New “Frontline” documentary examines what led to current immigration policies

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New “Frontline” documentary examines what led to current immigration policies
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last week the Department of Homeland Security said it reunited all eligible families who have been separated at the border as a result of the Trump Administration Zero Tolerance immigration policy the keyword there is eligible hundred still have not been reunited with their parents a new front-line report examines US immigration policy under both the Trump and Obama administration in it they speak with former acting ice director Thomas Homan and ask him audio pro publica released of crying immigrant children which young girl who took all-around she wants to call her aunt she has the number memorized what you think earlier I spoke with the correspondent for separated children at the border Martin Smith Martin you spoke with former acting ice director Thomas Homan weeks after that propublica recording came out we saw your reaction there house Rising was it to learn that he had not heard the recording at that point for the Trump policies that said the same thing that they hadn’t heard the tape and then I begin to wonder if that was a tactic on the other hand I think he seemed honestly surprised I have to assume that he was telling me the truth that he hadn’t heard that it doesn’t just focus on the current border crisis but also these really important understand that getting immigration policy right is really difficult there are you know it it’s not a matter of open borders versus abbreviations in between and we cover that in the documentary and they rejected it the the Trump Administration decided to deter people coming across so they win a family detention shelters and other policies that were put in place Trump Administration to do what it’s done so it is history parents tell you about children after they were reunited changed from El Salvador took days before his daughter is six-year-old daughter would really even talk or open up and when we we went there twice once when she was still in a in Arizona and then again she returned and when she returned that just the day before we got there she was starting to open up but she was extremely a clinging worried about being separated from her father she didn’t want to go to school another young girl that we match a 15 year-old girl talked about the experience she was separated for 38 days for my mother and then really believe she may never see her again gets angry easily she just does want to even think about what she just went through and so it’s a very emotional scene as you see in the documentary tonight the one thing was interesting is that this was meant to be a deterrent policy the parents that I talked to be on the ones that I’ve just mentioned that they were taking the risk of having their children taken from them put out in on the other side of the Border or in Central America that if you come out no money was spent to to deter them before they came up I’m really not sure how do you know how you run a deterrent policy and don’t put so you know they came in I could do it again he said no he would not do it again other simply you know we’re not sure and I do know that those who told me they wouldn’t ever do it again or planning to come up again because they’re worried about the violin so that really caught between the violence in Center the risk of being separated from their children if they come up now the policy has been dropped but they’re still doubt about whether or not they can successfully get asylum in the US but Allen said they’re fleeing from is so severe important issue and such an important conversation to have Martin Smith in Boston thanks very much for joining us Martin
A new “Frontline” report examines immigration policies under President Trump and former President Obama, speaking with former acting ICE director Thomas Homan. “Frontline” correspondent Martin Smith joins CBSN’s “Red & Blue” to discuss his new film “Separated: Children at the Border.”

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