many of the people who were victims in this mass shooting they were, they were grandparents. So for us, it’s it’s. It’S very, very shocking. It’S it’s to me. It feels as though it was still just yesterday. I know that many people here in my city are are trying to put on a brave face and and stand with the El Paso strong movement, but for those that are that are very close to the story. It is it’s something that just feels very, very surreal, still very difficult moment in fact, that you said it and others have said it when they describe the mass shooting of last weekend, and they have called this the members of Mexican American community AR 911 attack. Can you explain what that means? This means that it was a domestic terrorist attack, and I wish that I didn’t have to say that, but I have I have asked brother of the victim. I passed my other cousin. I’Ve asked these family members what they think. This really is, and – and that’s just the reality is that we are suffering from domestic terrorism here in our country, it’s not being treated as seriously as terrorism that is enacted from people that are outside of our country, that or anything else other than a white male And it seems to us that we are missing any sort action here. We feel as though our legislators are not acting as as promptly as they should. We believe that there should be laws that are passed as well as a swift change throughout this country. In order to see any real results of change, and do you think it’s not being labeled domestic terrorism in – and I know you said if I want to be very clear about this – you think the only reason why it is not being labeled domestic terrorism is because The perpetrator in this case is a white man. Sadly, once again, I wish that wasn’t the case, but this is the case. Yes, as far as our representatives and Congress members, Alexandria, Cortez is one of them who has, you know very blatantly ask this question and has pushed our intelligence agencies and ask them. You know why aren’t these cases treated this way and I feel like this is the question that needs to keep happening: UCO, Beto, O’Rourke, you see Veronica Escobar, you see these people throughout our city and our representatives of our city really just hitting it where, where it Hurts and and telling us the truth. Our Sheriff Usher released a statement and he said the first sentences. You know this was an angle man who came to this community to Target Hispanic individuals. Yes, this is not the case for every single incident in this country. This isn’t the case for every single mass shooting, but this is definitely the case for this one. This is definitely the case for our one specific incident so early this week of playing the role of consoler-in-chief. What do you make of his visit without helpful in anyway? Two victims that met with him were people that had already been released from the hospital anybody who’s really still going through. This really did not want this visit from the president there, in order to even have a picture with the president sign a photo release more protesters than people that supported him here in the city that I didn’t have to say this. This person did contribute to this problem, so for us as a community, it sent messages throughout the world and throughout throughout the United States, that the people that were saying you know who says that I’ll Paso doesn’t Donald Trump. Who says that I’ll Paso doesn’t want the president to visit these victims? Well, the victim’s. You know the actual people that were affected by this. The families that lost family members did not want anything to do with him at the time, because really it’s yes! It’S 7 days later, but this is never going to go away. This is a stain on this community. This is this is a reminder. This is going to be something that will never leave the consciousness of the the El Paso and much less. You know the country. This is something that really has impacted us all and it will forever changes and you believe the president is contributor to this political climate. Once again, sadly, I wish that I did not have to say this, but it seems as though his rallies, and it seems as though this these safe spaces for the supporters of this individual, that the the most supportive people of his campaign are full of the hateful Rhetoric most of the time and there’s a there’s, a political cartoon going around where it’s it’s. No, it’s Donald Trump! These words he condones this Behavior accepted his rallies and it it’s really at these places. Where you get to hear people saying you know the most vile and and grotesque things that really you know, are the fuel they are. The fuel of this action is not the only cause and I will not say that he is, but it is a part of the fire. It’S it’s it’s as if you know they’re there, the logs are the fuel that are being put into the fire they’re, not the fire itself, again, our condolences for your loss, but thank you for speaking to us today and I’ll Paso, Texas,
The man accused of carrying out last weekend’s deadly mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, explained to police that he had been targeting Mexicans, authorities say. CBC News’ Michael Serapio spoke to Andrew Torres, who lost two of his family members during the shooting.

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Correction: An earlier video title incorrectly referred to Andrew Torres as the son of one of the shooting victims. In fact, he is the nephew.

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