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hundreds have been killed in months of processing Nicaraguan which explains why this roundabout is covered with crosses they represent the first victims any of them students most of them on Arms by suddenly on April 18th protest against pension reform was attacked by supporters of president been bitching up brought more people to the streets when it turns deadly hundreds of thousands joint in to demand Justice and the removal of mr. Ortega replanted According to some 350 in just the first three months at least a whiter anger the way the country has been run and this metal trees of them over the city became a symbol of it they are a pet project of presidents Ortega’s wife also happens to be his vice president his critics accuse Mr Ortega of running the country like a corrupt family business and that he will do anything to establish a dinner Duffy’s on he says the process are accrued that protesters want to do with his democratically elected government what they have done with many of his wives metal trees cobblestones symbol of the Revolt of physical resistance but also a powerful Echo from the past the 1979 Revolution the first brought me through take out the power used Saxton cobblestones in exactly the same way to fight against Anastasio Somoza the last of the brutal Dynasty rule Nicaragua for more than 40 years for many the fact that the protesters felt they needed them to protect them against the Crackdown ordered by mr. Ortega proves he’s slowly becoming the very same thing he wants vote against pricing on gorillas but mostly youngsters Ironweed is how many Motors that are no match for the military grade weapons used by the government and its supporters this explains why go there have been dead zone what size the vast majority of them have been protesters mystical Texas government has been widely known for using lethal Force including paramilitaries he has also been accused of allowing extrajudicial killing disappearances even torture The Mask ones like these have been worn by many protesters including at this rally fittingly they come from Wednesday I know play about fooling the colonial authorities in 1979 and they have always been a symbol of resistance against oppression but lately they have been replaced by a pharmacy the balaclavas use my Miss Ortegas paramilitaries as they go about getting rid of the bar in case I’m hunting down the protesters for many they bring back memories of Latin American death squads making them fear then he got out what might be moving to an even your place
For more than 100 days Nicaragua has been gripped by a political crisis that has left more than 350 dead. Hundreds of thousands took to the streets to call for the removal of President Daniel Ortega.

So how did this happen in a country once called the “safest in Central America”.

Arturo Wallace from the BBC Mundo unpicks what’s going on using five key objects.

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