New York brothers fend off and kill alleged burglar in Queens – Daily Mail

turn the tables on the suspect right here at this home will you see detectives talking with the mother of the two brothers that fought back against this twenty-six-year-old suspect that bar right into that front door there in the overnight hours apparently he was doorbell knocking on one of the brothers coming to the door and that’s when the suspect tried pushing his way inside a second brother coming to the street if we pan over to the right we can see that they’re looking over some evidence in the middle of Williamson Avenue here where there’s also a baseball bat in the middle of the grass as well as a knife that they fought off The Suspect with beating him to death stabbing the suspect police First Responders arriving and they rushed that suspect to the hospital but he died so right now the question is who is this guy and what was he trying to do getting inside of this home here and the overnight hours with his family fast asleep he was alone according to police and not armed when he tried getting inside the house but again this morning he is now dead after those two brothers fought back this morning as their mother wipes away tears to speaking with Detectives missing this morning a very traumatic night to say the least for this family that was fast asleep and all of a sudden the suspect came trying to barge into their home but these two brothers fought back killing that man police say that they have released his name just yet and they’re questioning those two brothers and no arrest or any charges at this
The siblings, aged 16 and 27, heard someone breaking into their house on 197th Street at around 2.45am Monday. They confronted the 26-year-old intruder, attacking him with a baseball bat and a knife. At least one of the boys hit the burglar in the head with the bar, and stabbed him repeatedly in the torso. It’s not yet clear if both brothers were involved.

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