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there is breaking news tonight a passenger plane has just crashed in Mexico the plane going down shortly after takeoff over a hundred people on board smoke and Flames coming from the cabin emergency crew is wasting to reach the scene right 100 last-minute fight to stop so-called goes gun made of plastic 3D printed from home and instructions on how to make them Killers dream is a Hitman the dream is a terrorist dream a hijackers dream somebody who wants to hurt you can make their own gone Facebook glowing influence the next election less than 100 days away is work behind it but NBC News exclusive but woman went to police with allegations of sexual abuse against are going public the private battle how his Parkinson’s diagnosis could help others this is NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt come on the air a passenger plane has crashed near Durango Mexico late today the plane headed to Mexico City black smoke marking the spot of the wreckage were Aeromexico confirms one of its playing has suffered an accident the Embraer jet apparently went down just after takeoff at the airport in northwest Mexico with over a hundred people on board NBC’s Tammy Leitner has late-breaking details the plane holding 97 passengers in for crew crash because the wind was too strong according to local reports which said they ran out of Runway the crash happened in Durango Mexico with multiple people are injured and tourin critical condition additional information and will provide more details as they become available and confirmed our priority is to guarantee the safety of the client and crew some fear was the next gun threat plastic weapons 3D knockoffs lethal homemade and hard to detect the technology states with legal action to stop their release NBC’s Tom Costello as late to Tales almost look like plastic toys General and Senate Democrats have tried to block this man Cody Wilson from posting free 3D printer instructions online like to date a federal judge agreed to an injunction make no mistake about it this is the doing of the trumpet stration this is part of a long pattern of letting the gun lobby get whatever they want this morning Administration that agreed Cody Wilson could post the instructions as long as you have the right to keep and bear arms you have the right to make them after the Obama Administration has sued to block him this changes the safety of Americans forever if this is allowed to happen call daughter Jamie was one of 17 people killed in Parkland Florida in February plastic guns he fears will mean even more senseless killings now every American on the Homeland is at risk terrorist they want to help reduce guns now on this land what Cody Wilson I’m going to do is just claimed they have first and second amendment protections porch since 2016 I mean it’s a Killers dream if they hit me in the Dream It’s a terrorist dream a hijackers dream somebody who wants to hurt you can make their own gun 3D printers range in price from dollars down the several thousand dollars the better quality than this printing company doesn’t make God’s Cody Wilson says it doesn’t matter what the judge decided he’s already put that information online the cats out of the bag that’s funny thank you another major story were following would less than a hundred days until the midterms Facebook sounding the alarm after uncovering what appears to be new covert average on its platform he influence u.s. election and BC’s Peter Alexander new thriving what Facebook is doing about it tonight Facebook says it’s happening again the social media giant gets removed from Facebook and Instagram and apparent political influence November’s midterms the bogus the event that page also pushing the left wing campaign to abolish ice the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency part of a growing political firestorm created between March of last year and this may picking up 290 thousand followers so who’s responsible Facebook says it doesn’t know but I’m Capitol Hill lawmakers are again pointing the finger in Russia that as everything-but-the-kitchen-sink in it it’ll be the sanctions bill from hell but New Revelations after Congress recently Mark Zuckerberg unfortunate enforcement isn’t isn’t perfect we do need to make it more proactive and I’m committed to doing really wants to get it right so that it can restore something that trust among users and investors disinformation campaign and that they applaud the actions Facebook is taking Lester Robert Mueller to go before jewelry it could send president Trump’s former campaign chairman to prison our Justice correspondent Pete Williams was in the courtroom trial is not about that for nearly a decade Robert Mueller’s prosecutors told the jury today manafort made Millions representing Russia’s neighbor Ukraine and its president Viktor Yanukovych of Putin Ally but stashed at least 15 million is it overseas Banks to avoid paying taxes prosecutor say he was partner Rick Gates who has pleaded guilty and will testify the defensive gate was embezzling money from the lobbying firm metaphor it has defended is overseas lobbying as promoting democracy mom’s name wasn’t even mentioned in court today and he is distancing himself from metaphor in recent months matter because there was no collusion his 69 if convicted he could get up to 10 years in prison Lester went to Los Angeles police last year with sexual abuse allegations against this dating back to the 1980s be a 7th woman accusing CBS CEO Les moonves of sexual misconduct prosecutors in Los Angeles the client to pursue charges stemming from those claims earlier this year because they say the statute of limitations expired side woman went to police last year reporting one incident from 1986 and two others from 1988 according to an official document obtained by NBC news of limitations has expired there’s simply no way to bring a case no matter how strong the evidence is this week or kissing to physical intimidate between the 1980s and the 2000 Stephen Colbert speaking out on his CBS show singing part I recognized that there were times decades ago but I may have made some women uncomfortable by making advances those were mistakes and I regret them immensely and I have never misused my position to harm or hinder anyone’s career statement last Friday CBS said we do not believe however that the picture of our company created in the New Yorker represent a larger organization that does its best to treat its tens of thousands of employees with dignity and respect moonves who Langham Place during the independent investigation is expected to speak at a CVS earnings call on Thursday Morgan Radford NBC News New York nuclear testing if new evidence his regime is secretly building new ballistic missiles Sam’s Eatery tension but now it’s stunning intelligence that Kim Jong on is secretly building new long-range missiles that could reach as far as New York or Washington coming just days after we had a fantastic meeting with Kim and Kim and it seems to be going very well long-range missiles at a plant outside and visited by Kim when we will look at Satellite photographs and it’s been business as usual all year before and after the summit nuclear weapons fuel as first reported by NBC news last month continues to produce material nuclear bomb material is that correct yes they continue to produce special material really cheap I’m not surprised North Korean so might be trying to hide some things trying to be deceptive so what he wants people to believe it’s happening he really needs to make progress on his very thorny National Security issues had threatened them on Twitter contradictory signals that have confused friends and foes alike Lester you’re calling there’s no relief in sight for firefighters battling the massive Inferno sweeping through communities in California 12,000 more homes now being threatened by the out-of-control flames and our Miguel almaguer remain turn the front lights with flames sweeping across homes in Wine Country this is what mendocino’s complex fire looks like on the front line with 15 large wildfires in California more than 1,200 structures lit up most in the city of reading Michelle would is a nurse at Dignity Health when a 40 employees who lost their home but still show the care for the terminally ill and this immediate thing that’s going on with me and my family it’s not all about that who won monster blanks Nikes infernos are showing no mercy taking homes and lies Miguel almaguer NBC News Lake County California 82 year old detailing his private battle with Parkinson’s disease the latest celebrity to reveal a Parkinson’s diagnosis after Neil Diamond and Linda Ronstadt is NBC’s rehema Ellis reports all this says he’s hoping his case can help others the quick-witted surgeon in the TV series Mash run The Aviator now his most dramatic turn revealing on CBS he was diagnosed more than 3 years ago with Parkinson’s having a dream that someone was attacking me like potatoes at recent roll off screen older has been an advocate for better communication about science and says that’s why he’s speaking out now it hasn’t happened do you still have things you can do today also posted this video of himself juggling saying you maintain a busy schedule with his podcast acting playing tennis enjoying his life rehema Ellis NBC News New York still continue to Vietnam veteran is shot and killed by police while protecting his own home tragic case of mistaken identity and a parking garage collapse fat guy with question swirling over a fatal police shooting in Colorado a department under scrutiny after an officer open fire and kill the military veteran it would just defended his home from an intruder NBC’s got shorts now with what appears to be a tragic mistake in Aurora Colorado police shooting investigation that started with calls 29114 help with your black a Vietnam vet found an intruder in his home and then the confrontation shot and killed officers arrived on scene and heard gunfire when police went inside they describe the chaotic scene officers confront in the armed mail the mail was shot with the man that shot and killed was Richard black the homeowner not the suspect house after police search the whole they discovered the Intruder in the bathroom already shot and killed investigators calling it a heartbreaking and tragic situation for everyone involved the officer who shot the homeowner has been placed on paid administrative reassignment LAPD SWAT members Scott Janelle centers around police exactly what happened and could officers have done anything differently to prevent killing a man who was defending his own home Gadi Schwartz NBC News Los Angeles doing now and caught on camera the aquarium highest you have to see to believe in Suburban Dallas a parking garage the part of the top floor collapsing sending dozens of cars plummeting below firefighters were searching for anyone trapped for the last few years officials in Ohio are investigating a new Scare at at Chipotle Health officials say they received more than a hundred calls from people reporting illnesses after eating at the restaurant in Powell north of Columbus the company says it temporarily closed restaurant out of an abundance of caution and is cooperating with health officials and you’ve never seen before disguise it in a stroller to make their getaway but police found them and miss Helen was safely returned will take a break when we come back to summer camp tradition that may be old-fashioned but these kids are loving it four generations of us that song brings to mind those letters home from summer camp in our nightly snapshot every summer millions of kids leave their parents behind and their cell phones to at Camp their forced to communicate the old-fashioned way with handwritten letters and guess what they like it I right home almost everyday and especially on letter-writing days I have a lot to say I think it’s better than text messaging or emailing because you just can’t express yourself more through a letter like what stationary how you’re feeling at the moment at Camp canadensis tucked in the Pocono Mountains kids write letters home at least 3 times a week the small things your mom and dad I miss you so so much cancer the past three weeks has been amazing I’m having a great time at camp today I’m going to kneeboard and laugh they’re forcing me to ride freshen that it’s best but isn’t that what camp is about who they are what they can be when the friendships that they can make her absolutely prizes it nothing better than a handwritten letter from your kids no matter what the message as always we appreciate you spending part of your evening with us thank you for watching and good night NBC News viewers I’m at button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching
Aeroméxico plane with over 100 aboard crashes in Durango, Facebook uncovers apparent new efforts to influence U.S. elections, and Paul Manafort trial on bank fraud begins.
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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 31, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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