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tonight the intense battle against a huge and deadly wildfire in California please the family and morning with two young children and their great-grandmother among the dead as the blaze doubles inside making it even worse extreme unrelenting heat and it’s not just in this country exports of Europe and Asia suffer for their own severe weather a prince of the Catholic Church resigns in disgrace over allegations of sexual abuse going back almost half a century this summer camp pay for their kids learn about money making finances fun and learning valuable life lessons and training for a mission to Mars to join some of those who want to make the journey even if it means a one way trip NBC Nightly News with Jose diaz-balart thousand acres and forcing tens of thousands to flee their homes the car fire in the area of reading a city of roughly 90,000 people is spreading so fast it doubled in size overnight in a tragic twist late today authorities can but the latest victims include two children and their great-grandmother bringing the death toll to at least 5 with more than a dozen still missing thousands of firefighters are still battling the blaze which is barely contained and it’s just one fire that we are tracking a soaring temperatures and erratic winds fuel nearly 65 more all across the Western US embassies Steve Patterson has the latest from Redding so many places in nearly every direction this neighborhood is covered littered in ruint and right now there are thousands of more homes that are being threatened tonight the firefight intensify the deadly car nearly doubling in size overnight and leaving his family in agony a great grandmother and her two grandchildren confirmed dead today with an hour this happen here but with no notice which helping neighbors evacuate across town when his wife mellody and grandchildren James and Emily were trapped by the Flames that you lost everything everything I mean you can’t lose more than family on the front lines more than thousand firefighters doing all they can to fight back in triple-digit heat of I go just outside of red and you can see a flurry of activity firefighters say the fire has just jumped the road up ahead visibility so poor can barely see in front of you it’s already is going door-to-door in an effort to save live finding a man with hearing problems Flames racing towards his home in the fires wake ruint 500 destroyed neighborhood levelled row after row of homes reduced to smoldering keeps the entire Community shocked in this community for 60 years everybody love this place it wasn’t just our place it was all of our family all of our friends all of our children’s friends and his big a big loss for all of us just beginning to comprehend the toll and the fire still raging Steve Patterson NBC News Redding California is following the weather there and Beyond what’s the Outlook days 102 in Sacramento 109 is he had to reading and Spokane at 93° through the next several days if there’s any Improvement it is slight with temperature still around weak and in Europe gets much the same story the record-breaking heat rolling through sections of England has now moved on but there still a fire threat stretching all the way down through the Mediterranean where fires are burning in it and they continue to burn in grease and temperature stay into the night as well sweeping through the Northern Hemisphere fires are also creating big problems there and he sees Lucy kafanov has those details in the summer of the Mediterranean belt Europeans are struggling to stay cool and dry weather in Sweden more than 62000 acres of land went up in smoke an area twice the size of Paris and grease is in mourning after the deadliest wildfire in decades more than 82 people killed by raging Inferno rescue crews still searching the bird Rubble for victims from Sunshine by the sea to Hailstone in the street Britain is also buckling under extreme conditions torrential downpours have swept parts of the year hey has some celebrated the end of a record-breaking Heat Wave but for nearly 2 months that London’s iconic Park dried up desperate for Relief isn’t alone a powerful typhoon is pummeling Japan at the country recovers from its own deadly Heat Wave doesn’t killed and more than 23,000 fertilized by the triple-digit temperatures the Mercury spiking to 106 degrees this week the highest ever since records began climate scientist are warning the world to brace for more heat the heat waves very extreme climate change they are actually common place now and will become more common in the future NBC News London and back in this country now for years he was one of the leading figures of the Catholic Church Carmel Theodore mccarrick served as the Archbishop of Washington but today in a rare move the Vatican said Pope Francis recognition as the retired Cardinal faces allegations of sexual abuse when he was a priest in New York we get more now from NPC’s in Thompson the first American Cardinal ever to do so she’s decision Force by a month of abuse allegations dating back to the 1970s from an altar boy that American Church officials found credible to seminarians Hussein mccarrick radon to this family friend interview today by NBC station WRC the man identified only is James wants to remain anonymous if it says mccarrick started abusing him when he was 11 stop him and I gave me an opportunity to talk to somebody and somebody jorda God Weeps. stains the church last month’s rent is accepted the resignations of 5 Bishops in Chile for cover-ups they’re here tonight 1 victims group says the Vatican must be honest about who knew what when the church needs to be far more transparent about this procedure than they have been in the past faces of church trial that could remove him from the priesthood Anne Thompson NBC News Galway Ireland to politics 101 days until the midterm elections he’s looking to the Future starting to strategize about how he will help Republicans hold onto critical seats and Power in Congress but with Democrats fighting for a blue as the president and his party fierce battle ahead let me see Kelly O’Donnell breaks it all down track tonight presidential pitchman who got to vote Republican for Donald Trump talkin big with an ambitious Noom intermission revealed on radio with Sean Hannity I’ll go 6 or 7 days a week when we’re 60 days out people that do have a difficult race and NBC News Marist poll finds voters in Michigan Minnesota and Wisconsin clearly favor Democrats in Congressional races no Trump won two of those States his disapproval is north of 50% the president readily in Jake’s campaign plugs into official government events next to Iowa’s Governor after a jobs round table and Inn Kansas City hopefully your new Senator to be Josh Hawley the Veterans of Foreign Wars the Trump midterm Playbook is sell the strength of the economy and claim strengths and how he deals with world leaders president said he’s told his chief of staff on the trail give me the top 25 Congress people that are you know could go either way and I want to go out and campaign for those people the president has a mixed record helping candidates Democrats beat his choice were Alabama Senate and one Pennsylvania houses recently 9 of the president’s picks have won their GOP primaries but the real test comes in November up against energize Democratic voters Kristen and it’s about to get very heated all right Kelly O’Donnell thank you for that report but police in Texas are investigating the shooting deaths of five people last night’s including three who were killed at a nursing home it happened in Robstown Texas not far from Corpus Christi we said the gunman was among those killed in the nursing home to more people were found dead at the home of one of the nursing home victim said they believe all the shootings are related also in Texas today is scared of shopping mall as a band of armed robbers invaded a jewelry store look at this video and there was a momentary panic PeopleSoft the sound of glass cases being smashed by the Robertsons actually gunfire but the robbers didn’t get very far all of them were arrested in Florida a funeral was held today for a man who was shot and killed last weekend in a case attention to that states stand your ground law if again with an argument in the parking lot and ended when a man who was knocked down his gun and tonight members of Congress are joining the call for Action we get more now from NBC’s Maya Rodriguez inside a Tampa area church today final good-byes for 28 year old Marquis mcglockton the father of three fatally shot in the parking lot of a convenience store last week my son didn’t deserve to die like this. It’s girlfriend while parked in a handicap spot mcglockton who is Black was not armed when he approached Michael Drake who is white and then shoved him to the ground that’s when Drake I pulled out a gun and fired up fatal shot but the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said it couldn’t arrest rake up because of Florida’s stand your ground law which gained national attention 2012 after George Zimmerman shot unarmed teen Trayvon Martin NBC News has not been able to reach Michael dreka who according to the sheriff is claiming self-defense critical factor in the Florida standards is that it really is from the eye of the shooter who also represent Martin’s family is demanding the Florida State Legislature amend the stand-your-ground law we are let them know clearly what for United voice that we can do better as a society in the meantime State prosecutors will be reviewing the shooting to see if any charges should be filed my Rodriguez NBC News and still ahead tonight if your children don’t know what things cost me take you to a different kind of summer camp the value of a Bach also training for a mission to Mars we get a taste of what it would be like to explore the red planet on this Saturday in the middle of the summer the time when many family shelling out a good deal of money to send their kids to Camp well tonight we can visit to one camp where the focus is just that money and teaching kids how to handle it hears Kristen Dahlgren things like swimming and soccer not spreadsheet as it allows her a profit for their kids attractive options for families who want their children to learn about budgets and business II Christian gave us 20 it comes at a time when only 17 states require high school students to take a personal finance course who are you is it day camp in Austin it started when founder Dale reham notice to need what are kids not get today probably the most important thing is they’re not getting any practice so having money and using it and and then having the experience of understanding the value of it the later design manufacture and Market what would your message to other kids be about learning about money unless you can and it is spend it wisely part of the curriculum includes Money Maker was one of them the actual final prototype wish to do you want learning how to turn a profit we haven’t been telling them all week how to do any of it they’ve really been figuring it out themselves and that’s where the real learning happens Anna Mejia is a camp graduate now running her own business several products including slime a bonus lesson for the 12 year old learning how to save why is it important for kids to save their own money because college is really expensive sometimes like you really really want something but your parents saying household expenses including the grocery budget is a family activity in early age that they’ll be able to be more prosperous in the future important lessons about making and saving job these kids see it’s just playing summer fun Kristen Dahlgren NBC News Austin and that is a good deal alright we’re back in a moment with the sound of success gospel singer to perform you recognize that song they were a hit at the royal wedding in May singing a powerful rendition of Stand By Me for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and 4 million to watched all around the world choir gospel group ideal Sony records so start to record their first album soon with a global release planned for November well-earned in the Black Sea was one for the record books diver Dimitri 98 feet down setting a Russian record for the deepest solo Dive by a quadruple amputee the whole thing lasted 15 minutes of Lego lost his arms and legs and a landline explosion in the Soviet just incredible and from Indonesia dramatic pictures of a volcano as it comes to life this is just the latest eruption of this volcano one of the most active in Indonesia began forming back in 1927 inside everston and when we come back the world look to the heavens for an amazing show at some look forward to Mission to Mars some spectacular images the world of the longest lunar eclipse of this Century it lasted for one hour and 43 minutes as the sun earth and moon lined up perfectly passing Earth shadow on the surface of the Moon is not visible in much of the u.s. watching the rest of the world was treated to a remarkable show and there’s this for the first time scientist said this week’s they found evidence of a large body of water on Mars underground saltwater lake is in treating you evidence of the possible Live Life on Mars scientist also say a water source could make it easier to explore and colonize the planet that possibility may still be yours away some people are preparing to set foot on Mars one group any facility where more than a thousand people have gotten a taste of the red planet in the baron Utah desert it seems like another world terrain the privately-run Mars desert research station on the red planet it’s a very difficult environment to survive in even if it’s a one way trip tomar’s where astronauts would face temperatures colder than minus 80 degrees and unpredictable dust storms major difference is that help is 140 million miles away a journey into the bars like desert to collect soil samples Harlock Space Walk and Red Hills mimicking a search on Mars Hill more signs of life NASA hopes and the dreams of these desert explores out of this world for this Saturday great night NBC News subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching
Three more killed in deadly California wildfire, extreme weather and heat hit Europe and Asia, and Cardinal Theodore McCarrick resigns amid sexual abuse allegations.
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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 28, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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