No promises broken amid Ontario budget cuts, says minister | Power & Politics

No promises broken amid Ontario budget cuts, says minister | Power & Politics
No promises broken amid Ontario budget cuts, says minister | Power & Politics
Support for regional tourism is endings effective this year lasting yet another multimillion-dollar everything that she’s promised we’re in a 15 billion dollar Park earlier today is Ontario Premier Doug Ford defended a series of spending cuts. Recently, the government has learned is the protest over cuts to education and Public Health Services. What will those cuts mean for the people of Ontario and is the current breaking his campaign? Promise that no public sector workers Ontario treasury board – and he joins us now from Queen’s Park in Toronto. Editorial that you wrote. You said: zero teachers as a result of your class size and a learning strategies, but we’re hearing from school boards that they’re being forced to. Let teachers go because of the decisions your government has made. Are you misleading, absolutely not that we’ve been very clear from the start and that let me remind the people of Ontario that we’re investing 700 billion dollars more in education this year and that we’re continue to to to make the types of decision to augment the things That the people of Ontario asked us to do to protect what matters most, which includes our education system. So we vote put the 1.6 billion dollars aside to help manage the transition which is through attrition self-selected. They they retire otherwise leave the school system and that we’re just going to keep investing in in in the programs and the and the education system in the healthcare system. So that’s that’s what this is all about. Hamilton Public School Board is laying off a hundred teachers. 369 teachers in the peel region, Near North District School Board of estimating 121 teacher jobs lost Toronto. School board says it has to fire 216 elementary teachers and 800 High School teacher. To accommodate your change, a story, you are giving a semantics., Yes, you’re, not your government is not making his layoffs, but school boards are forced to school. I think the important for the people Ontario to know is that we’re continuing to invest in the healthcare system is specifically here in the education system. We have to protect what matters most and frankly, you inherit a 15 billion dollar deficit when, as my colleague, the minister finesse, they more than they’re taking in interest expense on the debt that we inherited 30 million of dollars a day. So to make sure that these programs, our education system, our Healthcare System is not only here today, but is here for tomorrow is is wet, is all about. I understand the point you’re making about the size of the deficit, but the money that you’re investing the slight increase in education. Funding won’t match inflation, and you know the argument that you’re hearing from parents, for example, or from members of the opposition to a worried that you’re going to balance this Budget on the backs of the education of their children grab some support to the types of skills That allow their kids to be successful in the economy of tomorrow. I have talked before about science technology engineering math, but it also the digital e-learning. Sometimes classes aren’t big enough, so digital is an absolute positive enhancements part of our digital economy. So we’re going to move forward there, so I’ve heard from a lot of including teachers frankly, who are very supportive and and where we got elected by all the people of Ontario to to make some tough decisions around spending. We found a lot of efficiencies. I’Ve been on your program before talking about those types of efficiencies. We just ask all our Eye Partners know: 92 % of our spending is paid two others, municipalities, university schools and hospitals, so they at we’re asking them to find the efficiencies the administration, the overhead, would result in job losses and it clearly with Swiss school boards has And will continue to do so. Your government in the campaign made a very simple promise that no jobs will be lost. You broken that promise now continue to set aside money to help transition to the different realities for the attrition that could occur. While we put the 1.3 billion dollars into Capital repairs just this year for 13 billion over the next 10 years, we put a billion dollars aside for creating 30,000 Child Care spaces of which 10,000 will be in schools. I call that Investments. I call that the sporting, the front lines and I most importantly, called that bring the students and the parents also talked about making the decisions he made. Payments on send $ 2,500 a day for an adviser on how to cut costs. A thousand more than the previous government was paying $ 1,000 a day for Ken Hughes to advise the government on putting beer and wine in corner stores. Or you know it’s breaking the cut the beer store that can cost over a hundred million dollars in penalties. Do you see how it might not drive for people for ontarians who are who are wondering why their teachers are getting laid off when those kinds of costs are being absorbed by taxpayers in this province? Montero that we inherited the government who spit and increase the debt by 200 billion have to ask yourself, as I did in the op-ed piece this morning, what did you, the system? Double the Healthcare System, double the education system? I think we got elected on a clear mandate to find the efficiencies make sure that the taxpayer money is respected and that they, the money, is invested in those things that matter most and it flows to the people in Frontline services and programs that matter most visor Or give advice to the government on putting beer and wine in corner stores in Ontario. You know I worked in the dating agency world, I know the number so I worked the DVRs in 2009 MyTeam. I downgraded the province of Ontario, it’s credit rating. You know right now: BC has a surplus Saskatchewan New Brunswick kind of pasta is Quebec. Other provinces are dealing with the fiscal realities that exist here today. If we don’t do things now, we’re not going to be able to support these programs in the Future II. Think I’ve I’ve mentioned many times my Venezuela who fled the hungry during World War. I the same time as my mother had today that country, through successive bad decisions on the things that mattered most her pension now is worthless. We have to take these things very seriously. We got a mandate, I think, from the people at 1. I did not think we did get a mandate from the people want arrows to Acton to act now $ 5 a day for an advisor and how to cut costs or $ 1,000 for an advisor on on how to put beer and wine in corner stores possible. Use of taxpayer money already reduce the budget deficit, the data to 11.7 billion dollars and the Investments that we’re making weather in in advisers or other programs and serve. This is because we believe that we’re going to get a really good return on that investment, and I think that’s what the taxpayers want when they give us money. They want a solid return on that investment, which, in this case means health care, which means education. It means social service programs leave it there. Thank you so much mr. Since I’ll be really appreciate. Your time answer watching
Ontario Treasury Board President Peter Bethlenfalvy says his government hasn’t broken its campaign promise that no front-line public-sector workers would lose their jobs, and isn’t swayed by protests over cuts to education and public health.

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