Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 17, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 17, 2019 | NBC Nightly News
Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 17, 2019 | NBC Nightly News
Breaking news tonight from North Korea test-fire again new Tactical Weapon, It’s a first by Kim Jong on since that Summit with President Trump fell apart, the North Korean leader, calling it a significant event. We have late the tales as we come on the air. I can just hours from the release of the Mueller report. There is a flurry of news about the attorney general and reports about talks between the White House and the justice department about. What’S in the report, 40th anniversary of the massacre schools closed kids, kept home at a woman. The FBI says, with armed and extremely dangerous, apparently killing herself as police Hunter prosecutors say they will release the hidden camera video from inside that day, spa that crap is fighting to keep under wraps a tragic chart in the measles outbreak, a flight attendant in a coma Fighting for her life after Contracting the virus and unfair disaster averted thanks for the quick action of the pilot that damaged Wing that nearly brought the flame down with 110 people on board. This is NBC Nightly. News. Ward is breaking as we come on the year that North Korea has tested a new type of guided weapon. It would be the first after this latest test with raises new questions about prospects for peace on the Korean Peninsula, Andrea Mitchell, as the breaking developments guided weapon. The question is what is violating his promise to President Trump in Hanoi. He said that he’s not going to do testing of Rockets or missiles or anything having to do with nuclear. I did not track the pack in real-time indicated to experts. It could be a short-range battlefield, weapons flying under 500, not a ballistic missile that would violate UN resolution. If true, it comes less than a week after Kim said, he is open to a third Summit with President Trump. The president tweeted in response to our personal relationship remains very good. Perhaps the term excellent would be even more accurate and that a third Summit would be good. Experts think is probably a shorter-range weapon, so experts say he seems to be testing the boundaries of what he can do without provoking retaliation trying to get the u.s. attention for the sanctions relief that he wants and four more talks watching Andrea, thank you away, and but There was no collusion, I knew that there was no obstruction and this was a firms in the Mueller report and attorney-general bars subsequent summary, so I have no cause to be concerned. It’S now and Halle. How are others on the presidency bracing for the reports release officials have had multiple conversations with White House lawyers about the special counsel’s conclusions. Recently I can play multiple sources close to the White House. Even if the Attorney General says, evidence of conspiracy hold a news conference tomorrow morning on all of them. classrooms across Denver as come to a grim and Joe fryer has two tails that she took her own life with the weapon that she preferred. More than half a million students were told to stay home, including those at Columbine High School situated with Columbine armed and posed a credible threat. The 18 year old high school student lived in Florida, but on Monday Authority say she flew to Denver buying a pump-action shotgun. If Colorado gun broker in Littleton the owner says police purchase, gun legally and went through a full background check, it was a real normal transaction. There was no, there was no flags at all. I would like to express the family’s grief for the situation. They are actually grateful that no one else has hurt. Last night, her father did not come outside, but briefly spoke with. Reporters nbcnews found what appeared to be Pi uses online journals Ramon. She wrote disturbing entries about violence, Columbine and wanting to get a gun with Ortiz. Have not confirmed if they are hurt when a background check hits that she’s purchased a gun. Now it all ramps up to the activity level that we saw comes just days before the 20th anniversary of the Columbine tragedy with principal at the time. Remind me, like this case loudly and clearly Sports the focused on remembering the 13 victims who died 20 years ago by Sturgill police that hidden camera video taken from inside the day. Spa that Robert Kraft is scrambling to keep under wraps surveillance, footage recorded with hidden cameras at the Orchid day, spa where police alleged 25 customer, including the owner of the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft paid for sexual favors. Today, stopping the release of the video from those private room until the end of the month. Every single person that the footage with gathered illegally is a violation of privacy and would be prejudicial to the jury. Pool prosecutors filed the state notice of intent to comply with the Florida Sunshine Law, which said evidence of an alleged crime is a public record court documents reveal how police obtained a sneak-and-peek warrant. Jupiter police caused the fall suspicious package warning to be issued for the spaw. Once the strip mall was evacuated, police entered and installed video monitoring equipment. The police investigation began as a human trafficking case. There was not enough evidence that the masseuses who are now charged with prostitution, where there against their will, Robert Kraft in the other suspects now caught up and what otherwise would be unremarkable misdemeanor case left. Thank you. After more than a thousand pages of emails and text, messages from her office were made public and I’m here now and what they reveal yourself, forced by law to release more than 1,300 pages of emails and text messages. Fox called small at a washed-up. Celebrity cops was overcharged by the grand jury, so I’m Rikishi rights, but when people accuse us of overcharging cases, count on a class, 4 felony becomes exhibit a 2 and 1/2 Weeks Later her office dismiss the case Fox justify her actions. Abuse Al with victims 10-count been referring to smile at just because we can charge something doesn’t mean we should refusing calls to step down Fox, ordered the Inspector General to review for offices handling of the case. People wanted to know and deserve the right to know what happened here. The Trove of documents offers are revealing, look it what prosecutors were thinking but provides little insight into why they dismiss all the charges. Stunning, the nation almaguer NBC News is tonight. Links between the measles outbreak in the US and Israel and LL flight attendant with complications from the measles is in intensive care at a Tel Aviv Hospital. The 43 year-old woman is in a deep coma looking for her life, since she was hospitalized at the end of last month is really official saying there was a passenger with measles on a March 26th flight from New York’s JFK to Israel. There is a misconception out there that measles, trivial and inconsequential disease – some of those complications can be very serious like was seeing with this flight attendant, do not think she spread the virus. Oakland County officials, Orthodox Jewish man from Israel, is the source of at least he had the same strain of the measles that his plate, New York City for the health of the people who helped today Anne Thompson, NBC News, New York, NBC News exclusive is Gabe. Gutierrez has the story, and let me warn you: the images you’re about to see are disturbing. These are Allen Capers final moments at South Carolina. According to an incident report, he just been stabbed two fellow inmate Corrections Officers for half hour, even while officers walk by. Do you believe that he was left to die? Is Mother Debra he’s outraged. I don’t want another mother to go through this. Don’T wait till it happen to another inmate he was remorseful. Just because you go to prison does not mean that you have been sentenced to death. Just a year ago in another South Carolina mistake and prisons Nationwide are under scrutiny for understaffing with the justice department. This month same prisons in Alabama are unsafe and unconstitutional. We need more staff and we’re working on that Corrections has improved to sell locks and taking new steps to keep out Contraband, but he admits this. Video is disturbing, should Allen Capers have died if he should have died. I know that we should have done more to render Aid and says she can’t bear to watch it that I don’t miss Allen. I’M searching for chest has no one has been charged to yours and Columbia. South Carolina on the runway have a pilot’s, narrowly avoided. Disaster. Send the baby boy safe during amazing Medical resume. The news of American flight to 300 was just letting Off The Runway at JFK when suddenly the plane, unexpectedly Ben’s hard to the left, scraping the left wing tip on the runway heading to light a sign and tearing a gash in the the Pilot’s climb to a Higher altitude, then radio controllers sources close to the investigation say the plane could have crashed. The pilot stabilize a plane then returned safely to the airport. Just holler was a passenger airplanes out of control. People are screaming NBC Aviation – analyst John Cox. As a veteran Airbus Captain, the investigators have got to determine conclusively what happened here. This is extremely serious and it could have even been catastrophic navigation to Hawaii flight 330, sudden dangerous dip. Tom Costello NBC News, Washington, deadly disease breakthrough in the fight against an illness commonly known as Bubble Boy disease patients to live indoors away from all human contact. Nbc is Morgan. Chesky struggled to give her son a chance in The Cutting Edge treatment that saved him in apps other children. Her mother, Christian Simpson and Soto mauryan Nostra Mariana with air condition system, often called Bubble Boy disease that, if left untreated, kills most within a year and even common called, can be life-threatening biggest breakthrough for this disease. We restore full immune system in these babies. therapy tested on 10 children, including beginning up in just weeks. Probably the best feeling in the world next week celebrates his first birthday, a milestone. The veteran who refused to give up and his remarkable Marathon finish into a share with you, a powerful Finishline, driven as he tells our Kristen Dahlgren by the memories of Fallen friends Brendan, never even considered it when he couldn’t do that anymore. He dragged himself on his elbows because it wasn’t just about him, finishing 2 Marines and a journalist killed when Herndon’s Convoy, hidden IED in Afghanistan. Now his Mantra etched on his shoes and in his heart what they experience what they went through today. Herndon still suffers from PTSD and survivor’s guilt. I didn’t come home for him. This was just doing what he was trained for sure know that sore left behind or not just remember. We deserve our country today. He was invited to run here anyway, change the Boston. I don’t think anybody doubts him. Kristen Dahlgren, NBC News, New York play NBC News: viewers, YouTube channel subscriber digital exclusives, thanks for watching
North Korea tests new tactical guided weapon, suspect with Columbine ‘infatuation’ found dead after threat closes schools, and Cook County prosecutor under fire again for Jussie Smollett case.

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 17, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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