New York opens “lookback window” for child sex abuse victims

New York opens “lookback window” for child sex abuse victims
New York opens “lookback window” for child sex abuse victims
Rear window of opportunity is opening up for child sex abuse victims in New York state Wednesday. The new law allow victims to seek Justice no matter how long ago the abuse took place. Nikki battiste has more buy the janitor at the school repeatedly. I told the school principal: what did the principal say he said to just stay away from him. is finding Justice with a statute of limitations, Hansa power to the victims 50. To take care of me, I can see from your emotional, certainly something that never leaves you never Niki into effect on Wednesday are prepared for the onslaught that they’re going to be seen tonight. Just after midnight, victims can start filing lawsuits. We actually reached out to the office of Court Administration in New York, state they’ve, designated 45 judges across the state to be prepared to read these cases. 12 judges right here Justin. This is really unprecedented, so I think, even with the preparation they can possibly be ready. Share their stories 52, but most accurate laws have asked you to come forward in your early twenties to file a civil case, so that a person have a chance of Justice. In most cases, they can’t file criminal charges. This at least allows them to file a civil lawsuit and, if they’re Predators, alive, put them in court face-to-face. So in most of these cases, like you just said, very old, very elderly and may not have any resources the victim’s be able to achieve a public or private school Catholic Church on the Boy Scouts. Many of them are not only finally lawsuit against their Predator. With the institution, these will become key in all of these cases from the institutions perspective, they hope will be sustain it very interesting in 2003, California, open to similar window and the San Diego archdiocese have to file for bankruptcy. So I think a lot of people are wondering if that might happen to any of the diocese across New York. State right, so get ready for the day, lose all right to give it a second report, and thank you so much for that.
The Child Victims Act is set to go into effect across New York Wednesday. The state law would expand the statute of limitations to allow a one-year window for child sex abuse victims to seek justice, regardless of age. Nikki Battiste joined CBSN with more on what to expect.

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