New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern: ‘I’m a mother, not a superwoman’ – BBC News

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern: ‘I’m a mother, not a superwoman’ – BBC News
I was rather hoping that you would have your 7 month old, baby girl with you on this trip, because we regularly political interviews and we regularly have babies and children on the set, but never the same time. So it would have been a first for us, but I understand why we’re actually just just the one to be sickly. She troubles with me all the time, but internationally it was just the UN General Assembly will she. She came with me because she was quite Young. We haven’t been able to go into the country that I visited, so it is at least she is, and in the in the gallery above us, because you were still breastfeeding. Do you feel unsettled when you’re away from her will not find it difficult.? I try and keep contacts. Yes the purpose of your meeting with the British prime minister later today. It was so cute that promotes New Zealand’s, currently negotiating a free trade agreement with the EU opportunity for me to stop Hearing in London in August as deep as long as it’s not just economically, but obviously is it important trading partner for us at the point? That’S the UK’s already to do so. We’Re very came to enter into a free trade agreement, excellent potential future pineapple that. Why is that important exports from New Zealand to this country? I represents roughly 5 billion dollars worth of Tribeca significant for smooth trading Nation, like house inside know. We would consider it to be a real priority for us and UK in terms of the advantages with us. We’Re reliable partner. We’Ve negotiated a number of free trade agreements. We negotiate high quality standard, for I want picture free trade agreement for the cake look like, but presumably it’s more of a priority fuel country to get a free trade deal with the EU with that massive Market of 500 million. It’S not just the size. It’S the quality of these agreements and I’ll pay for the people ties a so important. I used to live here. I lived, I’m sorry, I don’t underestimate it’s not just about every kick, not ties and all goods and services it’s affected. This is a relationship that Stephen important to him. Theresa May is having a very difficult time, trying to come up with a deal to leave the EU that is popular with NPC’s in this country as one clematis Road deserving observing another. What do you think of the way she’s handling things is dish out advice or commentary on other people’s politics? It’S a difficult diamond and the the woman of remarkable resilience. I’Ve admiration for number of politicians for what they have to navigate, and this is one of those situations that would, I can speak to a different political system Jiminy. I run a government that has a full majority of 3 Posse. So what on at least very used to is that we we have constantly negotiating with that’s, been some criticism of the British prime minister that she hasn’t been able to bring people with her check spending environment. We that telephone government about people skills we are all used to having to negotiate having to compromise having to taste each other’s read line. That something said. I only know how to do politics in 2020 to decide whether cannabis can be used for recreational purposes. A good way to resolve she said can be. They can be useful tools at the same time, we’ve had them in the past. On with, I haven’t been able to resolve issues as well, so I think it’s only, I think, is politicians in the future. I can cook under those circumstances. It’S a very useful. Do you worry about the prospects of this country leaving the EU without to do it? Would impact on just about everybody business in particular? It would be very particular small businesses, and absolutely I will be very open that I didn’t know do scenario would be very, very difficult, but I think that everyone is okay.. Although the leader of the Labour party in this country, Jeremy, corbyn, British prime minister, Theresa, May to take New Deal off the table, so that did not agree with it can hand on hot side from elpis speaks of a New Zealand businesses to speak to difficult to Meet like I’m prime minister May everyone is very very occupy. Do you think, would you say you are a cool Venus to orbit satellite have to put people into categories to better understand me: politics. I’Ve! Never liked myself to 22801. Okay! I want you to ask you about the death of the British Backpacker and lost you last week. Amount of Peyton quotes and denies her mother. I need a news conference. Last month you apologized, on behalf of your country, to Grace’s family. Let’S just take a look since of hood and shine that this is heavens and our country a place that Prides itself on a Hospitality on Alma Nike Tanger, especially to those who are visiting our Shores and so on behalf of New Zealand. I want to apologize to Grace’s family and she wasn’t, and I’m sorry for that feel that you wanted to apologize. Feelings is a place that really Prides itself on its Hospitality. I used to wear them in a katana, and that really speaks to that idea that if you come to these young Vici for you, we look half do. We have a real hospitality and it is deeply hold and so to have a young person who came to enjoy New Zealand and his dear life cut tragically short, stop very, very deeply. All of us feeling we experience the loss of a woman at a staggering rice that is not to diminish that, but this was a particular case. We think this was a deist. I wonder if you would also potentially – and you may know something but reflecting on the fact that you now had a daughter. Undoubtedly you know I know this is something that I was prepared for it because you have parents of course explained. Can you phenomenal review feeling them and motion setting much more acutely when you become a parent, and what have you done? What can you do to protect other young people heading towards your country? Of course you know, I would still maintain that that New Zealand is a second place, but where we had had absolutely correct and a tragedy occur, but we do can to maintain that looks I do that people can come to New Zealand and its peak. Then you have been cold. The anti-trump by Vogue magazine well, of course, try not to describe the relative to other politicians, Wella government between Cree stock quote of refugees that we expected to New Zealand. So I absolutely rejected that comparison. When you met Donald Trump, what did you think of him on the public stage and enormously has an agenda that he feels very tingly and is very focused is very focused on. Obviously, we take different views on on many issues. You have experienced some abuse or politician state, I’m going to mention one insult. If it’s alright with you, you don’t look before lipstick on a pig golden smiles and waves that was aimed at you. You’Ve been enjoying the labor policies. A teenager politics of the gene does not churchley feeling relative to others. It wasn’t a huge amount of country, New Zealand, about my 6, because that wasn’t of interest – and so that’s that’s something else. For us, it’s not unusual and most environments, but actually I think it should relative to others. We do perceive well. Water 6 is an awesome personality. Politics is generally, I would say, is the issue globally. We want our people to be engaged and politics when it’s a problem: democracy that people don’t buy into anymore, in the more that we have it 10-9 coulomb insults. It looks as if we don’t focus on the things that 6 of them have. You ever experienced sexual harassment in politics, it’s more it’s a status as an employee in the past experience seashell, because mostly because I don’t think this is about amazing individual. I do think it’s about the movement and I’ve also been very quick. This is this is not about one place of work. It’S not about it’s, not about Hollywood! It’S up to you as well rotation about how that has been possible for them, because we need to create an environment where old, woman Afraid from those experiences manage totnes relationships. At work and making decisions, unlimited sleep, my partner – and I we juggle with kir- between ourselves and our wonderful mothers, and we don’t have many sticks of living between two cities – is a bit tasting and you know needing the front pack and nephew bags and try to Get them planes rapace’s it is. It is sometimes you know it’s a struggle, but it’s giving me an experience that is similar to Old the woman who who in jail family. I find it incredibly insightful important to me as I do my job, so I value those experiences. I don’t have any tricks say hi.. They are completely different roles. I get a different Joy from motherhood than I do in my Roland’s, as is prime minister, and she is a anecdote really a day. Of course, it’s easy to feel like the weight of the world on your shoulders, at least the weight of your country. It’S amazing! What just giggling it me M22 spring Alex comes and goes, and wouldn’t, when I’m done in politics, I will always be a mom. Do you feel conflicted sometimes pulled while you want to spend time with your baby dad’s experience the guilt. Do You Feel Like I Do? Engine specs of the politicians he do with it. This time we could arrive very, very different. Is she right to prove that it was somehow possible for a woman to do everything and – and I’ve always been talking about – I can’t physically do the job of being prime minister and Mother by myself, and so I’m constantly talked about the fact that we should not Expect women to be superhuman. I do what I do, because I have the support and help and co-parenting of my partner. That’S how I do what I do, I’m not a superwoman, and we shouldn’t pretend that we are that. Doesn’T I mean it when I look on your Twitter feed that they’re all some people on that who you know really praising you and saying you are a superwoman, that’s how they do ignore, get RNN Verdes when I walk into my house and think you know these Fees, probably if they see any side on living down, it’s the tidiness of the house. If we ever pretty exciting that wise. I look from time to time. I might do a press conference with a bit of stick on my shoulder, but so maybe it’s just because I’m I’m I’m human if a politician is at a press conference with a bit of baby, could preclude you from the top jobs that you said. I do live in constant fear of what might be. I hate letting people down as well as I should have got a pretty big waste of responsibilities right now. I can’t imagine doing much more than that now you said before you became leader of your policy before you became a mom. How is your anxiety levels, natural human emotion, woman, teens, to see the difference, skills and capabilities that we have I’d like to think that in the jobs that I’ve done over the years, I’ve experienced probably pretty normal levels of anxiety. But I was just joking about that and tricks to manage your anxiety promotes for just general well-being. I talk to people about some of the things that I’m trying to work through socialize problems that I’m walking through, but some may even managing well being issues. I live in a serious issue with them into health and well-being. We family hearing out openly talking about those issues to your due to 2. This text says I’ll, follow to send two other instruments with great joy and two-sided. Politics is beautiful, compelling and compassionate thanks for showing the world how strong, powerful and yet loving women can lead. The world into place Jason Aldean, when leader of all possible to the woman. I just wanted to send a message to say that has reignited my passionate belief that women can make amazing leaders Laura taxes. I already buy reasonably priced New Zealand, lamb, kiwi, fruit wine and butter under present Au trading agreements. Once the UK leave, the EU was unlikely benefits to the New Zealand economy, exposing to the UK Under World Trade Organization, Terrace open to negotiation. Of course, alcohol ways to make markets more accessible for New Zealand products by removing the berries. And so I wouldn’t say that to Netflix producers of food in the UK need to be nervous about. I have greater access to New Zealand products because, for instance, of a seasonal energy there, when you were in Winter, wear in summer, Pockets have been granted access to one another as well. We like to end particular quality to tile products. If we try and create a proposition that can differentiate from products you might otherwise I’m already been out of Texas, so it is simply about increasing that trading relationship, environmentally sustainable products, and so all of it after I brake system, we’ll see what happens in hospital room When you guys, first week in the background sleeping baby on your lap behind the scenes of the UN General Assembly and so on R, all the different from from other world leaders met that many. But I’ve seen this. Why is being opened so important to you? People have lost a bit of faith in politicians and political institutions, and now people are looking for your reasons why that aren’t feel like that life isn’t what they may feel the same promise from politicians. I think if we going to restore a little size and POTUS what we deliver and I do think we need to respond to people’s names, but at the same time we need to be very humid. We are all individuals which humans most of the time going to politics very genuine reasons. I think that these benefit and just demonstrating that we just doing the Beast, can that we can be, and I normal that can restore a little bit of faith and politics, because we were store A Little Bit of Faith in politicians. Ultimately, a democracy meet me in the street from the supermarket. You can’t be two people just because so many people lived on the strobe and I wonder if I could ask you, can you imagine asking your partner call David to marry you we wait for him to ask you know. I would not ask Aiken eyes about that. Question himself.: It’s letting him off the hook, absolutely
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire having a newborn baby works “beautifully” with her role in politics.

She is only the second world leader to have given birth in office.
Ms Ardern said she was also “ready and willing” to sign a post-Brexit trade deal with the UK.

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