Nigerian singer Banky W.: Trying to increase youth voting by running for elections

Nigerian singer Banky W.: Trying to increase youth voting by running for elections
A well-known singer in Nigeria Banky W may not know much about politics, but he does know how to engage with audiences at 37 years old he’s a fresh face compared to many Nigerian politicians. He’S hoping his candidacy in the upcoming general election will help get young people interested in politics. We’Re not doing anything with talking for we’re not doing anything, and I feel like what we’re trying to do is Inspire our generation 2 Kerrigan to pay attention again to participate to be involved to play our role. Changing the narrative in fixing. Nigeria is a popular message. Among many young Nigerians were fed up with the seeming inability of the ruling classes to deal with the problems they faced. He seen as a candidate for change loving. Is it nice person I loved his music anyways going for this is going to win, and I support you to rule us how’s the election approaches. A politically engaged group of musicians has also emerged. They do not seem to sell records or fill clubs, but to fill polling stations with young people and, if we’re not participating now, then it means we will produce the most likely not heading towards the best future cuz we have a future boy will be the best In the country, where 18 to 35 year olds make up 51 %, the youth vote is crucial and yet the most likely winners of the February 16th vote in that seventies incumbent president muhammadu buhari is seeking a second time in off this with former vice president atiku Abubakar Challenger rage going to be best to inspire Nigeria’s young people.
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A report on Nigerian singer Banky W. who is trying to reduce youth voter apathy by running for elections

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