New York Police investigate a suspicious package – BBC News

New York Police investigate a suspicious package – BBC News
These are the pictures coming in live to us. As New York, Police Department reported its investigating a suspicious package. This is in lower Manhattan, Tribeca area, and the understanding is that what is being found here is similar to the devices the a suspected explosive devices sent to a number of prominent Democrats. Earlier in the week, stress which house the restaurant owned by the actor Robert De Niro – that we don’t have confirmation of that, but that is the direction we are getting. The indication that that that is, the weather focus is being held now at the happiness devices distributed to various parts of the United States, in fact, and mostly two prominent individuals. Although one also to CNN the weather report, says she’ll want to go. That one had proved to be homeless, in fact, but to at this stage this is just too late. Yesterday, further suspected device has been found that in New York,
A suspect package similar to those sent to CNN and senior Democrats has been sent to a New York restaurant owned by the actor Robert De Niro, US media say.
Citing law enforcement sources, NBC said a device arrived at the Tribeca Grill early on Thursday local time.
If linked to previous packages, this would be the eighth explosive device sent to a perceived critic of President Trump.
De Niro is a vocal Trump opponent, and once called him “a national disaster”.
The New York Police Department said the restaurant building was empty at the time the suspicious device arrived, NBC reports.
The series of bomb alerts began on Monday, when explosive devices were sent to locations in New York, the Washington DC area and Florida, authorities said on Wednesday.
The first was found near the home of billionaire businessman George Soros, a major Democratic Party donor.

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