New green card rule is a step toward merit-based immigration: Scalise

New green card rule is a step toward merit-based immigration: Scalise
New green card rule is a step toward merit-based immigration: Scalise
Joining me now House, minority whip Louisiana, Congressman Steve scalise, Congressman fantastic to see you as always. What do you make of this move by the Trump Administration to deny green cards to Legal immigrants who draw from some social are rams good morning going to be with you and it’s frankly? If you look there, there are a lot of things that Trump Administration has been doing to move towards a merit-based system of immigration, which I think most people want to see us do, does not align with other things that are being done to address the the breakdown And frankly, the bankruptcy of our social network programs. All of these programs are going bankrupt if we don’t fix them with the president’s done for Americans, who were how to say some of the welfare programs where work is available for Able Body Americans to have to go back to work, if there’s a job ready for You, instead of being able to sit on some of those programs at taxpayers, are funding and be paid not to work while you’re turning jobs. So you know something he’s been working on on a lot of fronts to address the potential bankruptcy of the social network. Programs of that are that are going bust because they’re not being run properly and we need to get to a merit-based system of immigration. I wanted to just point out and they use our potential use of benefit. Programs like Medicaid, sometime types of housing, assistance and food stamps would disqualify an applicant with the use of other benefits, school lunch programs, homeless, shelters, even chip. The children’s health insurance program would not disqualify so there seemed there. It’S not all social welfare programs. If you look at what the President worked with tigers on a few years ago, to address some of the problems with the welfare system, where, if somebody is able body and choosing not to work and we’re not talking about the single mom working, three jobs were talking About that, the 28-year old is sitting on his mom’s couch being paid at maybe thirty thousand a year. Taxpayer benefits while there’s a job that he’s turning down. That’S got to end as well, and so none of these can be looked at in isolation, but again our whole immigration system is broken. We all know what we have a crisis border. We also have a number of things that Congress needs to take up to address these loopholes interior loopholes where we’re not properly dealing and giving up border patrol agents the tools they need to secure our America’s border. So all of it we need to be focused back on a merit-based system. We’Re coming to America to seek the American dream is something that works for everybody and right now it doesn’t. We have way more job openings than people who are unemployed. I’Ve been disparity is more than a million between the jobs that are available and the number of people who are unemployed. I think it’s about a million and a half it in the most recent reading, and then we also have research. That’S been done, overtime that shows immigrants and their children use less welfare than third and higher generation Americans. We have this great economy where there more job openings than people looking for work, that’s something we’ve been celebrating for a few years now, and it’s only because President Trump work with Republican Congress, the last time to cut tax rates, to make our country competitive again to Get regular is under control, which were frankly, crippling the ability for middle-class jobs, especially in the blue-collar fields, in the manufacturing field to happen, and so now we’ve got this robust economy and again he looked at in an isolated lens. What the president did on work requirements for Americans, not not just for immigrants but for Americans, was something that I thought was also very important to say that if you’re turning down work and you’re taking welfare benefits taxpayer-funded Bennett, while these programs are going broke, that’s got To be, that’s got to be changed, but foreigners coming into the United States or looking to come here generally have had to prove in the past. They have enough income to prevent them from becoming, with called at Publix and the denial of visas on the grounds that the applicant for the face Trump Administration, I’m up to more than 5,500 in fiscal 2018, will, like I said, high low, because there are a lot Of other things that the president’s been doing to get to a system where we can secure our border, we got over 3,000 people a day coming across our border illegally. Not all of them are coming here to seek the American dream. We know we have drug traffickers. We know gang members that are coming across and by the way, this is an anecdotal, we’re catching a lot of them and finding that out. How many others are we not catching until the president’s been trying to get control over the border and secure America’s border, whether you’re you came here legally Legally, my great-grandparents came here from Italy seeking the American dream. We used to have a system that worked that allowed that system to work a lot better right now. You’Ve got some people waiting over 10 years to come here legally they’re watching every single day with 3,000 people are coming across the border illegally. Let’S make the system work better for those people that are waiting a right way and by the way system holistically. Don’T just look at one isolated piece. There are a lot of other things that have been done to try to get to a true merit-based system. Where are our legal system works again, which it doesn’t Trump Administration targets, legal immigrants who are seeking green cards? This is legal immigration, so it sends the message that are you trying to reduce the number of legal immigrants coming into this country? The number I mean there is a number over a million people a year we let in Legally – and I I think, you’re aware of that and it.. That number is not trying to be changed with the President’s trying to do is move, for example, the Visa lottery for a 55000 Visa, giving out a year to people randomly selected in many cases from countries who don’t like us. At the same time, we’re educating some of the best and brightest here in America and if they’re here on a green card and then they they’re their education Visa expires there an engineer: every company wants to hire him. We force him to leave to go, compete against us, how about we shifted over again and merit-based system where you get rid of the Visa Lottery and other things like that and move over towards merit-based same number, not reducing the number just making it work a lot Better to get back to that whole goal of coming here to seek the American dream. That ministration was the rules coming out of the executive branch in terms of Regulation and we regulating Industries – and this is how is this any different? Is this something that one is probably going to be challenged by a democratic State, Attorneys General, but also something that could be overturned when the when another president comes into office? That’S what’s better for able to work with Congress to get this done. The problem is plus he’s made it very clear. She doesn’t want to address any of these immigration. I mean president, just back in December when we had a government shutdown over funding of the wall of the president said luckily I’ll put DACA on the table, which is always brought up by the left as one of the things they say they care about when they Were offered a chance to actually saw the problem to help all of those people that are here currently illegally but trying through the DACA program trying to become legal. We had a proposal to fix that and they said no. They walked away from that. So it’s much better of Congress is able to act with the present, but when you got one party, that’s literally saying we’re not going to vote for anything. It makes it hard for the president to get that done through Congress he’s obviously looking at administrative options to ideally working with Congress has the better way to do it if Pelosi doesn’t want to play ball hard to get that done. I want to talk about guns in the United States, the aftermath of the shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, the mayor San Jose California, proposing a new law that would require gun owners to carry liability Insurance Congressman as the victim of a shooting of a Man who fought for his life, your reaction to What to this proposal and what’s going on in this country, are you see somebody trying to put roadblocks in front of people who are legally carrying firearms to protect themselves? You know is that same are going to propose that criminals have to carry liability insurance to I mean when you’re only going after law-abiding citizens. I think real objective is: let’s focus on the root of the problem. Why are so many bad people doing these bad things and getting guns, maybe that they should not have legally been able to get because the system hadn’t worked in many different places, whether it’s Mental Health, it’s criminal people with criminal records that didn’t get put into the System like in the Charleston shooting like in the Sutherland Springs, shooting where the background check system didn’t even work. So you again, when you see some of these people that just want gun control, they just want to put laws the books that make it harder for a law-abiding citizen to buy a gun. Then I think it tells you what their real intention is. May I don’t want to talk about proposed legislation, but anyone saying that you would support. In fact, I just voted last year for the fix nics Bill, a bill that actually got to the president’s desk that he signed that everybody that looks that it will tell they were real flaws in the background check system and again things. I just mentioned right: real shooting, Parkland Charleston others where they weren’t getting fit into the background check system, so people that shouldn’t have been able to buy a gun or being able to buy a gun fix those problems not going past bills. That wouldn’t have saw these last shootings, but would have only made it harder for law-abiding citizens to get a gunner loan, a gun to their friend to defend themselves. That’S that’s where the focus needs to be there serious mental health issues in our country. Nobody knows it. Let’S focus on rooting those things out trying to identify those problems better and deal with a better before the next shooter and oh by the way, do you got the next thing we can do is in the budget process next year next month, put some real resources In the park, Justice and Homeland Security to go online and Route out a lot of these people that are being recruited and radicalized online that ultimately become Mass Shooters to we can work on that same person. Next time take care.
Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., discusses president Trump’s new green card restrictions and potential gun control measures.

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