Nigeria elections: Chaos as thousands unable to get voter cards

Nigeria elections: Chaos as thousands unable to get voter cards
People have been queuing Harrison’s full in the morning. Many have been trying to pick up that permanent vote to count the week, but they’ve been told they went righty how come to life through chat with simply couldn’t be found seems like they’re, stupid, vintage across the country and wait. I have to go through this just to get that people already feel disenfranchised the UK USMD. You have already issued statements, cooling fan, Nigeria to Home, Free and fair election, both main political parties, but already accused each other of preparing for lectures. Food collection vote, sick note to computer, confident, smooth transition of power from one party to another hours and waiting for that time. The joint account has paid off, but many remain suspicious that this chaotic system is a into abuse in a country with a history of vote-rigging that you have lost all of us, not just some of us, and so this is the time for us to make out Point clear that we are here to make out Point square, and hopefully they will take us to us this time around and I like things to get the system to get the process is so chaotic and that’s where the computer stuff, whenever you have the time of Chaos who can get away with a lot of things the with Dave to go now it remains unclear how many of them will actually be able to carry out that democratic-run
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Nigerian elections are coming up and as thousands struggle to pick up their voter cards, cries about possible election fraud grow louder.

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