NFL unaware of Antonio Brown sexual assault accusation until Tuesday – Adam Schefter | SportsCenter

NFL unaware of Antonio Brown sexual assault accusation until Tuesday – Adam Schefter | SportsCenter
NFL unaware of Antonio Brown sexual assault accusation until Tuesday – Adam Schefter | SportsCenter
Adam schefter on SportsCenter to look at the NFL football side of the story and Adam. Where does the NFL begin in process on something like this will John? It is beginning its process right now, because the NFL did not know about this. It was unaware this particular situation until tonight and show this is unfolding in front of the NFL has eyes just as his unfolding in front of the eyes of everybody else. The NFL will have to gather as much information as you can as quickly as you can to make a decision. Not tonight. Nfl has not rendered any comment whatsoever on the Antonio Brown situation between whether the NFL and commissioner Rodger Goodell could go ahead and play Brown on the commissioner exempt list, which would give everybody time to sort out some of the details of this case to figure out What did and didn’t happen and then to make a more educated decision with the benefit of thyme. Another person said the commissioner exempt list at this point. I’M it’s premature to say that, but I think they’re other people think that could come into play here, we’ll see how it plays out this week, depending on what the league decides. Let me quickly follow up on that one, because we’ve sticks in here between civil and criminal in the personal conduct. They don’t care if you’re a bad actor or should have done something right there free to do as they wish correct, and in this particular case it would buy time for everybody, because it’s a molosser right now that don’t involve other charges, Brown scheduled for his first Practice with the Patriots tomorrow, a Patriots spokesperson, told the New York Times at the team and not heard about this lawsuit or any other related allegations. How could this affect cuz? There is a business in football with the Patriots and people to watch television and watch football grumbles about this over the weekend. There people that texted me that something’s going on it’s the whole situation. You don’t know that’s going to wind up in a lawsuit through everything. In trying to figure out what is the best thing to do from this point on their decision to make your used up a lot of the Goodwill that he built up through the years over the course of the last they’re people of questions about him, New England, Patriots have to decide whether or not they have go forward with a receiver that they were willing to sign. Because of how good and talented and dynamic – and I think that’s something the Patriots right now or shifting through because, as I said, as is with the case and everybody else, they’re seeing this for the going about it. The first time tonight for lawsuits such as this glad you mentioned that, because it’s not as if we’re talking about a prison situation that Antonio Brown sexually assaulted, this woman and that she is asking for money damages now. When you look at it dislike this preponderance of the evidence, meaning it’s more likely than not based on the evidence, the conduct that she alleges occurred, much lower standard. So if this ends up in a civil court and this actually, those two preceding is this moves forward. You got shorty say one thing: she saying something else that would call someone a lame and maybe who doesn’t know have the legal background that you have to ask this question. If allegations of that serious criminal standpoint involving the police, part of it is because they can you in this country, just because you have something criminal has happened to you just because you don’t go to the police, and we don’t know for sure if she did it. Just appears at this moment that that did not happen. Maybe she did or there’s no police report, at least at this point certainly helps up as a lawyer. That’S what I look at 200k. Has there been a criminal complaint filed and then the civil suit possibly comes after, but in some cases people do file that civil suit first, because they no matter what happened with authorities or anything like that. I believe that I have been damaged in some way. I believe that I have been wrong and I deserve to be compensated for what ends up being very interesting in a lawsuit. One point that she confided in someone who work for him going to be very interesting to see how this proceed, because you have a lot of light on what really happened in this situation. Attorney for Antonio Brown says, maybe also pursue a civil suit against her in the opposite of what she’s doing to them, because they believe this is all about a money grab. Ryan Smith, always disrespected my appreciate it. Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports. Highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN app and for live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN +
Adam Schefter says the NFL is in the process of gathering information about Antonio Brown being accused of sexual assault by his former trainer. Legal analyst Ryan Smith breaks down the process for a case like the civil lawsuit that has been filed against Brown.

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