Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 30, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 30, 2018 | NBC Nightly News
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monster fire emergency getting worse in California eight people dead hundreds of homes burned to the ground and out 2,000 more endangered anger boils officer said he had a gun family member say he’s tagged officers not to shoot new Fallout 4 TV Titan CBS teeth Les moonves after those startling accusation of sexual misconduct and his wife TV host Julie Chen his defense I will stand by that statement today tomorrow forever Olympic Star Bode Miller and his wife opening up is Savannah Guthrie about The Accidental drowning of their daughter tonight they’re powerful warning for all parents and some inspiring first day of school as LeBron James pays it forward this is NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt thanks for being here what’s happening in the West End cameras near Reading capturing this swirling Tower of flames of fire NATO as the death toll climbs the fire has claimed 1000 structures many of them homes as another fire to the South near Wine Country threatens thousands more our national correspondent Miguel almaguer is in the fire zone tonight in Northern California thousand structures at least 6 have lost their lives Melody Bledsoe blanket around her great-grandchildren Emily and James as fire engulfed their house their bodies recovered over the weekend you can’t lose family and then you lose everything on top of that so powerful it’s creating its own weather including fire natives incinerated in minute by this place first home buyer is still threatening 5,000 structures tonight across California 17 wildfires are raging outside Yosemite Hot Shot killed in that way and now a new threat in Wine Country the Mendocino complex fire threatening 10,000 structures recipe for a major fire perfect storm for another monster Blaze with perhaps the most dangerous days still to come the Mendocino complex fire burning behind me is actually two separate fires lightning to become one if it does firefighters tell me the entire Hillside behind me would go up in flames and tear through a medical community and lesser if that happened I’m told it’ll only take a few hours last year I Miguel almaguer tonight in thank you there is new fall out this evening for one of the most powerful men in Hollywood 4 hours today behind closed doors and on live television his wife TV host Julie Chen coming to his defense we get all of it down from NBC’s Morgan Radford no immediate action against the media company at a previously scheduled meeting now calling for an independent investigation seeking outside counsel following the bombshell New Yorker the article details 6 women’s account for on the record that include accusations ranging from forcible touching or kissing to physical intimidation between the 1980s and the two thousands moonves wife longtime TV host reiterated her support of her husband on cbs’s the talk and I will ever make on this topic on Twitter and I will stand by that statement today tomorrow forever moonves singing part I recognized that there were times decades ago when I may have made some women uncomfortable by making advances those were mistakes and I regret them and mentally and I have never miss use my position to harm or anyone’s career position now in question it seems like they’re afraid to name the CEO and any of that communication why because I think they want to leave Leslie moonves to decide for himself whether he’s going to step down and a statement last Friday CBS said we do not believe however that the picture of our company created in the New Yorker represent a larger organization that does its best to treat its tens of thousands of employees with dignity and respect is against Jeff fager the current executive producer of 60 minutes stations telling the New Yorker they never happen Lester body cam video of the incident was released investigator said the man was armed but his family says he was not a threat NBC’s Joe fryer has the story we want to warn you some of the video here is disturbing the motion to Minneapolis a news conference by the County Attorney lasted only minutes before protesters interrupted today prosecutor officers will not be charged after the city released body camera video from officers Ryan Kelly and Justin Schmidt police say they were responding to a 911 call of someone firing shots into the air the officers pulled up to the scene they saw Blevins with what they say with a gun in his pocket the officers repeatedly warned him to put his hands up clapping can be heard telling officers not to shoot one clip of the incident was slow down and stabilized by a California forensic video firm the police does it show is Blevins pointing a gun at the officers before those officers open fire killing Blevins leapforce was authorized because Blevins represented a danger to the lives of Officer Schmidt and officer Kelly Evans Family believes he was no danger to police and plans to continue protesting Joe fryer NBC will any more tonight about a secret Air Marshal program to follow Monitor and track some American citizens flying in the US people who may have no criminal background that are not on a terror watch list the question is whether it’s a good law enforcement order elevation of privacy is NBC’s Tom Costello the program is called everyday through airports and onto planes even sitting right next the marshals told to report back if the traveler changes clothes in a restroom perspires excessively fidgets troubles or stairs uses a phone or computer passengers are selected for monitoring if their foreign travel and other Factor raise concern including criminal records curious financial transaction email or phone numbers linked to Terror suspects among the passengers followed a business woman we traveling around the United States you’re looking for a threat that’s so small it’s less than a needle in the haystack but are protected during AirTran we recently talked to TSA Chief about the Air Marshals for passengers I think they should feel very safe and secure that we have a federal Air Marshal Service that does provide that employed security patient privacy concerns I should go without saying that government agents shouldn’t be monitoring Travelers without a good reason for doing so do airport screening and checking areas so that active shooter events can be swiftly ended Tom Costello NBC News Washington president the crime is the day before the start of the first trial in the Russia probe for former Trump campaign chairman Paul manafort after saying it was a waste of time to tackle immigration before the midterm the president’s new threats to shut down the government over it it’s time we had proper border secure with the laughing stock of the world a new wrinkle in a timely and orderly manner and Russia there was no collusion Rudy guiliani now questioning whether collusion is a crime at all colluding about Russian which is a crime defined by the u.s. code with a foreign government meeting with John jr. and the Russian lawyer Giuliani saying today the odds are against the president doing an interview with Robert Mueller though he wants to but mr. Trump didn’t make headlines saying today he’s willing to meet with the president of Iran thank you officially FEMA is under Fire 2 the federal agency in charge of responding to natural disasters now has a crisis of its own former Chief of personnel FEMA is under investigation after employees accused him of sexual harassment among their allegations but he assigned female employees to various offices so the male friends he hired could try to have sexual relations with them the former Personnel Chief Corey Coleman resigned two weeks ago and has not been questioned by government investigators he was not available for FEMA administrator Brock long calls the allegations deeply disturbing and says he is asking the Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector General to investigate further the official say they’re looking at whether Coleman hired college fraternity brothers and when he met bars and through dating websites administrator long says he’s setting up a new office to handle allegations of employee misconduct and melange mandatory training to recognize and prevent sexual harassment Pete Williams NBC News battery warning for every parent from an Olympic star and his wife opening up for the first time since the tragic drowning of their infant daughter here Bode Miller and his wife Morgan speaking out about an unimaginable lost Ro and Savannah Guthrie open their message can help save the lives of other children and she had no fear it’s been 7 weeks sits on touch that cannot be easy why did you want to get the word out to heal a little bit then they were preventing it from having to somebody else old Emmy we’re at a neighbor’s house the boys were right next to us and we would go back and forth which was all of 15 ft and all of a sudden it was just too quiet for me and Edwards at me and I turned around and the door that to the backyard that was closed had this tiny sliver of light my heart sank floating in the pool Iran and I jumped in and started CPR while her neighbor called nine-one-one that goes by that I don’t pray for the opportunity to go back to the day and make it different they want other parents to be vigilant and to know drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in children aged one through for the number one way that you could potentially lose your kid we always have a smile on their face and it allows us to bring our Focus back to the things we still have to be incredibly grateful for sad you have to be a lot of Grace that in the depth of their grief there willing to sit down and do an interview and they just want to shout it from the rooftops so that every parent knows to take this seriously he thinks they know about water safety oh I’ve got a fence I’ve got it is we just need to change our mindset entirely and become more Vigilant about what water of all kind of whether it be a pool or a puddle or a bucket that you leave out and she’s doing Morgan Miller has with another mother who lost her little baby boy three year old on the very same day we have their incredible story and what they’re trying to do we’re going to get really specific on Today show tomorrow morning paramedic Centerfire what a family says they failed to do that led to the death of a mother just days after giving birth we’re back now with the investigation I’ll let her home her family calling nine-one-one for help but her mother says when First Responders arrive said of taking her vitals and providing Immediate Care they were more concerned with whether she could pay we get more from NBC’s Katie boeck just a week after giving birth Krystal Galloway started having medical problems after showing signs of a stroke her mother makes a chilling call to 911 I ran over next door and I’m down on the bathroom just her lips swollen and she was drooling mommy my head units were dispatched but she says instead of checking on her daughter they asked if she could afford the ambulance bill conversation was that my daughter couldn’t afford an ambulance because she just had a baby they didn’t do any vitals no blood pressure no temperature as my daughter in the middle of a bed under the covers screamed and begged them to take her to the hospital the hospital herself she later died did not do their job straight of leave face a disciplinary hearing tomorrow Katie Beck NBC News listing ever to hit the market in Richie Beverly Hills the price tag of cool 1 billion dollars got some pretty amazing views but what it doesn’t have is a mention the land is undeveloped and it was open today at the dog tag Bakery in Georgetown jobs and career coaching the wounded veterans tonight LeBron James be a champ returning to his hometown of Akron Ohio today or what are you called one of the greatest and it’s all for the kids kids arrive the first day of school today in Ohio as a new approach to fix an old problem take Center Court led by someone who knows their stories more than they could imagine but I know exactly what these 240 kids are going through I know the streets they walk I know the trials and tribulations that they go through because I’ve been there which is why NBA superstar LeBron James West 3rd and fourth graders who struggle both in school and at home the most important thing that we can give them is structure and a sense of they just want someone to feel like like we care I promise is a public non Charter School it offers an Innovative approach a longer class day and a longer school year and provide support to help kids with trauma the school will also help pair find a job and have an on-site food pantry for families these kids still have the same opportunity as everyone else these kids are future and no no matter if I’m planning Los Angeles or not no I was always home for me a kid from Akron leaving a legacy of Hope for children that is Nightly News for this Monday CNBC news viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe button down here and click on any of the videos over here the watch the latest interview show highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watching
West Coast continues to battle wildfires, CBS’ Board of Directors takes no immediate action against CEO Les Moonves, and TSA’s ‘Quiet Skies’ program raises privacy concerns.
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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 30, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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