New fires ignite in California amid devastation

New fires ignite in California amid devastation
We going to begin today with that state of emergency in California, as wildfires burn across the state. The death toll is, unfortunately grown State history overnight. President Trump approving a disaster declaration there and you can see overnight also the flames in Southern California burning are major highway and now authorities are warning of explosive fire growth, one of your ABC’s Gio Benitez in Agoura Hills, California, good morning good morning to you, we are In Agoura Hills – and this is one of the many homes destroyed here in Southern California – it’s barely recognizable, with the exception of maybe that chimney right there, just how widespread this damage is. But then there’s the danger that you can’t see the air and firefighters are battling through it all this morning. Firefighters in California, are we their Breaking Point as they desperately try to control the massive Woolsey fire new fires ignite? But in the last hour we had two brand new starts and obviously just hit song and the existing fire is not our only concern. We watch as fire Crews took to the air. Would another fire now called the Peak fire flared up right next to the highway and way too close to home authorities are trying to put this fire out right now and there is a neighborhood right. Underneath there we were standing doused with water, this dramatic new fire. Just Northwest of Los Angeles shows how quickly neighborhoods can be threatened and the Monumental task firefighters face. The union says at least 39 firefighters have lost their own homes with dozens more suspected lost emergency Personnel in the Thousand Oaks area still trying to come to grips with. Having to deal with a mass shooting and the fires in less than a week, this is evacuated residents here, wonder what happened to their homes. Make well hasn’t been able to get back to hers. She’S heard it survive, but this was the last time she saw it. Walls of fire line in her neighborhood as she drove out she thought she’d, never see her family again part right now. Let me make it my kids. I wanted to make sure that I got safe and got to be with my family death toll from the campfire Rising 242, making it the single deadliest wildfire in State history. It smokes in San Francisco add an extra oxygen available for their players tonight and it was a really sweet moment on the field last night at that game, when the 49ers invited High School football players from Paradise High School to join them on the field. For a moment of silence you’re, so many of those student lost their own homes in the fire and soap. For one night they were able to be VIPs on that NFL football field. George fire up in the north and Maven spark fine electrical malfunction if it played any role in these fires. This time around hi everyone, George Stephanopoulos here, thanks for checking up ABC News, YouTube channel if you’d like to get more videos, show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News. App for breaking news alerts:
As firefighters try to control the massive Woolsey fire, another blaze, the Peak fire, started near a highway and close to homes northwest of Los Angeles.


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