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tonight the monsters storm taking aim at the East Coast hurricane Florence rapidly strengthening to a potentially catastrophic category for state of emergency declared mandatory evacuation for the whole South Carolina coast people we need to prepare we heard you to do that where and when couldn’t hit his tracking the threat dramatic new video from right after a police officer fatally shot a neighbor in an apartment mix up the charges she faces another media Titan out over sexual misconduct allegation of CBS is Les moonves could still walk away with a 120 million dollar payday Bob Woodward defends his explosive new book to NBC News first live interview accusing president Trump of being detached from reality and the president is firing back caught on camera city bus Landing store this is NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt good evening everyone is we come out in the air tonight more than a million people are on your orders to evacuate the Carolina coast that’s hurricane Florence takes aim at the South and Mid-Atlantic with powerful winds in a life-threatening storm surge expected states of emergency or anything from Maryland to the Carolinas Florence exploded overnight from a tropical storm gaining strength throughout the day and what is now a major category 4 hurricane the National Hurricane Center is calling the storm extremely dangerous and wanting catastrophic damage will occur Florence likely to further strengthen as it turns towards the u.s. landfall roughly 72 hours from now our team is in place to cover it all we start with Kerry Sanders the photograph from space revealing Florence the monster are hurricane with the potential to alter the coastal landscape a state of emergency in four states tonight before cash places North Carolina in the bullseye hurricane Florence + the storm is rapidly getting stronger North Carolina is this one in South Carolina today Surfers took to the growing waves I’m pretty worried by noon tomorrow the governor said he will call for evacuations along his States and tire 187 mile-long Coast you need to you need to get moving quickly ordering three ships to see the race now underway to skirt this ever building hurricane in Maryland the Warriors Florence could cause historic already long lines for gas and in some cases stations running dry water ice and bread increasingly in short supply the last time a hurricane this size targeted this code 1989 Hugo floor still 3 days away very important yes very anxious I couldn’t sleep last night from South Carolina North to Maryland and beyond all I’ve tonight on the cone of uncertainty this evening that God Virginia Ralph Northam ordering mandatory evacuations in his State those evacuations in low-lying coastal areas set to begin tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. Lester North Carolina one of the other major cities in this hurricanes potential path or Tammy light there is there Tammy this is already impacting air travel later sent feeling the effects of hurricane Florence today Airlines issued a travel advisory and thousands of flights up and down the East Coast could be impacted by the major airlines today have already come out and announce it at no cost and one thing to keep in mind is this won’t just affect the coastal cities they’re also expecting flooding in Lynn and one of the reasons and sit because was Hurricane Florence makes landfall she’s expected to stall and could dump up to 20 inches of rain and you may recall this is eerily reminiscent of hurricane Harvey about a year ago in Texas and Lester they’re saying that this hurricane should be taken extremely seriously is very dangerous and residence should be warned I meant your mama to go this cone of uncertainty I know it’s still too early to know the exact exact Impact Zone could we expect there hurricane Helen Isaac Florence + investigation area in the Gulf hurricane Olivia as well but the floor is right now this is our main area of concern category 4 storm for 525 miles Southeast of Bermuda 1,100 miles from Cape Fear making its way toward the coast it makes landfall somewhere near Wilmington Myrtle Beach can’t rule out Charleston or Cape Hatteras but it could come on Shore as a category 5 storm that’s not out of the realm of possibility as it makes its way Porter are the potential impact these are the heaviest winds the highest risk from Charleston to Cape Hatteras and rainfall is Tammy mentioned in look at this all the way to Central Virginia upwards of 20 inches of rain and then it sits and may cause even more damage left it with watching this talking about in early next week yeah this will be dominating our current updates as we move along out thank you now the other big story were following tonight the Dallas police officer arrested for manslaughter after she went to the wrong apartment mistaking it for and fatally shot the man inside the tenant the victim’s family now questioning whether race may have played a role while prosecutors I even more serious charges against an officer or Miguel almaguer was in Dallas tonight with the latest video captures the moment after the shooting the race to save the victims life and an unidentified female officer on a cell phone evidence under review by the district attorney arrested on manslaughter charges Amber Geiger shot and killed 26 year-old both of John in his apartment mistaking the unit for her own manslaughter charges could those change to murder charges full uniform and it just finished working a shift Thursday night arrived on the wrong floor and approach John’s Apartment which had a distinctive red doormat according to court documents Geiger says she found the door slightly ajar pushed it open and found John in the dark she said she gave him verbal command which he ignored and then open fire list the victim an active church member and an associate at pricewaterhousecoopers is a native of St Lucia is family asking was he killed because he was black apartments with it up in different tonight so many unanswered questions a 26 year old gunned down inside his own home at the hands of an officer who was off-duty Miguel almaguer NBC News another media giant CBS Chief less moon base is out of a job after more women came forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct but move this could still get as much as 120 million dollars in Severance depending on the outcome of an ending guided investigation are Stephanie Guys cast the latest Force hours after the number of women accusing him of sexual misconduct doubled from 6 to 12 with Ronan farrow’s latest New Yorker article what Julie Chen The Talk Is Right hosts on CBS is the talk sat out today season premiere she’s taking time to be have family the network announced 20 million dollars would be donated to the me-too movement taken out of whatever Severance moonves may get when I turn like this he grabbed my head and told him all the way down the executive Phyllis golden Gottlieb says last year she went to the police in Los Angeles to report the incident would you legitly took place in the 80s but the statute of limitations ran out I would like to see him be accountable the latest the accusations ranges from violin and counters to sexual assault and harassment nearly every time I went there he propositioned of me including he took the sheet and they threw it off of himself exposing himself to me that are not consistent with who I am the New Yorker three of the relationships were consensual but didn’t say which three tonight even with the denial the man credited with masterminding CBS is dominance he’s out of a job Stephanie gosk NBC News New York veteran journalist Bob Woodward is defending his bombshell new book about the Trump White House in his first live interview about it with NBC News Woodward accuse president Trump of being detached from reality of President and the White House or firing back is Kristen Welker tonight’s president Trump calling Bob Woodward’s bombshell new book a joke on Twitter press secretary Sarah Sanders it seems like a very careless and Reckless way to write a book defending his one today it is mostly Anonymous sources in here why should people trust you anecdotes that include Chief of Staff John Kelly calling the president an idiot and defense secretary James Mattis saying mr. Trump has the understanding of A fifth or sixth grader John Kelly aggressively pushed back in this General Mattis aggressively pushing back are they lying they are not telling the truth the president for the good of the country the two dozen officials have denied writing it so will they have to take a lie detector test No Lie detectors are being used are talked about or looked at as a possibility rolling out a new policy that prevent staffers from taking their phones anywhere near the Situation Room Lester promises kid made to denuclearize and president Trump’s continue to praise of him and DC news is it learned explicitly that us intelligence believe North Korea is still producing nuclear warhead it was Andrea Mitchell Kim Jong on showing off his military might but what you don’t see here are the nuclear weapons he is secretly building just by President Trump’s constant praise break him and tonight three current and former senior us officials tell NBC News US Senate Legend says North Korea is producing 528 new nuclear weapons this year and building new structures to hide them all this despite Kim’s promise in Singapore denuclearize and accepting send in a letter to the president today the president has achieved tremendous success with his policies so far in this weather was further evidence of progress in that relationship when the intelligence Community is saying they’re building more we don’t know where they are we don’t know how many there are there’s no specific agreement as to how that’s going to be defined if the present is saying one thing but the entire just showing something else it’s hard to believe that the the diplomacy is working or even to believe that the diplomacy has a chance of working Andrew Mitchell at our Washington Newsroom thanks today is World Suicide Prevention Day with the start of a new school year we want to take a closer look tonight in efforts to prevent suicide and improve Mental Health on our nation’s college campuses correspondent Kate snow with r series 1 in 5 kids at risk everyone has a sad day but depression specifically is much more than that it pushes you it felt like the weight of the world was on me one day at the end of his freshman year he came close to taking his life that day stop to you I knew that the person to find me what I’ve been my little sister and I couldn’t have done that to her I didn’t ever want to die I wanted it to stop the next morning he finally opened up to his parents and they helped him find counseling now just just trying to help other students before they get to that crisis point at Auburn University he’s deeply involved in a Campus Club called active Minds the number show that stress anxiety depression all those things that we can measure up in young paper does that make sense to sophomore that she lives with bipolar disorder it’s awesome to see organizations like this reaching out because I find out the thing I was searching for unity and consistency is that we’re here to have a conversation about mental health issues they’re active mine chapters on 450 campuses Nationwide and new research from the Rand Corporation fines they make a difference that share presence of active mines out of school increases awareness and decreases stigma and changes behaviors we’ll get his Master’s in December he wrote a book to share his experience that I’ve done my part thousand students there there are just fourteen full-time counselors and psychologists Lester 27382 buy 5x line text 741-7414 help a massive explosion rocks or small town forcing evacuations will be right back dramatic video to show you tonight of a bus crash in San Francisco that left the driver in critical condition and three passengers with injuries the bus beard across the median into the oncoming Lane before slamming into a dry cleaners police in a bystander report work together to free the unresponsive driver who was trapped in the wreckage gas pipeline explosion in Pennsylvania early this morning and Powerline the pipeline’s owner suggested Allen’s I may be to blame luckily no one was injured up next after a short break the fashion statement the stars are showing off and it two sisters behind it it’s finally America finally tonight a story about two young sisters from hearing loss who found a way to turn something hurtful it was thriving business with a positive message and now some of their favorite celebrities Embrace their motto is tonight’s inspiring America twelve-year-old Charis Rogers has her today maybe she can remember in the oven tomorrow they will always tease me for my dark complexion new well she tweeted a photo of carrots with a hashtag flexing in her complexion really what you think about yourself thousands have similar stories to share moving company in the family garage they stamp iron and process the online orders learning $100,000 their first year personal favorite is the white and gold and the pink and green Lebron James this picture online of Lupita Nyong’o wearing your shirt holy for her skin color now empowering others how do you feel that your complexion now after all this time with them they said they’re going to invest the proceeds into future Ventures and the college fund for Caris that is Nightly News for this Monday night time Lester Holt for all of us at NBC news thank you for watching and good night nbcnews fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights thanks for watching
States of emergency declared ahead of Hurricane Florence, Les Moonves resigns from CBS, denies new allegations of sexual misconduct, and North Korea producing new nuclear weapons.
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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 10, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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