‘No-deal’ Brexit advice to be published by UK government – BBC News

as well as summer holidays the UK’s government ministers have been away on business over the last few weeks touring the capitals of Europe to talk up that plan for brexit the agreement reached weeks ago by the cabinet of checkers welcome officials in Brussels which is more talk about the possibility of Britain leaving the EU without a deal it does mean disruption to trade as we know it and as a consequence of that A disruption to the level of economic activity changes higher higher prices for a period of time make sense taking something by taking sensible measures but we’re working hard to get a good deal to people killing whales across the whole of the UK the preparations need to be intensified we going to be increasing the preparations but we started the bubbles on the negotiations to get the best deal and that’s why the meeting I’ve had with Michelle Bond it was important we make some good progress today be on the brink of collapse according to the National Farmers Union and the committee of MP said No Deal would be a disaster for the UK’s food and drink industry the brexit Rob says the government technical notices hair-raising scary stories here at Westminster talk of leaving the EU without a deal is a sensitive subject some say it is no bad thing but others it’s the worst of all World everyone they will be looking closely to see how the government decided people should prepare is the deadline for departure looms what life could be like outside the EU without a brexit deal is about to become a little clearer Jonathan Blake BBC News Westminster
Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab will say the UK is prepared to take “unilateral action” to maintain continuity whatever the EU does – but insists they’re confident of securing a deal. Jonathan Blake has more.

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