New security measures to prevent shootings in US schools – BBC News

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New security measures to prevent shootings in US schools – BBC News
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we need layers and layers and layers of security measures in the school what a hardened are schools against attack it’s back-to-school time in America and that means the national debate on how to best protect students against Shooters is in full swing a nest did 94% of public schools in the US already lock or monitor their doors during school hours 81% report using security cameras but now some schools are taking things even approach number one Titan security going to be different it’s going to be unlike any other day because of all the music charity changes things like clear backpacks bulletproof backpacks Hector’s some have even tossed around the idea of facial recognition technology approach number to arming teachers having teachers carry concealed weapons allowed to put one in the chamber probably help you know deter people from coming everyone close to tragedy agrees no teachers armed with weapons and school and a ban on assault weapons well these district-wide approaches are decided by community members the federal government recently designated 1.8 million dollars to initiate a program that would teach high schooler lead control methods critics of these methods say that hardening schools will do nothing to actually protect students in 1 Washington DC high school administrator I have tried a different approach and rethink the way that we did entries our primary focus was building really strong relationships with students that really starts outside the door in the morning before even come through the entry there’s some students that they want to hug every day others it’s you know they want to cry 5 or you know if it’s bump some critics say and nothing will be truly effective without a broader and words approach these are all things that are nice sound bite with a truly trying to protect children we have to remove the threat that is causing so much damage and destruction and that’s the gun sure than school security at South and may He endorsed the idea of a nationwide School boycott on Twitter don’t have additional officers and security officers and I worry about my friends go to concerts and clubs and movie theaters and breakfast restaurant school safety isn’t going to solve that
As students return to classrooms after the summer break, many schools are introducing new tactics to try to prevent shootings. But do they have any chance of keeping pupils safe?
Video by Hannah Long-Higgins

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