New Brunswick Premier Higgs claims carbon tax will hurt the economy

New Brunswick Premier Higgs claims carbon tax will hurt the economy
New Brunswick in Ontario are striking up an alliance against the carbon tax New Brunswick Premier, Blaine Higgs, says he agrees with FEMA Doug for that a price on carbon will lead to recession, despite financial analysis, saying otherwise, probably just turning against attacks, and how does the Prima Justify his claim, let’s find out joining us now, is the premier of New Brunswick hangs I’ll, bring your great to have you on the program from beautiful Fredericton? Can you tell us what evidence do you have that carbon tax, and I know the government should impose one on New Brunswick – will cause a recession? Wells of the concern is: where does it? Where is the Tipping Point? I mean we have to get about $ 1,200. More tax to do individuals in the in the province at this point with our businesses were disadvantaged into Brunswick. Unlike any other Province, we have a softwood lumber agreement were paying 20 % duty to companies. So what point do we go over the edge here? And so one more one more the province is one more too many. So at some point you have to say there has to be a better way and we are meeting our mission standards and we will meet our mission standards. We just don’t need a tax to do that. We have a religious focus on the carbon type that you met with. Prime minister, Trudeau. In the past week they are saying, look, there’s a rebate from the federal government, so people in New Brunswick people in Ontario the places that are going to be Saskatchewan who were going to get carbon tax. They are not going to feel the pain they are going to get a rebate to offset that. What do you say to that yeah? Well, I don’t agree with that. I understand that they’re they’re going to have a rebate just in time for the election by ask a question very clearly: what’s your total revenue games versus your total payout? I didn’t get an answer, but I haven’t told my accountant said it’s about a 4 to 1 different, so that’s not a full refund if it wasn’t for refund you’d asked what’s the point anyway, why go through this circle of Revenue, the other one back? Okay? Well, there’s two points one. They say over 90 % of us going to go back, so they disagree with you a lot and what they do say is there still an incentive. This is their logic, will give a rebate, so the average person doesn’t feel the pain, but then they can make them behave. 0 changes based on the increase things like the price of gas and other things, and then you could save more money, change your behavior get the rebate back and you can control how much money you saved. That is their logic on that. Why don’t you buy that 90 % of the of the price at the pump? So the point is it isn’t 90 % of the total revenue that’s coming in from other sources and primarily through business and industry? That’S going to be also paying this and put us in a non-competitive position with with other other provinces and and certainly other jurisdictions that we compete with. So my concern is that we are being disadvantaged with our industry they’re talking about 90 % rebate on a gas tax only not on the whole implementation of the carbon tax Mariners game, that’s being played by the federal government. That’S what I’m trying to figure this out! British Columbia put in a carbon tax in the carbon pricing 2008, one of the fastest growing economies in the country cabex, had they were growing 2016. There they’re growing California, the United Kingdom David Price of carbon. They are growing. Where can you point me anyplace and put a price on carbon that actually caused a recession? I frankly don’t see it, so you don’t Ontario’s growing a look at the financial State and Ontario and you claim is growing. If you look at the exceptions at that, other provinces have had the ones that have been given. Exemptions through the carbon tax process go back. The new car LNG plant in BC is an exception to the process. We don’t have those exemptions in in New Brunswick and if you look at Industries here, you look at the state they’re in environmentally we’re, starting from a whole different point-of-view. I don’t have 5 coal plants to close trinary here, and I know that business was sitting in in Saskatchewan or Newfoundland. It would be getting a credit on this performance not being hit harder on a text winning election year. What would if the courts don’t rule in your favor? I know you hope they do, but if they don’t, what would you do well look. I said that I don’t believe in pay anymore, and that means in all aspects and processing fee Harley pricing in a different way. But my goal is to fight that working with Saskatchewan working with in Ontario, and if, if we are successful, there won’t be any increase in pricing, I mean you can look at some of the other provinces and they’ve increased pricing. On the one hand, to reflect the carbon and introducing provincially on the other, so it’s kind is it it’s. A smoke-and-mirrors game is being played here with with different provinces. We don’t need more tax and that’s the goal last question: do you think that, in the mirror that if there is a carbon tax they’ll be a political blowback on Justin Trudeau in the coming election? I do indeed you do indeed all right.
New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs discusses his opposition to the federal government’s carbon tax and claims it will hurt the economy and the popularity of the Liberals.

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