Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 22, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 22, 2019 | NBC Nightly News
Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 22, 2019 | NBC Nightly News
Can I dramatic new accusations from Aron 17 accused CIA spies arrested some facing death sentence? It’S a president blasting the claims as totally Falls and issuing a warning as the UK an emergency meeting over that Steve tanker in the Gulf massive protest. Hundreds of thousands take to the streets in Puerto Rico, text messages the new warning at a vacation Hot Spot, very popular with Americans, for it Amazon, partnering with police to give homeowners his popular ring, doorbell cameras that some say it’s an incursion on your privacy and tonight Your ticket to Tokyo, let the countdown to the 2020 games begin NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt is making bold accusations against the US. A country claiming it’s busted up inside man laid out their case on state television Intermatic fashion today. But the White House was quick to dismiss these claims is just the latest provocation from a country feeling the heat indices Chief Foreign Affairs, correspondent, Andrea Mitchell tonight. Another escalation in the Rams Showdown with the u.s. is highly produced video claiming to show that the CIA recruited, 17 or aliens or charge President Trump strongly denies today about the CIA Leah Foster. That’S another lie they put propaganda. Let’S see what happens with the absolute worst and we’re ready for scents to the master and says are CIA agents in turkey and other countries all presented at a highly unusual briefing. Nbc’S Ali arouzi was there anything such as this are incredibly rare, especially with all the information handed out. Officials here claims, their Auntie Anne’s were offered visas and jobs in the US which never materialized. Now some of them are facing execution. Are there going to make a show of trying to break down any intelligence by the United States, apparently seen in this a rainy and video sees a British tanker in the Strait of Hormuz Friday, a former NATO Supreme Allied Commander says the British ship was not in A rounds Waters there is no question in my mind: teen International, passing, Andrea Mitchell, leading us.. Thank you. We are drawing closer tonight to what may be the most anticipated testimony on Capitol Hill at a decade. Millions are expected to be glued, and this is Kristen Welker. At the White House Tonight with what the president is saying, Wednesday or no that’s were devastated by it. They went crazy. They got off the deep end mother, who has insisted he will not say anything that is not already in his reports in front of two house committees, subpoena awesome, top Democrats. Hope, Americans will take a second look weeks vote without objection when the majority of Democrats killed in impeachment resolution vote and they got slaughtered last week they got absolutely slaughtered. I have a lot of respect for the Democrats voted against impeachment last week and I have a lot of respect for those Democrats that did that because they’re doing the right thing for the country and late tonight, streets again calling for the resignation of the governor there. But tonight he is digging it and DC’s gave the chair, as is in San Juan tonight. I won in limbo. Despite Heavy Rain organizers, say hundreds of thousands of people turned out yet Fox News, Puerto Rico’s, Governor Ricardo Rocio reiterated he’s, not resigning. My focus is to make sure that the policy that we have enacted moves forward not enough for this crowd. A private group chat, we’re leaking published the messages between him and several close AIDS include personal attacks on whyville politicians, jokes about the victims of hurricane Maria and an anti-gay slur directed at single Wiki Market once again join the protesters as he hosted on the island hearing San Juan local lawmakers are already talking about constantly impeaching the governor could, even if you were to resign, there is no clear successor tonight. He is hanging on Imports time for us tonight. The fever is breaking that dangerous Heatwave. Finally, cooling off a bit, but just behind it severe storms with at least 46 million people in its path and don’t look now there is new trouble brewing in the tropics to Al Roker call. Where is it headed people at risk for damaging winds, hail, can’t rule out an isolated tornado from Nashville to New York. We got a moderate risk of flooding tonight and, if that’s not enough, we have tropical depression. Number three bring Heavy Rain along the eastern coast of Florida into the southeast of 3in 700 million dollars for one of the biggest data breaches in history. The private information of half of the u.s. population with exposed – and this is Jolene Kent. Now, with the details on the payout and how victims can get in on it tonight, 50 million Americans May finally get some relief from Equifax this after one of the largest data breaches. Ever that compromise names addresses birthdate Social Security numbers and drivers license information for their loss and they’re going to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again at least $ 500 to Consumers, including 300 million for free credit monitoring services letter from Equifax saying her data may Have been compromised and says she still won’t be able to trust the company you pay them to protect you, you pay them to get your credit report and then they make money by selling your information, and I just think it’s kind of disgusting. The CEO of Equifax trusted a place that will really give consumers some peace of mind that their identity is going to be watched with the credit monitoring it’ll be offered. Massive settlement will give $ 25 for each hour spent. Ensuring information was protected, reimbursement for certain credit monitoring and 10 years of free credit monitoring going forward, Equifax Savannah tonight and Urgent Manhunt is underway for a killer. After an American woman and her boyfriend were found murdered, it happened while the two were traveling one of the most remote parts of Canada and late word. Now the nudist two teams could be connected, and this is Morgan chesky, with the tail Lucas Fowler, when they’re 1986 Chevy van broke down. It’S not yet clear and China or targeted for 5th was an opportunity, a crime of opportunity, popular tourist stop, but nearly sixteen hours from the nearest major city, Juneau Alaska, Monday morning, their bodies were found on the side of the road shot to death. Reports of missing teenagers on another remote Canadian Road, sound on fire police cases are connected. It’S possible, it’s possible., exploring Canada’s national parks or something like that. It must have really been something because these are two people that have traveled around the world and we’re not people to get caught off. Guard Morgan, chesky, NBC News. It’S become one of the first state to allow students to take excused absence with the story. Hayley Hardcastle and Derek Evans were seniors when they their physically ill, but if they need a mental health day, I think the most amazing part about this whole thing is that it was student-led, excuse, canopies assignments, because I don’t have the willpower to go to school today. It’S just too much and there is no system set in place to help me nationally. Suicide is at a 50-year high. Under the new Oregon law. Mental health days will be considered excused absences, students won’t be penalized and can makeup exams, but now they can be honest about taking a day off to deal with her depression to deal with a panic attack to not have to be anxious about not being able to Make up work just making sure that everyone knows as physical health backlash on social media, wondering if kids will take advantage. Children are already missing school for mental health reasons. That thing is they’re lying about it, we’re hoping that this gives them the opportunity to start a positive conversation about what’s going on and why they need help. That’S an interesting idea! How many days could someone take for mental health days over a three-month period for any kind of excused absence and how each school district will be able to revise that as they say it’s for their students needs help. Thank you very much and need to hear before you travel this summer. We need to be careful what they drink at a popular vacation, spot incentives to install Amazon’s ring, doorbell, Cam and Olympic theater, that is, Sports in the familiar favorite still seeing Tokyo one year from now. That was a newborn into watch. What you’re drinking on that next vacation officials in Costa Rica, say 19 people have died after having tainted alcohol by the new concerns for travelers to that country and other places in Paradise. Fears, Miguel almaguer, the tainted alcohol discovered in Costa Rica, has been linked to at least 19 deaths in the country. The health Ministry issuing a national alert after the government confiscated some 30,000 bottles of alcohol. With me, pretty tragic, I’m upsetting the warning comes as millions of Americans are in the midst of Summer travel some headed tonight to Costa Rica 5 women. Among the confirmed victims, government officials identified several brands of liquor. Sellers sometimes dilute products with methanol to increase profits. According to a recent study, alcohol in Costa Rica, 28 % in Brazil and 34 % in Mexico in the Dominican Republic, toxicology reports are panting after the deaths of two Americans on vacation found in antifreeze. Ethanol is toxic and you might not taste it in a drink. It can trigger a host of symptoms from abdominal pain, to loss of motor function. To protect yourself, can you watch being opened or by your own liquor at a duty-free shop coming up new privacy questions about Amazon popular ring, doorbell camp I’ve become a valuable crime-fighting tool, but critics say they’re also putting entire neighborhoods under surveillance. Here’S Tom Costello, doorbell cameras have gone viral cities are partnering with Amazon to distribute its ring cameras at a discount to deter crime. The Wolcott Connecticut Police Department already sold three burglaries, whether it’s a inner city, whether it’s a rule area people want to be safe in their own homes. The homeowner, who remains Anonymous police, ask ring to ask the homeowners if they share the video, but some privacy Advocates worn more surveillance, will unfairly impact minorities we’ve already seen in the Passover. High-Profile instances of people provide a video footage of there’s something of interest on their cameras, the countdown to Tokyo 2020. Finally, tonight the countdown is on one year to the summer games begin in Tokyo and is NBC’s. Keir Simmons tells us now, at the new events, make their Olympic debut from the venues to the metal made from recycled phones and laptops, a record 339 medal events and 33 Sports, including some new ones. I’M karate will give people observe you today giving about the Olympic Games, but just swept the US depends famous high-tech will be deployed to help with the high temperatures officials using facial-recognition, some of Team USA’s biggest expected back Katie Ledecky on the US Women’s soccer team, win Them over here about to become even more crowded, Simmons NBC News, and we will continue the countdown with some of Team USA’s brightest stars tomorrow morning on today. That’S Nightly News for this Monday on Savannah Guthrie for all of us at NBC news thanks for watching and have a good night play NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel, subscribe button down here and click on any of the videos over here to Watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusive watch it
Iran arrests 17 people accused of spying for CIA, and Puerto Ricans flood streets, demand resignation of governor in huge protest, and what consumers should know about Equifax $700M settlement.

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1:18 Iran Claims 17 CIA Spies Arrested, Trump Says ‘Totally False’
2:34 U.K. Orders New Security Measures After Tanker Seized By Iran
3:29 Trump: ‘Maybe I’ll See A Little Bit’ Of Mueller’s Testimony
4:15 Democrats Divided On Impeachment Ahead Of Mueller’s Testimony
4:58 Trump & Democrats Reach Budget And Debt Ceiling Deal
5:16 Massive Protests Calling For Puerto Rico’s Governor To Resign
7:20 Severe Thunderstorms Strike As Heat Wave Finally Breaks
7:42 Tropical Depression Forms Off The Coast Of Florida
8:18 Equifax To Pay Up To $700 Million For Massive Data Breach
9:51 Urgent Manhunt After Couple Found Murdered Along Highway
11:25 New Law Allows Oregon Students To Take Mental Health Days
13:53 Officials: At Least 19 Killed By Tainted Alcohol In Costa Rica
15:40 Amazon Partners With Police To Offer Ring Doorbell Cameras

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 22, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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