New Mueller Transcript As Rare As A ‘Unicorn Sighting’ | Deadline | MSNBC

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New Mueller Transcript As Rare As A ‘Unicorn Sighting’ | Deadline | MSNBC
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New Mueller Transcript As Rare As A ‘Unicorn Sighting’ | Deadline | MSNBC
Brand new reporting suggests that special counsel, Robert Mueller may have evidence of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia and the investigation into a conspiracy or quid pro quo between Donald Trump campaign in the Russian is Alive and Kicking testimony from one of Miller’s top deputies Deliver behind closed doors and in front of a judge and Paul manafort’s case is a Kindle unicorn sighting. It’S a rare transcript of Amalur prosecutor describing in his own words one of the investigative series around the question of conspiracy that Siri. According to the times analysis quote. Starting while Russia was taking steps to bolster mr. TransCanada see people in his orbit, we’re discussing deals, tended dispute over Russia’s incursion into Ukraine and possibly give Moscow relief and we conomic sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies. The X goes on to describe how the Siri suggested by prosecutor Andrew Weissman was to try. This quote almost an aside in a conversation about how manafort has lied about his conversations with an operative linked to Russian intelligence, when pressed by the judge. Wiseman reveals this quote. To the larger view of what we think is going on and what we think is the motive here. Mr. Wiseman said this goes, I think, very much to the heart of what the special counsel’s office is investigating Democratic Congressman Adams, also making clear in an appearance on Meet the Press yesterday that he too is focused on Trump. Russia tie. What’S something you know about already, and that is as a presidential candidate while he was telling the country had no business dealings with Russia, he was pursuing the most lucrative deal, I think, of his life and seeking the kremlin’s help to make it happen. That’S a different form of Kahlua, but it is equally compromising to the country because it means the person I’d. States is looking out for his bank account and not for the United States of America. Afrikaner intelligence at the FBI. Aaron Blake senior political reporter for the Washington Post is back at the table: Vanity, Fair senior reporter Emily, Jane Fox, former Federal prosecutor and axios political reporter Alexa. The cabin is here on a scoop streak that we’re going to get to. In a little bit Frank, let me start with you. This was described to me today as a unicorn sighting, a transcript of The elusive molar prosecutor, one of us cities in the special counsel investigation describing one of the investigative theories. If you could translate that for our viewers glimpse of the bigger picture and it admission a concession that what they’re working on is something involving a kin to a quid pro quo, you do this for me. We do this, for you now we’re to fill in the blanks. What is it we’re doing for each other? This smells an awful lot like we help you with policy regarding Ukraine and or Crimea. You help us get this election done. That’S what this is looking like to me and to hear it straight from the mouth of a lead prosecutor on the special counsel’s team is something we all need to stand up and pay attention to reaching toward pointing toward whenever we’ve had public-facing evidence. That suggests you, but you and Glenn, and others have warned us to look out for this as one of the theories, how much of a revelation is it to you that they’ve got this in their size that this special counsel was always all about intelligence? It was always about the degree to which the Russians influence the campaign so to hear this from Weissman. It’S almost nothing I glossed over because we know that this has always been the core of the investigation. So what? But I’m telling you making this now to manafort has added significance. We’Ve talked Nicole on the show about the theory that he’s that infection Vector that brought the Russian infection to the campaign, among other, I think, for me, the meaning of this is confirmation that manafort is one of those vectors that brought the Russians into play. Manafort did to lose his cooperation agreement. He lied, so he lied about these conversations that were talking about right here and I just want to put up a list of all the other people that lied about conversations about Russian sanctions cuz this. If this thread is Central to the question, these are all the other people who form spokes of the wheel. Michael Flynn lied about conversations with Ambassador kislyak about sanctions. Paul manafort we’ve been talkin about lied about conversations kilimnik about sanctions. Jared Kushner was not truthful about conversations about a un vote. Donald Trump jr. lied about conversations with Beth on at Skye at in that Trump Tower meeting adoption it to was about sanctions soaked. This isn’t just about an American presidential campaign talking to Russians about easing sanctions. This is about one two, three, four individuals lying the conversations they had with Russians about using sanctions. So why keep lying? Why multiple people lying about the same thing? And you know what we’ve got to do – is move Beyond just self profit right. This is all about bucks in my pocket. I need to lie to cover up the fact that I was trying to personally profit from my relationship with Russia and my position on a cam, that’s good to a certain extent, but if you’re going to lie and put yourself in federal prison and jeopardize your family, Your career, your reputation, what what’s bigger than just personal profit? It’S the notion, perhaps Nicole, that what you’re covering up is actual assistance from a foreign adversary to assist the campaign and get Trump elected to me. That’S a plausible explanation. People jeopardizing their freedoms repeatedly unless they be labeled traitors at the hands of the foreign adversary. To say he was a businessman. Of course, he was doing watch for the defense to become the thing they’ve denied, because the truth is worth and again it’s it’s they’re, not even denying, because I’ve now pleaded guilty to these contacts with Russians they now this web of all. This is a campaign whose defense to collusion is we couldn’t kalu with our press office? That’S what Brad Pascal and Jared Kushner say when asked if they colluded. Oh you silly silly. Reporters include with head coach. They have now managed to coordinate the same lie. Up-And-Down the campaign chain of command, how they do that if they couldn’t collude with their press office, it’s not happenstance, it’s not careless. You know, I agree with everything Frank said, and what I found really remarkable in what Andrew Weissman was saying to the court when they were trying to decide whether Paul manafort’s plea agreement should basically be or not, because he lied as a cooperating witness. He kept lying to the special counsel. You know almost to criticism, because cooperating Witnesses are just notoriously difficult people to keep on board to keep focused on telling only the truth, Wi-Fi remarkable is manafort gets charged right, federally indicted. What did he do after that? He starts tampering with Witnesses when he was charged for tampering with Witnesses, after that, we have now learned through this litigation, albeit in highly rejected form, that he continued to conspire with what is it that they so desperately want to cover up. I think wise men gave us a little bit of a preview. He said we’re talkin about Paul manafort, lying about his continued conversations kilimnik and what that does your honor. It goes right to the heart of what the special counsel is investigating and he basically said out loud what we have all been seeing as Frank says. In all of this evidence, concentric circles are tightening and tightening, and I think it’s going to get to Russian conspiracy with the Trump campaign once it all comes to light positive question, a theory that was flooded to me, but by someone on the political side of the Question here don’t know exactly what the document was that was allegedly handed from manafort to kilimnik, but it was, I can’t imagine, we’d be having this conversation. Is it possible that it was something like a voter file? I mean I mean the only thing you get a value from a political party when you become the nominee is the voter fraud. What that is, is all the personal data of all of your potential voters. It’S it’s. It’S sort of the you know the Magna Carta of of of electoral politics, and when you become the nominee you get addresses and a probably Tuesday, I’m I’m old enough to remember when it was just addresses and phone numbers and you go knocking door-to-door. These days is probably a lot more high-tech. We don’t know exactly what it was it was handed over, but these questions and these threads could answer a whole lot of yeah. I think this brings us back to exactly what we were talking about before, which is why the cloak-and-dagger, why is there a need to lie about these things if, in fact, they are not so nefarious? I think the key with a pole, maniford as we’ve been saying, is not that she is the latest person to have allegedly lied in this whole situation, but he did it after. He was already in a cooperation agreement after he had so much at stake and said he was going to be cooperating here. You know we wouldn’t have known about all this by the way awesome foursome Shawty redactions from Paul manafort’s legal team, where they basically revealed. In fact, what Mueller’s team thought he had been lying about, so we may not be in the same situation as we are right now, if it weren’t for that. But I think it’s clear from that document, where the Jacksons were not significant enough and now from this document, that this is a central part of the counterintelligence probe and that not just that, but also that mother is very much focused on that counter and tell portion Of the pro feels like this represents sort of the multiple spheres pointing directly at Donald Trump. The other big one is is really all the case. The southern district of New York Senior law enforcement official described your reporting, not necessarily when I found the juiciest stuff about the relationship between Melania and and Stephanie Wolcott share with the southern district of New York about the money. More money flowed into Donald Trump’s Inaugural Committee. Then flowed into President Obama’s inaugural for George W Bush’s there is such a flashing red flag, unknown numbers of pro-russian ukrainians molding about talk about your reporting, the credit represent. So I went last week based off of the email text messages showing concerned that will raise throughout the inauguration about inaugural suspending where money was going, where money was being spent, questioning budgets, the involvement of the Trump family and questioning how times were going to the Trump Organization in this is why I think the inauguration and as the same goes with the number of Investigation to the southern district of New York. I think this is why it is so Central. It combines the Trump family organization and the beginnings of the Trump Administration until migration. All of the questions that we have about a number of investigative friends that are going on are playing out within the inauguration, and I think this is such a hold more laps. To come, Frank, can you just jump in and it almost sounds dumb to say this out loud, but I’ve never been afraid to sound dumb on TV. It seems like for all of the you know fast and loose and he’s got more. It’S leaking in the midst of a mole hunt, nice mole hunt, but there was so fast and loose as a transition. They were so fast and loose as a white hat. It seems like the fastest and the loosest operation where there is potentially the most risk for exposure, was the inauguration if your a federal prosecutor, what are you looking for for their own profit and so the question that prosecutors going to focus on and by the way? Whether it’s looking at the inaugural, whether it’s looking at the Russian influence in manafort and Flynn, is there more to it than personal profit? Is there? Is there a self enrichment? Is there a violation of election laws? Is there money laundering, for example, there’s reporting from Daddy fair that at least one and a half million dollars went directly from the Trump committee to the Trump Hotel? That’S just from that account. So this this constant funneling of funds – that’s one thing, but prosecutors are also going to be focused on whether people walked away with millions of dollars that were Mark by donors for the inauguration and instead lined the pockets of Staff, members and organizers. That can be the focus of the inquiry piece of all this. It’S reveal the trunk. Colter was so everyone was recording each other among other documents and recordings, the FBI hours of their own conversations that he had taped in some of them wall clock detailed, her own contemporaneous concerned with the inauguration about how money was being spent. The general chaos of the process and the involvement of Trump’s adult children during these conversations walk also raised her issues with the two men in charge of the committee Deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates and inaugural chair Tom Barrack. These recordings and partlet the southern district of New York to launch a criminal investigation into how the Inaugural Committee spent its record 7 million dollars, they’re just characters from other spin-off, so you’ve got gate to Central to the Mueller investigation. You’Ve got there a coup Central to all these new york-based questions about the committee. You’Ve got a culture of people who recorded their Converse. Listen to the wind, look like under the scrutiny, which is really normal scrutiny for a White House reporter on to a White House. It looks like they know that other people are being sort of shiesty in the way that they’re handling things are sketchy. I mean I’m not recording conversations with people outside of a professional situation, familial situations, but that suggests to me that they know based on their own actions, and the actions are witnessing of everyone around Trump’s orbit that they were doing things in a way that we’re going To be a potential legal problems in the future, whether they recognize it at the time or not, I mean it’s just not normal. You know nothing about this whole inauguration, messes. We know based on reporting last, we could access that. The house intelligence committee Democrats, led by Adam schefter, also looking into the Trump family business and that matters because they’re marching right over that red line that President Trump said they would be cross. They looked into his past and the family business since I think that presents larger problems for not just an operation but for President Trump himself. How much of this was a sort of premeditated conspiracy to defraud voters to do pay to play with a fur russian-ukrainian? What does this look like once? Prosecutors start lining up this conduct, and this evidence like this this, these materials that only describes that were season comes out at this against the laws are a few possibilities and I think, ultimately, the southern district of New York prosecutors will get to all of those possibilities. But it could be a combination of things. It could be some pay-for-play. It could be that foreign nations were unlock, play, contributing to the Trump Inaugural Committee in order to gain influence. The three big questions are: where did the money come from? How was the money spent and was there the quid pro quo, the fancy term lawyer mic to use for you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours, but it could also be sort of within that it could be some of these players in the Inaugural Committee trying to Grab money for themselves. I think it’s going to be hard show this as one overarching conspiracy, that’s just my sense from somebody who’s handled Rico cases. I have a feeling there dedicated to working together to commit crimes, and then they commit what we call racketeering acts. They do a series of things in order to fulfill that criminal purpose. So I don’t know that the Inaugural Committee peace is going to be that sort of coherent conspiracy. It feels to me, like a lot of people, work on it in it for what they can get out of it, but the southern district of New York will probably tell us at the completion of their investment, do a recount their own greedy in and of themselves. One of the other putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list, as he lots of other great videos.
Former assistant director for counterintelligence of the FBI Frank Figliuzzi, WaPo’s Aaron Blake, Vanity Fair’s Emily Jane Fox, former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner, and Axios’ Alexi McCammond on the new reporting of comments from a Mueller prosecutor that show the special counsel may have evidence of possible collusion
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New Mueller Transcript As Rare As A ‘Unicorn Sighting’ | Deadline | MSNBC

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